March Promos At Mega Casino

125x125-mega-casino March has already been quite an exciting month for South African online casino players at Mega Casino. There is of course, a whole lot more waiting for players to enjoy. Those that are looking for more details on the online casino promotions for the rest of the month will find them on the Mega Casino Promotions Calendar.

19th March comes with the 4x VIP promo. This promotion gives ZAR casino players the chance to earn 4x as many VIP points when playing either Dolphin Reef or Big Foot casino games. On 20th March, players can enjoy the 3x VIP promotion that offers players 3x the regular amount of VIP points when playing both Hot Wheels and Medusa casino games.

Weekend Promotions at MegaCasino

The Weekend Race beings on Friday 21st and continues for the whole weekend until Sunday night. This promotion is for slots games, and casino players who finish as one of the top ten wagerers will receive a portion of the prize pool. The winners are those that have wagered the most on slot games during the time of the promotion.

Players will also find a non slots Weekend Race. In this promotion, players can enjoy a choice of other casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and even video poker. The players that have wagered the most over the weekend, and end up in the top ten positions, will be given a portion of the prize pool.

On Saturday 22nd, players get to try a new game in order to earn additional cash. The new game that is available for play this coming Saturday is Underwater World. Players can play the game for two days over the weekend and will also win 4x the regular amount of VIP points when playing this slot game

More Promotions to End Off the Month

Mega Casino offers players new promotions on a daily basis, and players will find that the last week of the month is just as exciting as the rest of the month has been. Promotions that are still to come are the 500 Free deposit bonus promotion, the Auto Cash promotion that offers players special bonuses based on the number of points the player has earned. There will also be the VIP Kick bonus promotion that will take place over two days. Players can also enjoy the 200 Free deposit bonus promotion, Happy Hour with its unlimited bonuses, and Cash Back with no strings attached. Read our Mega Casino Review