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10 Best Decentralized Casinos and Gambling dApps in 2022

What Are dApps?

Because the notion of decentralized apps is still in its infancy, it's difficult to give a comprehensive answer to this question. Nevertheless, based on what has been seen in practice thus far, we can outline a number of key features of these applications. 

dApps are heavily dependent on the technology of Blockchain, in fact, dApps are primarily based on blockchain tech. In layman's terms, we can define blockchain as a public ledger. All transactions on a blockchain are maintained in a ledger and organized into various blocks. The blocks themselves are contingent on the blocks arranged prior to them and after them through cryptographic validation. Therefore, it is out of the scope of possibility for anyone to tamper with the data on a block. 

When a transaction takes place, the consent of all parties involved in the transaction is basically written onto a block and stored permanently. Anyone on the network can access and verify this data at any given time.

Since the data is not written onto a single node and is instead spread across various nodes, it cannot be manipulated by or managed by a centralized authority, thus promoting transparency and trust. It is basically incorruptible. 

Now, any app that is built on this underlying, decentralized technology can be termed a dApp, and it too will have the desirable features of Blockchain technology. Bitcoin was the world's first dApp. 

Fastest Paying Decentralized Casinos in 2022

What is a Decentralized Casino?

A common misconception is that any casino that accepts Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is a decentralized casino. Just because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are decentralized, it does not mean that any casino which accepts these crypto coins as payments is also decentralized. 

Online casinos that harness blockchain technology are decentralized casinos. The casino could essentially have its own blockchain, but in most cases, decentralized casinos leverage existing blockchains and are built on top of the blockchain as a layer. At this time, most blockchain casinos leverage one of the following blockchain platforms – Ethereum, EOS and TRON. 

How Do Gambling dApps Work?

Today, most gambling dApps across the dApp marketplace usually have these four fundamental characteristics:

  • They are open-sourced 

  • They are decentralized

  • They have a way to incentivize validators on the blockchain 

  • All parties agree as to what constitutes proof of work 

These qualities define how operations are carried out at a decentralized gambling casino or app. Since the source code is open source, anyone may look at it and even add/modify it (to further develop a different version or gambling dApp). Being decentralized, all players at a decentralized casino have access to the ledger and its transaction trial, and new records are added with tokens that can be earned on the basis of an agreed-upon algorithm or mechanism (proof of work). 

Regular Online Casinos vs. dApp Casinos

To the untrained eye, or a casino player that doesn’t bother with how the casino and its underlying software work, a regular online casino and a dApp casino may not seem very different from one another. You can place bets, play games and maybe even win money – this is common to all online casinos and dApp casinos.

However, under the hood, the difference between a dApp casino and a regular online casino is clear as night and day. dApp casinos offer verifiable fairness and undeniable transparency. Unlike a regular online casino, you don’t have to trust a dApp casino blindly or take someone else’s word for it, you can actually go check if everything is fair and square for yourself.

Issues surrounding fairness, reliability and transparency have plagued the online casino industry ever since its inception. dApp casinos offer the perfect solution to these age-old problems that haunt online casino players and the online casino market.

Decentralized Casino Bonuses

In terms of bonuses, there isn’t really too much of a differentiation between regular online casino bonuses and dApp casino bonuses. dApp casinos have, thus far, followed along the path carved out by traditional online casinos as far as bonuses are concerned.

In some dApp casinos, however, you may find some bonuses unique to dApp miners and crypto users. Let’s go over some of the primary bonus offers you can expect at dApp casinos in 2022. 

Decentralized Casino Free Spins 

Free spins are a concept that many online casino players are aware of and understand how it functions. At dApp casinos, free spins aren't going to be any different. In essence, you may spend your free spins to play a variety of reel-based slot games for free while also still having the opportunity to win real money.

Free spins might be given out as part of a new player's welcome bonus package or as a separate bonus offer by itself. Any money won when playing free spins is typically not available for withdrawal until the bonus wagering requirements are met.

No Deposit Decentralized Casino Bonus

When it comes to typical online casino promos, the no deposit bonus is one of the newest and most groundbreaking concepts to hit the market. The no deposit bonus is quite efficient at attracting new players which is highly beneficial for the dApp casino. At the same time, the no deposit bonus is a boon for the player too since it allows them to poke around and test the games without putting any of their own hard-earned money at stake. 

Both the casino and the player may gain from a no deposit bonus. The no deposit bonus, as the name implies, does not need the player to make a deposit. How do you get a no deposit bonus? It's easy as pie, you just open an account with the casino and the bonus is yours. 

Deposit Decentralized Casino Bonus

A deposit bonus, in effect, is one that a player can claim by making an eligible deposit. These bonuses are often expressed as match bonuses, welcome bonuses, cashback bonuses, etc. The most common type of deposit bonus is where you receive a certain percentage of the deposit value as a bonus in addition to the deposit you just made.

Example – make a minimum deposit of $20 and receive a 100% bonus up to a maximum of $100. In this context, if a player makes a deposit of $50, then his account is credited with the $50 and in addition, the player also receives an extra $50 bonus funds. 

No Wagering Bonus 

Wagering requirements are a common bonus condition that determines whether or not a player may withdraw bonus cash. It specifies how much money a player needs to deposit and wager before being able to withdraw the bonus balance.

Online casino players that love to capitalize on bonuses are very familiar with wagering requirements as being the biggest limiting factor of a bonus. Some dApp casinos offer bonuses that are completely free of wagering requirements and these are called no wagering bonuses. When you receive bonus monies from a no wagering bonus, you can cashout the funds right away, no further spending required. 

Reload Bonuses

A reload bonus is essentially one kind of deposit bonus – you get a bonus when you make a reload. So, what is a reload? A reload is any deposit of funds to your account, as long as it is not your first deposit or any initial deposit encompassed within the welcome package. Basically, once you're through with the welcome package, any deposit you make thereafter is a reload. 

While it is crucial for casinos to give initial deposit incentives to new players, it is equally important for existing players to get bonuses when they reload their accounts. This is an excellent approach to keep registered players satisfied, happy and frequently gaming. 

DApp Casino Games

Slots: The basic idea behind online slots is the same as it is at land-based casinos: spin the reels to match up the symbols and win. The main advantage of playing slots online is the greater variety of games available, as well as the fact that most online slots have more reels and paylines, increasing your chances of landing a winning combination.

Live Dealer Games: Live casinos work in the same way as traditional internet casinos, except the games are played in real-time. The distinction is that with a live dealer game, a genuine dealer manages the table and hosts the game rather than a computer. By broadcasting via video feed, the dealer can engage with players. Live casino games blend the excitement of a traditional casino with the convenience of playing from home. 

Video Poker: A fun and engaging game that combines the most appealing facets of poker and video slots. One of the coolest things about video poker is that learning to play takes very little time, especially if you already know how to play five-card draw poker. There are several video poker variations, such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Double Bonus Poker, but the basics are nearly the same. 

Progressive Jackpots: One of the most popular forms of online slots is progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot can reach a life-changing sum of money (6 or even 7 figures in some cases). The reason the jackpot can get so big is that with every bet made by a player on the jackpot game, a portion of the bet is contributed directly towards the increment of the jackpot itself. This way, the jackpot value increases until a winning bet comes along.

Table Games: At online casinos and dApp casinos, “table games” is usually a category that is home to further subcategories like poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, etc. The finest odds are usually found in online table games. This is why, if you observe closely, casinos would much rather have their players use bonus funds on slot machines (the RTP of a slot machine is usually lower than in a table game, especially if the player is good at table game strategies). 

Sports betting: Some dApp casinos offer two main lobbies – an online casino lobby and a sportsbook. By switching over to the sportsbook tab, you can bet on dApp sports games such as football, rugby, golf, basketball, tennis, cricket and even several niche sports like squash, winter games, netball, etc. 

Decentralized Casino Experience

For a true understanding of what it is like to play at a dApp casino, one must experience it first-hand. The experience is similar to playing at any regular online casino in the sense that you have access to thousands of high-quality games at the click of a button. However, there are further advantages to dApp casinos and these subtleties enhance and elevate the experience to a whole new level.

A dApp casino is characterized by its support for various cryptocurrencies, especially tokens that are particularly used for gambling decentralization, such as – Ethereum, TRON, etc. Additionally, you will be able to access the ledger and verify transactions first-hand. This makes you feel like you are part of a community and not just a customer at a casino where you don’t get to see behind the veil. 

Security, Licensing, and Provably Fair

Online gaming requires a high level of security and cryptocurrencies, thankfully, enhance security levels when implemented right. Generally, a cyberattack on a centralized system's core server results in the system's complete failure. However, because of the blockchain's decentralized design, an attack on one node does not lead to complete failure as the data is spread across all nodes on the network.

If you had to make an online casino deposit using a bank card, you would inevitably have to type in sensitive card details, including the security code and maybe even your PIN. Some advanced hackers know how to use key loggers to steal this info. With crypto, however, you only type in your wallet's public address and cyber attackers cannot do anything even if they are able to read this information. 

In terms of fairness and openness, dApps are virtually unbeatable – when a transaction occurs, the assent of all parties involved is essentially inscribed into a block and preserved indefinitely. This data is accessible and verifiable by everyone on the network at any moment. 

Staying Safe While Gambling in Decentralized Casinos

One can never be too safe on the web, and some online casinos have the reputation of being particularly shady. Thankfully, dApp casinos are safer just by design, but it still does not mean you are 100% protected.

You should still adhere to basic internet safety protocols such as setting strong passwords, understanding how to identify phishing attacks, not divulging sensitive banking info to anyone (not even customer support), having updated firewalls and antivirus software’s on your devices, ensuring your Wi-Fi network is password protected and taking the time to read the casino’s privacy policy, even if it is exhaustive and tedious. 

  • Higher RTP – dApp casinos offer some of the highest RTP percentages since operating costs are lower
  • Play with Crypto – dApp casinos will accept a variety of cryptocurrencies in most cases
  • Privacy and anonymity – sign up, fund your gaming and withdraw winnings without divulging too much info
  • Fairness – Since one central authority does not control things, there is no possibility of rigging.
  • Security – a dApp casino is not vulnerable to many cyber-attacks on a central server
  • Some users that are not particularly tech-savvy may be turned off
  • Playing at dApp casinos may require having to set up crypto wallets, buy crypto coins (which are subject to volatility), etc.

Best dApp Casino Software Providers

dApp casinos don’t necessarily need games that have exclusive dApp friendly features or backend support, even though some providers are looking into the development of such casino games. Any online casino game can be hosted at a dApp casino and the onboarding process is not very different. This means, as a player, you are not restricted in terms of how many games you get access to or the quality of the games. 

You can pick and play games from the game providers that you love, including landing online casino software providers such as Microgaming, BetSoft, NetEnt, Realtime Gaming and several other upcoming development studios. 

How to Choose a Decentralized Casino

Picking an online casino is a matter of personal preference, but there are some factors to consider in the process. 

  • Game collection – The range of games offered by an online casino is an important feature to consider. Most gamblers have their personal favourites. As a result, always check to see if the games you enjoy are offered at the online casino you are considering. Some dApp casinos may even let you play games in demo mode to get a real taste of what you can expect if you sign up. 
  • Bonus offers – It's always a good idea to check out an online casino's new player offer before signing up. Choose one that offers a balanced new player bonus. By balanced, we mean that the bonus value should be good, but at the same time, the bonus terms and conditions must also be reasonable. You may also want to consider a casino with a good loyalty program, especially if you are someone that will play regularly.
  • Banking – If you’re interested in playing at a dApp casino for the various benefits it has to offer, chances are that you are a crypto holder as well. In real money online gaming, you want to be able to easily, safely, quickly and cheaply deposit funds and withdraw funds. You also want to have more than one way to be able to make these deposits in case of failure of one payment method. 
  • Customer Support - It is possible to run into problems or glitches when playing at online casinos and dApp casinos are not immune to these issues either. You'll want to choose an online casino that can assist you in an efficient and timely manner. Always choose an online casino that allows you to contact their customer service team in a variety of ways, such as live chat, email, or via a phone call. 
  • Pick one from our list – We get it. Not everyone has the time to put dApp casinos through various filters and shortlist the best dApp casinos for a safe, entertaining and seamless gaming experience. If you can relate to this, then you are at the right place. You could easily just scroll up on this page to find our list of recommended dApp casinos and simply pick one of those and get started!

Decentralized Casino Login

Logging in to your dApp casino is identical to the login process at any standard online casino. It only takes a few seconds to click or tap the login button and then enter your username and password. 

If you’re having trouble remembering your password, dApp casinos will usually offer a reset password functionality wherein an email is sent to your registered email address with further instructions on how you can set a new password and recover your account in a safe and fool-proof manner. 

FAQs about the Best Decentralized Casinos

dApp is short for a decentralized app. Basically, any application which is built on top of blockchain technology is said to be decentralized. In such systems, a public ledger is maintained to record transactions and is accessible by all nodes on the network, this promotes transparency, trust and fairness. There are also other characteristics of dApp casinos which we have discussed in the initial parts of this article.

If online gambling is legal in your jurisdiction and so is the use of cryptocurrencies, then it is safe to assume that you are not violating any laws by indulging in dApp gambling.

Decentralization could be the future of networking and computer systems altogether. dApp gambling sites are ahead of the curve and by signing up at such casinos, you’re going to be ahead of the curve too. The perks of dApps are undisputable.

Yes, decentralized casinos are inherently much safer than traditional online casinos simply because of the fact that they are decentralized.


dApps are creating ripples in the online gambling market, despite the fact that they are not yet widespread. However, Blockchain technology is a volatile medium that unwaveringly follows the value of Bitcoin, sometimes green and sometimes red. In addition, most online players still appear to be apprehensive about crypto gaming, dApps and Blockchain in general.

Overall, the future of dApp gambling sites is bright. We are at the very beginning of this new chapter in online gaming, and those that are quick to embrace it will be the first ones to enjoy a buffet of dApp benefits. 

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