2016’s Smartest Online Slot tips To Win

online-slots-guide-2016 There’s an online slot game rumour that playing these games requires no skill and is based entirely on luck. Now, we’re not saying that luck isn’t important when you click the spin button on your favourite video slots, but there are three tips the experts think could make you a winner in 2016. And, if you’ve ever wanted to win some of the massive jackpots out there, these are the strategies you’ll want to start using.

The first strategic tip when it comes to playing an online slot is to check out the paylines. If, like many of us, you know what a payline is but have seldom given it much notice, sit up and pay attention because it turns out, paylines really matter. You see paylines affect payout rates and in simple terms, that means that when you don’t activate all of the paylines while playing a slot game, you are essentially lowering your payout rate. A game that has 25 paylines, of which you only activate 20 for example, has lower odds to offer you. If you are playing with a limited amount of cash, try lowering your bet amount rather than deactivating paylines.

Next on the ‘must-know’ list is volatility. Slots are said to have a certain amount of volatility and in the simplest terms, that means they are either quite stable, or they make big winners or big losers. If you start to play an online slot that is registered as having high volatility, it’s a good idea to lower the amount you’re betting. What will then occur is that if the machine is on a downswing, you won’t lose as much cash as you would have if your bet was higher. However, if the machine is on an upswing, you stand to gain quite a lot.

Finally, the experts say that if you want to increase your chances of winning in 2016, you need to start tracking progressive jackpots. This is a move that requires a little more effort on your part but could have astonishing rewards. To begin with, you’ll need to make a list of the progressive jackpot games available at your favourite online casino accepting rand (ZAR) as well as their current jackpot amounts. Of course, it makes sense to list only the ones you actually enjoy playing, since online gaming is as much about having fun as it is about winning. Then, start cutting the list down to five of the top games, that is, those games that have the highest progressive jackpot. And once you’ve got your list, hit those machines hard. There’s no guarantee you’ll win, but your chances will be higher.

This year, many people are focusing on winning online slots and though there are plenty of casinos that can make those dreams come true, those people who take matters into their own hands and try to increase their odds of winning are more likely to have their dreams become a reality.

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