South Africa Lottery Money Used to Fight COVID-19

National Lottery Threatens Media Outlet for Questioning Grant Allocations South Africa’s National Lottery operator, Ithuba has reported an increase in the number of people who are buying tickets remotely. The coronavirus lockdown has had more people than ever signing up to the National Lottery site and registering to play the lottery online. At present, nearly 900,000 players are registered with the Ithuba National Lottery site.

Ithuba said that it is planning to donate R50 million to the National Lotteries Commission Solidarity Fund in a bid to help fight the coronavirus. This fact in itself, combined with the situation where South Africans have not been allowed to leave their homes for weeks in order to buy lottery tickets, has encouraged thousands of people to register with the Ithuba app.

Ithuba also partners with banks Absa, FNB, Standard Bank and Nedbank and has encouraged players to use these digital platforms to play their favourite lottery games.

According to Ithuba: “We have a dedicated e-commerce team working remotely and fully-equipped to assist players with digital gaming.”

“As a technology-driven company operating in a highly regulated industry, Ithuba has always ensured our systems are solid, secure and crisis-management-ready. This means that during this critical time, we are able to implement business continuity plans in an orderly and effective manner,” said Ithuba in a statement.

“Whilst the lockdown means we are compelled to shut down our offices, we have prepared our staff to work remotely in order to ensure minimum business interruptions. The health and safety of our staff, our players and South Africans at large is paramount to us.”

Ithuba said that players shouldn’t be anxious about the fact that its regional offices remain closed, and thus certain winners cannot physically claim their prizes right now.

“All winning tickets have a life-span of 365 days before they expire,” said the operator. “It is, therefore, imperative that players keep their tickets safe until they can claim.”

“Winnings below the prize value of R2 000 can be claimed at National Lottery participating retailers, whilst retailers such as Checkers can pay up to R10 000 and approved prize payout centres up to just under R50 000.”

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