Roulette Rewards at Bet365 Casino


Recently, Bet365 Casino announced the start of a blitz blackjack promotion which saw fans of this table game well rewarded for 24 hours of top notch, high-paying entertainment. This week, the online casino announced a new promotion, again aimed at table game players, and this time in the form of a Roulette Rewards special. Players are invited to play the game of roulette in various forms at Bet365 on November 29th, and they will not only enjoy excellent quality software and games, but also the chance to share in a prize pool worth over R50,000!

The Roulette Rewards special on November 29th will allow players to go for two different bonuses. The first one – a bonus worth R430 – is awarded to all players who manage to earn 400 Comp Points. This achievement is also their gateway to the chance to win a second bonus by making their way up the promotion leaderboard. The higher you climb the leaderboard during this promotion, the bigger your chances of reaching one of top forty spots and winning the second bonus. The player who lands at the top of the leaderboard will be able to take home a first place prize of R8,500, while the rest of the amount is distributed to players, depending on their place on the board.

To earn Comp Points, players need to wager on roulette games found at Bet365 within the 24 hour time period of the Roulette Rewards promotion. For every R170 spent, players earn a Comp Point, while tournament scores continue to climb.

It is very simple to join in the fun of the Roulette Rewards promotion. All players need to do is simply opt in to the promotion and they’ll soon be on their way to spinning the roulette wheel and notching up those rewards.

It goes without saying that entering promotions at Beet365 could be your key to big payouts and hours of enjoyment and entertainment. This company, which is considered one of the biggest online gambling companies in the world, takes its mission very seriously – to provide its fourteen million registered members with a safe and entertaining platform off which to play. The UK based Bet365, with global operations that spread into scores of countries, including South Africa, employs 2,000 people around the world.

Bet365 platform incorporates sports betting, poker and casino and regularly runs promotions and specials to cater to all types of players, no matter what their gaming preferences, skills or budget size.Visit Bet365 Casino Today | Read our Bet365 Casino Review