Prepare for Zhanshi RTG’s new game at Springbok Casino

Springbok-Casino-new game-Zhanshi-slotsZhanshi is the latest in a long line of releases coming from Realtime Gaming this year and now, Springbok Casino is going to play host to this Chinese warrior-themed game. If you’re not sure how to pronounce the title of the game, don’t worry because it’s the visuals, the great opportunities to win and the bonus features that will really draw you in. The game is certainly one of the many RTG will be releasing in 2016 and considering how many the developer has already released for the year, we took a look at what makes this new game really stand out.

Zhanshi features 20 paylines which are variable, meaning you have the option of deciding how many lines you’d like to bet on and its five reels make it seem quite standard. However, its first distinguishing feature has to be the stunning visual design. The game makes use of bright yellow and red, which are eye-catching colours but combine that with really sharply illustrated symbols and an interesting and well thought through design, and you’ll see immediately why the game is going to be a hit.

Visuals aside, this new game is going to make some very big winners and this may be either because of is great progressive or its high fixed jackpot. How good is the progressive? Well, this randomly triggered jackpot resets at a huge R10 000, and if you’ve played a few of the RTG slots before, you’ll know that this doesn’t happen very often. What’s wonderful about this progressive is that even if someone happens to win it, the reset value is so high that you still stand a chance of buffing up your real money account, which makes the game a lot of fun. The fixed jackpots are also ‘something to write home about’ seeing as the top one is fixed at 30 0000 coins, and as for the bonus symbols, the temple and the warrior, hide some impressive sums of cash too.

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Of course, the winning doesn’t stop just with the jackpots and the fact that Zhanshi has two bonus rounds should tip you off to the fact that RTG is really making winning easy with this new game. The warrior is the symbol to watch for, as he’s the wild, and finding him on the reels more than three times will give you the chance to pick one of the fighters to find a free spins bonus for you. There are about 25 maximum free spins to be won and during these, any of the temples pictured will morph into horse or warrior symbols in order to give you a better chance of winning.

The second bonus round is triggered when you three temple symbols on the reels and this is a simple reward of free spins with a 2 times multiplier. However, though the reward structure may be simple, the rewards could be quite staggering and this game is set to be a real hit for RTG.

The game will be available at Springbok Casino soon and will be accessible on mobile as well as at the desktop casino. Visit Springbok Casino Today | Read our Springbok Casino Review

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