Educate Yourself about Sports Betting Says Analyst

Educate Yourself about Sports Betting Says Analyst “Chasing bets turns one from an investor into a gambler,” says sports betting analyst and media guru, Kevin Ferguson, aka MoneyMan. The Welsh-born Ferguson gave valuable tips to those interested in betting on sports in South Africa through an interview with Keo last week. He has been living in the country for nearly 3 decades and is considered one of the most respected analysts regarding online sports betting platforms in SA.

According to MoneyMan, the SA sports betting industry is considered a latecomer to the world market. Local players aren’t keen on betting large sums and are only now warming to the idea of playing online.

Ferguson’s most important advice comes regarding players’ need to educate themselves about sports betting. He stressed the importance of watching sports and following sports in order to become educated in the field before betting on it.

“My mantra, more so when speaking to a very immature and naive South African online sports-betting market, is about mature betting,” he said. “I liken a betting account to an Allan Grey fund, when the stocks are good and you’ve invested wisely in them.”

“One doesn’t continue to try to find value in the valueless stocks for the sake of a streak or the adrenaline of a return. Be wise and don’t go chasing bets. Don’t also bet on everything. Be selective and be informed.

“Always err on the side of caution,” said MoneyMan, “especially if the bet doesn’t speak immediately to you, in terms of odds and value.”

“Be wise, be educated and be patient,” he said. “If it doesn’t seem enticing, in terms of a bet or a platform, then don’t touch it.”

In the article, MoneyMan also:
• Stressed the importance of educating yourself about a promotion’s terms and conditions.
• Spoke about the importance of having all documents in place when opening or requesting a withdrawal from an online sports betting account.
• Advised dealing telephonically with customer support teams at SA online sports betting sites, saying that, from his experience, they provide the fastest responses.