Survey Sheds Light On Habits Of South African Gamers

images (1) A survey commissioned by MyGaming site shed some interesting light on the habits and lifestyle of South African gamers. Over 1,100 gamers were asked questions about everything ranging from relationships to what they did in their free time. It was revealed that 96% of the gamers are male with an average age of 29.

An overall look at the what comprises a typical South African gamer, shows that 74% are non smokers, with 38% of them single, 32% in a relationship and another 30% married. The monthly income of 45% of gamers was between R21,000 and R50,000, while 35% earned under R20,000. Only 20% take home over R50,000 per month.

When it comes to alcohol consumption, 70% of those surveyed said that they drank alcohol, while 30% are teetotalers. Of those who drink, beer is the favorite choice with 79% saying that they usually enjoy a pint. 68% of drinkers like spirits, 49% drink win, 40% drink cider, 18% drink cooler, but only 17% like liqueur.

The favorite beer brand of South African gamblers is Castle Lite (24%), followed by Windhoek (17%) and Black Label (15%).

Moving onto food consumption, a whopping 84% of South African gamers eat fast food, while only 16% said that they do not. Burgers and deep fried food are the all-time favorite fast food, with 68% of those surveyed saying that they enjoy this type of meal on a regular basis. 58% also like pizza, 42% eat store bought snacks, while 31% enjoy sushi. Themed take away food is less popular, with only 30% saying that they eat this type of food.

KFC and McDonalds are the two most popular fast food chains frequented by South African gamers, while only 5% visit Chicken Licken and a mere 2% eat at Andiccio’s 24.

When asked how they spend their free time, over 68% said that they played between 20 and 100 hours each month, and 81% said that they sleep less than eight hours on average per night. 59% said that they exercise less than 10 hours a month.

The most popular gaming platform is the PC (77%), followed by games played on the tablet.

Finally, 67% said that they spend up to R500 on games each month, with only 8% saying that they spend over R1,000.