Simulated Sports Betting is New Favorite Among South Africans

An article running in Business Insider South Africa, shows that South Africa’s gambling public is looking for alternative markets to bet on – and simulated sports betting has risen in popularity as a result. However, the most traditional punters are finding it hard to switch to esports and simulated sporting matches, and are waiting for the day when they can go back to betting on soccer and in-house number games.

According to the article, in a regular, non-COVID19 year, South Africans spend literally billions of rands betting on sports matches, horse races and number games. It quotes a report put out by PriceWaterhouseCooper which explores South Africa’s gambling markets and makes it predictions until 2023. The reporters predict that, by 2023, sports betting spending could top the R11 billion mark.

The article then looks at the significant impact that the coronavirus has had on traditional forms of betting in South Africa.

“All but the most mundane or obscure sporting events and races are off the cards, and retail outlets that traded in offline numbers games are shuttered,” it states.

In the wake of COVID-19, and as a result of the literal shutdown on major betting markets, esports is growing in popularity around the world, including South Africa. In the US, for example, fantasy sports betting group, Draft Kings, reported that betting on DFS contests in March rose a staggering 50 times over across the country.

South Africans have tapped, albeit lightly, into the world of esports, and they can now bet on the outcome of the games such as DOTA (Defence of the Ancients), League of Legends and StarCraft. It’s also popular to bet on football matches being played on the FIFA multi-platform game.

South African platforms such as Betting World have introduced their own products. Betting World’s Jika provides betting on animated horse racing, which is very realistic looking.

As a whole, gambling has moved online in South Africa, be it on simulated games, or betting on more traditional games such as lottery-type number draws or online roulette.

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