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Published on 30.03.2022
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PlayCasino Editorial Principles

At Play Casino, our mission is to deliver the most up to date, accurate, practical and useful information to our South African readers and subscribers when it comes to the online casino industry. The online casino webscape is a rapidly evolving environment driven by advances in web technology. To keep tabs of everything (of significance) that transpires within the online casino industry is an uphill battle, even for a seasoned online casino enthusiast. This is where we come in to bridge the gap. Our team of experienced online casino industry experts are always on the prowl to be the first to bring you fresh news and authentic information about online casinos, casino games, casino bonuses and more.

Over the years, our website has grown to reach a great deal of readers and we have introduced some editorial principles that will stipulate our processes to ensure we always deliver content that is up to the mark and in line with our mission and values. Here, we would like to elaborate a little bit on our editorial principles and how we implement them on a daily basis to bring you the best South African online casino news that the internet has to offer.

Our 5 core editorial Principles

So, without any further ado, here are our five editorial principles:

  • Fairness
  • Accuracy
  • Relevance
  • Freshness
  • Clarity


There is no dearth of online casino review websites on the internet. Just a quick google search and you are bound to find hundreds of different review websites with highly contrasting reviews on one online casino. How can the reviews be so different from one another? It almost seems like the reviews are for completely different casinos. Unfortunately, not all reviews that you read about a casino, a casino game or a casino bonus is completely fair and transparent.

It is no secret that online casinos fund a lot of reviews about themselves and actually pay review websites to portray their casinos in the best possible light. Obviously, this is not fair to the unsuspecting readers. At Play Casino South Africa, our reviews are completely free of bias and the welfare of an online casino is not our concern. Our only concern is to deliver reviews which are true and fair as far as our readers are concerned.


An online casino player who is reading a review about an online casino generally assumes that the facts presented are in fact, factual. However, it should be reiterated that the online casino industry is rapidly evolving and things change overnight. Far too often, review websites have outdated reviews and content that simply misinforms the reader about important aspects and elements of a casino, a game or a bonus.

An online casino review must be objective, factual, updated and unbiased for it to be accurate and actually serve any purpose for the reader. We, at Play Casino, strive to keep our reviews accurate by subjecting them to periodical reviews and revisions from our quality control teams. Anytime a review is found to be lacking or presenting old information, it is immediately put into queue for an update. Furthermore, we try our best not to make reviews subjective. We understand that every player is different and so their tastes and preferences can vary too. As much as possible, we like to keep review’s objective and based on facts.


The online casino industry is globally omnipresent. The laws regarding online casino gaming vary not only from country to country, but also sometimes from state to state. Whilst some online casinos accept players from all over the world, some casinos cater specifically to certain markets. For a player from South Africa to read a review about an online casino which focuses on players in India and does not even South African Rands is simply irrelevant and a waste of time.

This is why we focus solely on the South African market. Our website is dedicated to keeping tabs on everything within the South African online casino industry. Therefore, any review that you find on our website is applicable and relevant for South African readers. The casinos we review, generally, accept South African players, support South African Rands and various South African friendly banking methods. Having said that, we also keep our eyes peeled on global developments having to do with the online casino industry as a whole and bring to the forefront any news that may impact South African online punters.


New online casinos are seemingly launched every other day. There are thousands of online casinos that South African players can choose from for their gaming needs. Some of these casinos have existed for decades while some are brand new. That’s not all, casinos don’t remain static one they are launched, operators are proactively updating their casinos to include newer promotions, games, technologies and more. Failing to do so will entail that the casino loses market share. Since online casinos don’t remain the same, reviews about these online casinos should not remain the same either.

Reviews should accurately represent the casino at that given point in time. For this, reviews need to be updated just as the casino itself is updated. As we mentioned, we have a whole process to revisit reviews and update them periodically to ensure that we deliver content which is accurate and updated.


Let’s face it, online casino gaming can be confusing. Just think of the fine print – at most online casinos, there are a truck load of terms and conditions, bonus rules, game rules, different methods to make payments, certain rules for withdrawals, games have various bonus rounds and special symbols that mean different things, etc. It can be difficult to wrap your head around everything. Sometimes, reviews can contradict what you have assumed and further confuse you. At Play Casino, we pride ourselves on the clarity of our reviews. We don’t leave any room for ambiguity and make clear statements about facts which are easy to understand and grasp.

Kelvin Jones
Kelvin Jones

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