Play New PICK 3 Every Day and Win up to R10,000

play-pick3-every-day-and-win-up-to-r10000 If you are already a fan of the games of chance provided by South African National Lottery, you will be happy to hear that they have just added a new title to their offer. It is PICK 3, a daily game of chance which offers 10 numbers you should pick from to create your own winning combination. If you are lucky enough to match the numbers with drawn ones, you can win up to R10,000 every day, Monday through Sunday, starting from December 4th.

The rules to take part in this form of entertainment are simple. Get a betslip at the nearest retailer shop and pick 3 out of 10 numbers from 0 to 9. You are offered to choose one of six bet types and you can use only one bet type per combination. Bet types are Straight, 3-Way Mix, 6-Way Mix, Front Pair, Back Pair and Split Pair and the amount of your prize will depend on a type of bet that you have chosen.

The top prize standing at R10,000 is awarded for matching 3 winning numbers in the exact order. You can buy the tickets at the price of R3, R5, R10 or R20 at a retailer shop and watch the live coverage of draws every evening at 20:00 on ETV to check if you are a lucky winner. You can also visit the Ithuba website for the results of the last draw.

Besides matching the numbers in the exact order, you can also match 2 numbers in the front or back, one in the front and one in the end or pick 2 numbers the same and one different and match them in any order. As you can see, there are numerous ways to win with PICK 3, so consider trying it out as soon as it is launched. Keep in mind that it is only a game of chance and act responsibly.