Tsogo Sun Holds Supplier Show at Gold Reef City

Tsogo Sun Holds Supplier Show at Gold Reef City South Africa’s leading casino and hospitality group, Tsogo Sun, recently held a supplier showcase, where more than 100 enterprises showcased their products and services. The Supplier Showcase had small, medium and micro-enterprises show their products and services to potential buyers from within the Tsogo Sun group. Other potential buyers included large South African corporations, Tsogo Sun’s majority shareholder HCI and South African government departments across the board.

Tsogo Sun was able to provide a platform for suppliers from a broad spectrum of sectors, from spa treatments to stationery, from accommodation to arts and crafts, from printing to beverage products and from catering to cleaning services.

The main objective of the Tsogo Sun Supplier Showcases (which are held every year at different destinations around the country), is to help emerging entrepreneurs across all industries. Tsogo Sun invests millions (R80 million to be exact) each year on helping these entrepreneurs through exposure and advice. Exhibitors are able to attend workshops that teach them about corporate expectations, procurement processes, marketing and presentation. Participating exhibitors are also evaluated by professionals. Based on their scores, they are told whether they are ready to supply their customers with their goods or services, whether they need further development through Tsogo Sun Entrepreneurs or whether they can be helped by others to upgrade their businesses.

The General Manager of Corporate Affairs for Tsogo Sun, Candy Tothill said that the South African casino group was serious about assisting entrepreneurs and contributing to economic growth. She said that the Tsogo Sun Entrepreneurs program focuses on skills-based entrepreneurial development and on providing preferential procurement opportunities to qualifying and predominantly black-owned small businesses. According to Tothill, more than 200 businesses are enrolled in the Tsogo Sun Entrepreneurs full year development program, which continues to deliver business foundation skills, coaching and mentorship.

“It’s encouraging to see our Supplier Showcases growing as platforms for suppliers to expose their businesses to captivate procurement audiences, for gaining valuable business skills, and for networking with other small businesses and even doing business with each other,” she said.

Tsogo Sun operates some of the best casinos in South Africa, including MonteCasino in Gauteng, Gold Reef City, Sun Coast in KwaZulu-Natal and the Caledon, among others.