Ithuba: No Truth to Photoshopped South Africa Lottery Tickets A petrol attendant in Cape Town always went an extra mile to be friendly and polite to his customers. But he never dreamed that his smiley personality would one day bag him a cool R2 million.

The rags-to-riches story came after a local woman hit the Lotto jackpot recently and earned herself a whopping R79 million. The jackpot was hit using the Quick Pick selection method after the winner spent just R30 on a ticket, according to Ithuba, South Africa’s national lottery operator.

The winner decided right away that she would be spreading the joy of her good fortune with worthy people, and one of the first to pop into her mind was the petrol attendant.

“I have been going to the same petrol station for years, and there has always been this young man who is polite and very helpful,” recalled the winner. “His excellent service has never changed in any way over the years. We have even become friends and chat every time I go there to fill up my car.”

The winner told The Daily Voice that she had purchased the ticket in Ottery and then promptly forgot about it. A few weeks later, while visiting the same shop, she decided to check if the ticket had won anything, and she felt her heart pounding when the cashier told her to go to the National Lottery office to claim her prize.

She could not believe her incredible fortune when she found herself the proud winner of R79 million.

Another thing she plans to do with her money is buy a house with a bigger yard. The reason? She wants to give her adopted grandson a place to run and play. As another example to the woman’s kind heart, she described how she and her daughter adopted a baby boy off the streets when he was just 5 days old, where he was living with his mother.

“We wanted to give him a better chance at life,” she said.

Some of the money will be used to build a children’s haven to help care for distressed kids.

The winner also wants her 24-year-old daughter to resign from her job as a call-center agent and study to be what she always dreamed to be – a psychologist.

It seems that dreams really do come true – and not only for lottery winners.

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