Lucky Kenyan Player Wins R20 Million in Football Betting

Samuel Abisai, a 28-year old Kenyan, was at a petrol station when he received the shocking news from the SportPesa CEO. Abiasi was told that he had won an R20 million (Sh221,331,602) football betting jackpot which is the biggest payout in the African betting history.

The lucky winner correctly predicted the outcome of the 17 Mega Jackpot matches including the matches between Dijon FCO to Bordeaux, Tottenham Hotspur hosting Arsenal and the clash between Inter Milan and Napoli. He placed a total of R20 on two Mega Jackpot picks and won the first SportPesa’s mega jackpot ever.

The betting company SportPesa has issued an official statement reading that the winner was called shortly after midnight on Sunday and that it was obvious that he knew he had won the prize.

Abisai, who lives in Nairobi with one of his brothers, described winning the jackpot as “unbelievable but very good news”. He had to drop studying economics although he had qualified for it, according to the company’s statement, as he wanted to increase his chances of getting a job so that he could help his family out of poverty.

Ronald Kakruari, the SportPesa CEO, picked Abisai in a white limousine and took him to Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi where a red-carpet ceremony was held in his honour.

The lucky winner who has eight sisters and four brothers said that his life has not been easy and that he will use the money to improve the welfare of his parents and his entire family. He plans to use a part of the money to expand his tailoring business and he will seek financial advice on how to spend the rest of the prize. In addition, he will sponsor some members of the public, as he was sponsored by the Non-Governmental Organisation.

According to the media reports, Abisai said that he always betted using the extra coin and despite failures, he never lost hope. The lucky winner also said that he betted every weekend and when he was handed the cheque, he said “Nitaendelea kubet” which means “I will continue to bet”.

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