Oct 7, 2014


Over R650 000 prize pool for Tsogo Sun’s Roulette knockout

tsogo-sun-roulette-knockoutyWith less than one week until the final spin of the wheel in Tsogo Sun’s Gauteng Roulette Knockout, currently being played at Montecasino, Silverstar Casino and Gold Reef City Casino, there’s now an even bigger reason than ever to enter – with the announcement that the first prize has increased to R350 000.

Thanks to the high rate of buy-ins from Roulette lovers all over Gauteng, the guaranteed first prize of R250 000 has increased by R100 000, bringing the total prize pool to over R650 000.

This first-ever five-week Gauteng Roulette Knockout tournament runs until 12 October, culminating in the grand final at Silverstar Casino on 18 October, where one lucky winner will walk away R350 000 richer.

“With a buy-in of only R100, this exciting knockout competition has had gamers coming back again and again to try their luck at the roulette table,” says Tsogo Sun Director of Gaming, Steve Hight. “Every cent of the buy-ins has gone into the prize money, resulting in the increase in prize money of R100 000.”

In the qualifying rounds, a maximum of five players at a time constitute a heat, with a minimum of one player. Players are given three spins and must play every spin. The value of the chips of the individual players at the end of the spins determines whose names go up on the leader board. At the end of the qualifying rounds on 12 October, the top 10 players from each property with the highest chip winnings from a single buy-in will qualify for a place in the semi finals.

That’s when the real excitement begins. A total of 30 finalists will converge on the newly redeveloped Silverstar Casino in Mogale City for the semi-final round on 18 October.

“This is the first time we’ve hosted a tournament on a regional basis, which allows us to leverage the participation of all three casinos to create a bigger prize pool than would ever be possible at a single casino. With three casinos so perfectly spread across Gauteng, giving everyone from south to west to north has the opportunity to participate in a high-stakes roulette challenge which, being a knockout tournament, means anything can happen. This final week of qualifying rounds will see even more nail-biting excitement for both the players and the spectators as the stakes are now even higher,” says Hight, adding that, as with all Tsogo Sun’s gaming tournaments, the Roulette Knockout is about great entertainment and providing a memorable experience for its gamers.

Roulette Knockout follows hot on the heels of the nationwide Roulette Masters tournament, in which close to R2.5 million was given away, R1.9 million of which went to the first prize winner. Tsogo Sun’s Slots Factor tournament, which played out at its 14 casinos around the country, saw R1.8 million being won just two weeks ago.