Slotland Leprechaun Luck Slot Lands R3.6 Million Jackpot

Slotland Leprechaun Luck Slot Lands R3.6 Million Jackpot Recently we wrote about how the progressive jackpot at online gaming site, Slotland Casino, is due to be hit any minute, and now we are happy to report that one lucky player is celebrating his windfall. Slotland player, John W. struck gold this week while playing the very popular Leprechaun Luck slot game and was thrilled to take home R3.6 million ($286,206) in cool cash.

Leprechaun Luck slot, like most of the slot and video poker games at Slotland, is linked to the progressive jackpot, which climbs each time the game is played.

John W.’s win is truly impressive since he has been a member of Slotland Casino for years, and he has been patiently waiting for his own big day.

“This wasn’t beginner’s luck,” said John W. “I think it helps when you know the games that give high payouts and I’ve been playing Leprechaun Luck for a while.”

John said that his wife was with him when he won and the couple “kept staring at each other and laughing” when it became clear that he had landed the jackpot.

“Then I had to text my daughter to tell her because she couldn’t pick up the phone,” he said. “She called back pretty quick! We’re all over the moon, it’s just the most fantastic feeling!”

A retired Coast Guard and shipping company employee, John knows exactly what he intends doing with some of the money. He will buy a boat and finally become captain of his own ship. “I can’t wait for some warm weather and to take everyone out!” he said, adding that he will also help his daughter pay off her mortgage.

“We’ll have a great summer for sure,” he said.

John’s advice for other players at Slotland is to find a game that you like, have fun playing it and, if you are patient, some good wins will come your way when you least expect them.

The manager of Slotland, Michael Hilary added that you never know what the next spin will bring. “Our jackpot seems to be a little less often but for much bigger amounts than in the old days,” he said, reminding players that the jackpot record was broken last year when a stay-at-home mom landed over R4 million on Open Season slot.