Springbok Casino Releases Tri-Card Poker for Mobile

springbok-mobile-casino-new-tri-card-pokerSpringbok Casino players will be thrilled to hear that now, you can take tri-card poker with you wherever you go. The casino has recently released the game for mobile, in collaboration with Realtime Gaming and that means you can play the game any time of day, no matter where you are.

Tri-card poker is regarded as one of the fastest card games available at any South African online casino since the players get dealt only three cards, as opposed to the usual five used in the traditional game. Many of the other rules of the game stay the same, and so players who have some experience with traditional poker should be able to adapt to this game very fast. The race to get the better hand is still in force, the betting denominations stay the same, but being dealt only three cards means you’ll have to make your decisions fast.

There are two additional aspects of the game you will want to get to know before you place your bets though. In tri-card poker, you will have the option to place one of two wagers, the ante and the play wagers. The ante is the initial bet that the player makes, something all players of traditional poker will be well aware of. After the first set of cards is dealt, players have the option of folding or of placing the play wager, which indicates that they want to go ahead with the game. The hands are then shown and the wagers are processed. But here’s another fun twist. In this game, the dealer must hold a queen or higher in order to continue play, so the chances for players to make a lot of money on this game are high.

The game has been on the downloadable and instant play casinos for some time, but now, players who have had the chance to enjoy many of the other games on the Springbok mobile casino will also be able to play this fast-paced and heart-racing game. The mobile casino currently hosts a number of games including slots and table games and is available for players who have Android and iOS devices.

Mobile gaming allows you to take your favourite casino with you no matter where you are and now, courtesy of RTG and Springbok Casino, you have access to even more games to keep you entertained and make you a winner on the move. Be sure to check the casino’s latest list of bonuses and promotions to ensure you don’t miss out on great offers for the mobile casino. New games are added for mobile regularly, so be sure to check your emails and the casino’s notice board to find out how you can get more opportunities to win. Visit Springbok Casino Today | Read our Springbok Casino Review

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