The Matrix Slot Released by Playtech Powered Online Casinos

The Matrix Slot Released by Playtech

It seems that the online casino software group, Playtech is definitely on a roll this month, and is keen to see 2017 go out with a bang. The group just announced that another brand new slot game has been released to partner casinos, based on the well-known sci-fi cult movie, The Matrix. The new game has already gone live at Playtech casinos that accept South African players, and feedback has been exceptional.

The Matrix Slot is based on the 1999 movie that was written and directed by the Wachowski Brothers. It went on to star actors such as Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Joe Pantoliano, and boasts an incredibly innovative storyline regarding the way we view reality and our existence as humans in this world.

With Playtech’s knack of creating games based on true cult brands, it should come as no surprise that the group picked up on the opportunity to create a new slot game based on The Matrix and signed a deal to allow it to market the franchise as a slot game.

The result is a superb five reel, 50 pay line game that is set against the very familiar black screen with green uncoded letters. The characters from the original movie such as Mr Anderson and Agent Smith, as well as Trinity and Morpheus are all found on the reels. Playtech has also gone one step further to make the game as authentic as possible by incorporating some of the original footage from the movie at certain points in the game.

Besides these great graphics and animations, players will also be able to find a host of bonus features that will definitely increase their potential of winning. There is an excellent free spins bonus feature that allows players to choose one of two rewarding options; one being eight free spins on the reels and an extra rewarding Agent Smith symbol added to the reels, and the other being unlimited spins with Sentinel wilds on the reels.

Another bonus feature is the Déjà vu Shuffle Feature, triggered completely randomly, where symbols on the reels are shuffled to create winning paylines. It’s worth checking out the scenes from The Matrix movie that Playtech has woven into this feature.

Playtech has definitely made this a record year in terms of great rollouts, and The Matrix slot is certainly one of its best releases this year.

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