Kenya Needs To Promote Responsible Gambling

Kenya Needs To Promote Responsible Gambling Kenya was recently adjudged to be the number one country when it came to sports betting activities in the African continent. The Geopoll survey revealed that Kenya’s youthful population had a huge interest in sports betting that propelled Kenya to the top of the list with Uganda and Ghana taking second and third place respectively.

Responsible Gambling A Priority

Gambling operators targeting the African continent will be delighted to learn that sports betting is in high demand in Kenya. However there is also an urgent need for the Kenyan Gambling Authority to take bigger steps to promote responsible gambling and educate its young generation of maintaining a balance.

When the gambling industry registers an uptick in gross gaming revenue it is always a sign that a bigger demographic is being attracted to the casino tables and online casino games. It is also a sign that gamblers are spending more money than before. Kenya only recently decided to set in place rules and regulations to govern its growing gambling industry and sadly most of these rules are still not followed.

There is a huge illegal online gambling industry as well as unlicensed land based sports betting operators who attract a lot of Kenyan gamblers. These unlicensed operators have been accused of taking bets from minors and also not having any restrictions in place to prevent problem gambling.

Betting Operators Manipulate Mindset

One main reason why Kenya’s younger generation are flocking to online casino and sportsbooks is because they dream of getting rich overnight. The lack of decent jobs, widespread poverty and lack of awareness of responsible gambling measures have allowed betting operators to prey on Kenya’s younger generation.

It is time that the Kenyan government puts in place better measures to promote responsible gambling and enforces regulations that make it a priority for all betting operators in the country to comply with responsible gaming requirements. The Kenyan government will also need to increase its efforts to crackdown on illegal gambling operators otherwise the country will soon face a problem gambling epidemic.