Sun International Announces New Guidelines as Restrictions Ease

Sun International Announces New Guidelines as Restrictions Ease As part of a new set of guidelines which details how Sun International will deal with health and safety issues post-lockdown, the group said that only members of its loyalty programme (Most Valued Guests) will be allowed access onto the casino floor.

Sun International’s CEO was reacting to the news that the government plans to allow resorts, casinos, hotels and restaurants to start operating. The surprise announcement was made last week, although no official date has yet been set.

Sun International described some of the “world class health and safety protocols” that it introduced before lockdown began, and published a set of new guidelines which covers everything from casino safety to regulations on golf.

Sun International plans to open up its casinos and hotels slowly to ensure that all properties are in line with the new health and safety requirements.

Safety Protocols in Sun International Casinos

The set of guidelines published by Sun International details which steps the group intends taking to keep its casino players safe.

These include:
• Restricting access to MVG cardholders only.
• Requiring employees to sanitise their hands before they begin their shifts, between interaction with guests and after handling cash.
• Sanitising all cash desks, card machines and devices, promo kiosks and MVG desks.
• Supplying hand sanitizer on all gaming floors and at all tables.
• Cleaning all table equipment and furniture between games or on a regular basis.
• Implementing an on-going chip-cleaning programme.
• Supplying sanitiser to allow guests to clean their own chis.
• Limiting capacity on the game floor to between 33% and 50%.
• Locking every second slot machine to help maintain the 1.5 meter rule.
• Limiting the number of seats at Blackjack and American Roulette tables to four.
• Limiting the number of seats at Baccarat tables to five.
• Removing seats, tables and booths to allow for appropriate distancing.
• Taking guests’ temperatures before they are allowed to enter the casino.