Apr 11, 2014


Casinos Allow Self-Banned Gambler to Play

casino-allow-self-banned-gambler-to-playMahesh Kalida suffered from gambling addiction, and made the decision to ban himself from casinos around the country. During the time that his self-ban was already in effect, Kalida entered two casinos and won large Jackpots.

Although Kalida had chosen self-exclusion, both Montecasino and Emperors Palace allowed the banned player to play in their casinos. The North Johannesburg casino and the casino on the East Rand not only allowed Kalida to play once, but several times. The player won hundreds and thousands of rands in jackpot wins. When the Montecasino had realised that Kalida was a self-banned player, not only did the casino refuse to pay

Kalida said: “I lost control. I was completely addicted to gambling. I played with a lot of money and I lost just as much. I knew I wasn’t supposed to be there. But I went anyway.

Mahesh Kalida Wants His Money Back

The player explained that he understood that he would not be paid out his Jackpot winnings, and that he understood that he was not meant to be at the casinos. However, he feels that he should have been paid back the money that he used to play at the casinos, especially since the casinos were not meant to allow him to gamble in their establishments.

At Montecasino, I played with R40,000 from my credit card. And then I won a Jackpot. But (the casino) refused to pay me out, which was fair enough. I thought that they would at least pay me back the money I played with. It has been two years and I have received nothing,” he said.

The two casinos could find themselves in some hot water, facing large fines that could total around R10 million each. The two establishments will be fined if they are found guilty of allowing a banned player to gamble at their casinos. At this time, the Gauteng Gambling Board is in the process of taking action, and investigations are taking place to ascertain how Kalida managed to get past security and as to why his credit card was not flagged and did raise an alert that he was playing in the casino.

The Gauteng Gambling Board explained that it was satisfied with how the Emperors Palace Casino dealt with the situation, however, the investigation into Montecasino is still ongoing.