SA Bingo Group Asks, is Morula Sun Legal and Licensed?

Morula-Sun-casino-and-hotel The Morula Sun Hotel and Casino, part of the Sun International Group, has been a South African staple for over 25 years. Now, a dispute may see the South African courts scrutinizing the establishment’s licenses after four bingo licensees, including Goldrush Group Management, took to the legal system to question whether the casino is operating legally.

A spokesman for the Sun International Group, Michael Farr, stated that the organisation does not want to get involved in a fight with the bingo group, and that legal advisors and officials had been enlisted to determine what, if any, gaps in legal compliance exist and how these could be addressed.

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Morula Sun’s license was originally granted when it first opened, and was renewed in 2007 by the Gauteng Gambling Board under provincial legislation, namely, the Gauteng Gambling Act. But what is being protested here is not the “why” of the license, but the “where”. It seems that Morula Sun was originally granted its license to operate by the North West Gambling Board, and that this license was not renewed, but simply replaced with a new one from the Gauteng Gambling Board.

Goldrush is not the only group that has taken Sun International to the courts in an effort to determine whether it is operating legally. Peermont, in a separate case, also legally challenged Sun International, stating that the issuing procedure for the group’s license had been flawed. That case was made swift work of though, when Sun International purchased Peermont this year in April, and due to conflict of interest, the case was withdrawn.

Goldrush has taken up that slack though, stating that it will amend its filing in the courts to address both the legality of the license issued to Morula Sun as well as the procedure that was put in place to grant the license. According to the Director of Goldrush, Allan Scott, this matter is of public interest, and in order to serve that, they will be pursuing the truth.