New Avatar slots takes gaming to new heights at Montecasino

montecasino-new-avatar-slots2 Montecasino has taken its slots offering to new ‘blue’ heights with the introduction of Avatar slot machines, which feature an exciting game based on the Avatar movie that can be played by four people on the same game at the same time – a first in the South African gaming industry.

The new Avatar slots were introduced to the public recently in a mini tournament – and they created quite a stir on the gaming floor. They offer a captivating gaming experience in which players find themselves right in the heart of battles between the Na’vi and humans.

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The machines have two main bonuses which can be triggered when bonus icons feature on lines 3 to 5. The bonuses can be played by four players at the same time on the machine’s big screen or they can be played individually. They can also be saved to play later or be played immediately. Players can track their progress in the game and attain additional game content while advancing to new levels – something that wasn’t possible before the introduction of Avatar slots.

The new slot machines are located in the smoking area at I21.

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