Apr 25, 2017


Introductory Bonuses Available on Keno 101 at Slotland Casino

Slotland Casino, known around the world for its selection of unique online slot games, has just introduced its first Keno game. Keno 101 is a traditional version of the classic casino game with red and white playing cards that will be immediately familiar to players used to keno cards in casinos.

Until April 30, 2017, a choice of casino bonuses with various wagering requirements is available for players wanting to try the new game at Slotland.

Keno is a simple game of chance. Players choose up to fifteen numbers from 1 – 80 and hope that they’ll be randomly drawn. The more matching numbers they get, the higher the payout.

“People play Keno everywhere in Las Vegas!” said Michael Hilary, Slotland’s manager. “In a  café waiting for a meal… at the corner store… It’s quick, easy, and fun! You can play up to 15 numbers, but a lot of players just play five or so. Even one matching number pays out!”

The word “keno” is based on the French word for five but gambling historians agree that the game originated in China. Legend has it that the invention of the game saved an ancient city in time of war. Its widespread popularity is said to have helped raise funds to build the Great Wall of China.

To begin, players choose the amount to bet per game ($.50, $1, $2, $5, $10) and how many games to play. They then click numbers on their playing card to select them or use the Quick Pick feature.

“I don’t actually have any lucky numbers, personally,” said one player. “I usually just use the Quick Pick to choose numbers for me.”

The game randomly draws 20 numbers. When one matches the player’s selection it’s highlighted and the Summary card instantly shows how much has been won. Payout is based on the amount bet per game, how many numbers were selected and the number of “hits” or matches.

To give players some extra cash to try the new game, a choice of deposit bonuses with various wagering requirements is available until May 2, 2017.


200% Deposit Bonus
Bonus code: TRYME
21X wagering requirement; valid for Keno 101 only.

80% Deposit Bonus
Bonus code: TRYME80
14X wagering requirement; may be claimed up to twice per day; valid for all slots and progressive jackpot games.

50% Deposit Bonus
Bonus code: 50MATCH
12X wagering requirement; may be used up to three times per day; valid for all slots and progressive jackpot games.

30% Deposit Bonus
Bonus code: ALLGAMES
10X wagering requirement; may be claimed once per day; valid for all games.

These bonuses are valid April 25 – 30, 2017 only.

Slotland has been providing unique real money online slots to players all over the world since 2000. Players love its unique games and appreciate their legendary customer service.

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