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Botswana Launches Pioneering Responsible Gambling Self-Help Portal

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In a significant move towards promoting responsible gambling, the Gambling Authority of Botswana has introduced a new Responsible Gambling Self-Help Portal. The launch event, held at the Three Dikgosi Monument in Gaborone, marks a crucial step in the country's efforts to encourage safer gambling practices.

Botswana launches pioneering responsible gambling self help portal

Key Moments from the Launch Event

The event was graced by prominent figures, including the Honourable Mmusi Kgafela, Minister of Trade and Industry, alongside leaders from the gambling industry and regulatory bodies across Africa. The introduction of the self-help portal, coupled with a 24/7 toll-free support line, underscores Botswana's dedication to improving support systems for gamblers.

Mr. Emolemo Peter Kesitilwe, CEO of the Gambling Authority, stressed the importance of stakeholder collaboration to achieve responsible gambling objectives. He noted that these new tools are integral to Botswana's broader vision of creating a secure gambling environment, in line with national goals and the President’s agenda.

Self-Help Portal Features

The newly launched portal offers a variety of resources to help individuals manage their gambling habits responsibly. Key features include self-assessment tools, educational materials on gambling addiction, and direct access to counselling services. The portal is available around the clock, ensuring continuous support and reflecting the Gambling Authority's commitment to citizen welfare.

Impact on the Gambling Industry

The launch of the Responsible Gambling Self-Help Portal sets a new standard for other African nations, highlighting Botswana's dedication to responsible gambling. This initiative paves the way for future measures to protect gamblers' interests. For South African players, this development underscores the importance of choosing gambling platforms that prioritize player safety and responsible gambling practices.

For those seeking a secure and responsible online gambling experience in South Africa, our recommended casinos offer reliable options that comply with strict regulatory standards, ensuring a fair and safe gambling environment.

Botswana's proactive stance serves as an inspiring example, showcasing the vital role of government and industry collaboration in fostering a gambling landscape where everyone can participate safely and responsibly.

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