Anonymous Hotel Franchise Shows Interest in Swaziland’s Pigg’s Peak Casino

piggs-peak-casinoAfter being issued with an ultimatum by the Swaziland government to find a reputable partner to help manage the Pigg’s Peak Hotel and Casino, the establishment’s general manager confirmed that an as-of-yet-unnamed international hotel franchise has shown interest in the casino. According to GM Zacharia Dlamini, the chain manages a number of important hotels and casinos in South Africa, as well as an extensive golf estate; however it has opted to remain anonymous at this stage.

Dlamini said that “government has given us a mandate to scout for business partnership under the franchise and branding option since the last two [hotel management and lease agreement] failed to work for government.”

The manager said that the government’s mandate spells out the way of managing Pigg’s Peak Hotel and Casino so that it can sustain itself.

“So far this establishment has proven that it can sustain itself but we also need to look for an international reputable franchise to help manage it,” he said.

Dlamini said that Pigg’s Peak Hotel and Casino was in the process of drawing proposals on how best to implement its plans. Since embarking on the venture to seek a reputable business partner, said the general manager, “an interested business person” approached the group and has expressed interest in joining up with the product.

It is believed that during the upcoming Tourism Indaba, scheduled to be held in Swaziland from May 10th to May 12th, Pigg’s Peak Hotel and Casino’s management will continue in its negotiations with the international franchise.

“If we can agree during these talks, we want to speed up the process,” said Dlamini.

The unnamed franchise is not the only group that has shown interest in joining forces with the established Swaziland casino.

The Swaziland government has been operating Pigg’s Peak since 2012 when the South African Orion Group was not able to turn a profit. The government invested E1.6 million (R1.6 m) into the hotel to help it remain afloat and has now directed management to find a proper investor and business partner. The hotel has since paid back the money invested by the government. “The hotel, through diligent work, has managed to stay afloat and we are fine now,” said the GM.

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