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Low Wagering Casino Bonuses South Africa

Are you in the habit of claiming bonuses and free spin offers at online casinos? If so, you need to check out low wagering casinos in 2022! The hottest new trend in online casino gaming, these casinos give you maximum bang for your buck in bonus play.

Our expert guide will tell you everything you need to know, including:

• What are low wagering casino bonuses?
• Why you should choose low wagering casinos?
• How to get good payouts with your deposit bonuses?
• Which games to play with bonuses?
• How to pick the best

Don’t forget to check out our FAQ section at the end for more information!

Why Choose Low Wagering Casinos?

Claiming an online casino bonus is an easy task – just register and make a deposit. Playing with one is fun, as you get even more chances to win. But when it comes to withdrawing your winnings, it is easier said than done.

You have wagering requirements to thank for that. These are special rules that restrict you from instantly cashing out your bonus winnings. When you play with bonuses that have high wagering requirements, your chances of getting any cash out are incredibly slim indeed.

This is where low wagering bonuses really shine. Since players hate wagering requirements, smart casinos have decided to lower them on bonuses. When you play with a low wagering casino bonus, the odds of cashing out your winnings increase dramatically.

What are low wagering casinos?

At regular online casinos, bonuses tend to have wagering requirements that range between 30x and 90x. When a bonus has a wagering requirement multiplier that is lower than 30x, it can be called a low wagering bonus. Anything between 1x to 30x can be considered low wagering when compared to the 50x and 60x we see these days on bonus rules.

And when a casino makes an explicit promise to reduce their wagering requirement on all their promotional offers, that casino is called a low wagering casino. A casino will offer this feature on its deposit bonuses, and not on no-deposit offers (in most cases).

How does low wagering actually work?

When picking bonuses offers, we always advise players to look for bonuses with a low wagering requirement. Let’s see a few examples to see how lower wagering requirements can make a world of difference to you.

Example – High wagering requirement

Imagine a 100% deposit bonus worth R100. The wagering requirement here is 60x. You deposit R100 and get another R100 as a bonus. Using the R200 balance, you win R1000. Under casino bonus rules, before you can withdraw that R1000, you have to use it to make several bets at the casino.

To find out how many wagers you have to make, you multiply your initial deposit and bonus cash by the wagering requirement multiplier:

R200 x 60 = R12000

Using that R1000, you have to try and make wagers worth R12000 at the casino. If you succeed and have money left in your account, you can make a cashout request.

Example – Low wagering requirement

Now, let’s keep everything the same, except for the wagering requirement. We will keep it at a low 10x. If you win R1000 using a bonus+deposit balance of R200, your wagering requirement will be:

R200 x 10 = R2000

Here, you only have to make bets worth R2000, which is much lower than the figure you got when playing with a 60x wagering requirement. Your chances of completing the wagering requirement are much higher.

Popular Types of Minimum Deposit Bonuses

Are you looking for an affordable South Africa online casino in 2022? You are in luck! Here at, we keep tabs on the best minimum deposit and low wagering online casinos for SA players.

R15 Deposit Casino Bonus

Ideal for players looking for the lowest minimum deposit casinos in South Africa in 2022, you can start playing at these sites for just R15. Check out the best offers available right now:

R25 Deposit Casino Bonus

Do you have a few more rands to spend on low wagering bonuses? Try your luck at these tried and test SA online casinos with an R25 minimum deposit limit. Exclusive bonus offers available:

Benefits of Low Wagering Casino Bonuses

Low wagering bonuses are superior to regular bonuses in almost every conceivable way. Here are the most important benefits of playing with lower wagering requirement bonuses:
• Better chances of keeping your winnings –Anything higher than 40x and you are almost certainly looking at all your bonus wins getting used up during the wagering phase. Unless you are incredibly lucky with your bets, you will not see a single Rand back in your account. But with lower wagering, the betting target is a lot more realistic.
• It is fair gaming – Higher wagering is acceptable on no deposit bonuses, as casinos take a huge risk in giving you 100% free money. But when it comes to bonuses on deposits, having a 50x or 60x requirement is blatantly unfair.
• It takes less time – Often, many players run out of time while trying to complete these huge wagering requirements worth tens of thousands of rands. It can take a very long time indeed. With smaller limits, you can complete the wagering requirement and get to your withdrawals faster.
• Less chance of forfeiting/rule violations – Many instances of disputes between casinos and players arise due to complicated bonus rules and large wagering requirements. Low wagering bonuses are easier to understand and keep track of – there is less chance of you accidentally violating the casino bonus rules and getting your winnings voided.

How to Still Get a Good Payout with a Small Deposit

In gambling, payouts are generally proportional to the amount of cash you wager. To hit those big wins, you generally have to deposit more money (to get more bets). This is why players love deposit bonuses – they give a significant boost to your betting limits.

If you want to hit good payouts with smaller deposits, claiming deposits is definitely the way to go. There are plenty of low deposit casinos welcoming South African players online these days. And they all offer a lot of attractive bonuses.

By making some smart choices, you can improve your chances of converting even a small deposit into a decent sized payout. As we already explained in the previous section, picking a low wagering casino bonus can make a huge difference. But there are some other things to consider as well:

Pick the best bonus deal

Never take a casino bonus offer at face value – they are designed to attract and lure players, with extravagant promises. Here is a step-by-step guide to analysing a bonus offer and figuring out if it is worth your money:

1. Look at the Percentage, not the Cash amount

With many match deposit offers, the first thing you notice is something like “R10,000 Free” or “R20,000 Match Bonus.” This is slightly misleading, as that amount is usually the upper limit of what you can get if you make a large deposit.
Instead, look at the actual match percentage promised by the casino. A higher percentage means that you will get more bonus cash. With welcome bonuses, you may see 200% or 300% offers, while with regular deposits this can vary between 25% to 200%.
Let’s look at how this makes an impact on your bonus play, using two examples. One will have a higher max bonus amount (but a lower bonus percentage) while the other will have a bigger bonus percentage.

Bonus DescriptionMax Bonus/Match %Minimum DepositActual Bonus CashEffective balance
Get up to R10,000 bonus free!R10,000 / 100%R25R25R50
Claim 300% bonus worth R3000R3000/ 300%R25R75R100

In the table, the first bonus may seem more attractive because it mentions a bigger sum. But to get the full bonus amount, you have to deposit R10,000! At all deposits lower than R1000, the second bonus delivers more value, due to the higher bonus percentage. If you deposit R25, you will get 2x bonus cash with a higher percentage offer.

2. Look at the wagering requirement

The next step would be to check the bonus terms and conditions to see the actual wagering requirement linked to the bonus. As we already explained in detail, try to pick bonuses that have lower wagering limits, even if it means settling for lower bonuses.

There is no point in getting an R10,000 bonus with a 70x wagering requirement – the amount you would have to bet to get a withdrawal would be astronomical. It is always better to opt for a low deposit bonus with low wagering instead.

3. Check the cashout limit

In some instances, a deposit bonus may come with a max cashout limit. This will severely limit the amount you can withdraw from your winnings. Cashout limits are acceptable on no deposit offers. But if the deposit bonus has a specific cashout limit like R500, avoid that bonus.

Multipliers are more acceptable though – for example, some bonuses might have a clause that says you can withdraw only 10X or 20X your deposit+bonus amount as winnings. The higher this multiplier, the better. In reality, it all depends on your comfort level – if you don’t like the idea of forfeiting a part of your bonus wins, look for bonuses with zero limits on cashouts.

Pick the right game

Picking a bonus is only one side of the equation. A lot also depends on the games you play with that bonus. As you may know, casino games vary greatly when it comes to your odds of winning. In gaming circles, this is often ranked as a percentage called RTP, or “returns to the player.” A game with high RTP is better for players as it gives you a better chance of winning.

For instance, table games like Blackjack can have an insanely high RTP above 99%. Real money slots, on the other hand, can fluctuate between 90% to 97%. Due to this reason, most online casinos place restrictions on bonus play on table games. They will limit the use of bonus cash on slots (with some exceptions, like jackpot slots), keno, bingo, and scratchcards.

If you ever find a casino bonus that works on blackjack, baccarat, or casino hold em, play these games to the fullest to maximize your odds. But in most instances, you will have to use the bonus on slots. The trick here is to pick the slot with the best RTP rating. Try to play games that have RTP closer to 97% or more for best results.

Of course, your options here may be limited by the casino bonus rules. They often specify that you may only use the bonus on select slots.

Best Casino Games for Minimum Bets

There is another critical aspect to consider when betting on a budget online – the minimum bet size permitted on slots and games. Online slots are designed to cater to players of all budgets. They do this by offering a range of bet sizes.

If you are looking to play at low deposit casinos, you have to pay attention to the minimum bets. There are no standard limits available on all slots – it depends on the individual game. The lowest you can go on a bet size with slots is $/£/€/R 0.01, or in other words, 1 cent per bet.

But such slots are getting rarer these days, due to inflation and other economic reasons. Instead, a more common bet size would be 10 cents, or $/£/€/R 0.10 minimum. If you have a lower betting balance, it is a wise policy to reduce the bet limits.

Gaming on slots is a very fast-paced activity – you can place up to 600 bets or more within an hour! If you keep the bet value at R5, you could end up spending R3000 in an hour. If you have R50, you will finish it off in just ten spins!

Keep your bet limit at R0.10 and you can spend the same R50 on 500 spins, or close to one hour of non-stop spinning reels action. Of course, there is a trade-off when you lower the bet limit – the size of your wins will be reduced as well.

But the longer you play, the better your chances of winning more often. In fact, some low stakes slots can even pay out hundreds of thousands of rands. So, in the end, it is a worthy trade-off. Here are some basic features to look for in low stakes slots:
• Pick slots with High RTP as they give back more money to the player.
• Avoid slots with High Volatility, as they offer less frequent wins.
• Pick slots with more paylines for more winning combinations per bet.
• Pick jackpot slots when possible for big wins (not possible when playing with bonuses).

All major casino game developers offer low stake slots with minimum bet limits around the R0.01 – R0.10 range. Some top options include:

• Hugo Slot (Play N Go)
• Food Fight (RTG)
• Dragon Kings (Betsoft)
• Finn and the Swirly Spin (Netent)
• Book of Oz (Microgaming)

What Kind of Bonuses Can You Benefit from With Small Deposits?

South Africa online casinos generally offer two main types of bonuses on deposits – match deposit bonus and free spin bonus. You can claim both types of offers using small deposits in 2022. The size and value of the bonus, as well as the minimum qualifying deposit, will depend on the casino.

Bonus Cash

When you get a cash bonus on your deposit, it is usually called a “match deposit bonus” or “reload bonus.” The concept is quite simple – the casino will advertise an offer where they promise a certain percentage of your deposit as a bonus amount.

For example, a 100% Match bonus up to R500 on a minimum deposit of R25 means that if you deposit at least R25, the casino will give you an extra R25 as a bonus. If you deposit R500, you will get R500 as a bonus (the maximum specified).

These days, many casinos offer tiered deposit bonuses. Depending on your deposit amount, the bonus percentage will also increase. It might be 100% for deposits between R25 – R50, 150% for between R50 and R100, and so on.

One major advantage of a cash bonus is that you have more freedom to choose the games you want to play. Of course, select slots and most table games will be blocked under the casino bonus rules. You are also free to set the betting limits when using a cash bonus.

Free Spins

Free spin offers are less common when compared to match deposit bonuses. But if you are playing at a casino that exclusively offers online slots, there is a higher chance of coming across a free spin offer. You will get anywhere from 10 – 50 free spins or more with a small deposit.

For higher bonuses, you will have to spend more cash. The spins may be restricted to a handful of slot games by the casino. They also tend to have fixed bet values. In these regards, they are inferior to cash bonuses on low deposits.

The wagering limit on free spins is calculated based on your winnings, and not the bonus+deposit as you would find in a match bonus. You are also more likely to find low wagering requirements on free spins.

Difference between Low Wagering Bonuses, No-Deposit Bonuses & Free Spins

In 2022, you will find plenty of South Africa online casinos offering these three different types of bonuses. What are the main differences between the three (if any)? Let’s explore on a case-by-case basis:

Low Wagering Bonuses Vs No Deposit Bonuses

These two types are poles apart when it comes to the magnitude of the wagering requirement. No deposit bonuses have the highest wagering requirements of any casino bonus. It is not unusual to see them cross the 60x or even the 90x barrier.

Casinos are justified in keeping the limit so high – after all, a no deposit bonus is a 100% free betting bonus given by the casino. Any cash wins by the player is a direct loss for the casino. So they are entitled to try and prevent cashouts by keeping a high wagering limit.

In contrast, all low wagering bonuses require a cash deposit. So the casino here is dealing with a paying customer. They can afford to keep the wagering limit on the lower side. In the long run, it will pay off as the player is encouraged to deposit more and play more often.

Low Wagering Bonuses Vs Free Spins

Free spin bonuses can come in two avatars – either as a no deposit bonus or as a deposit free spin bonus. A no deposit free spin bonus will have a high wagering requirement, for the reasons mentioned in the previous comparison.

However, when a free spin offer requires a cash deposit, the casino may give players the benefit of a low wagering requirement. In other words, in some cases, a free spin bonus can be a type of low wagering bonus.

How to Select the Best Casinos with Low Wagering Requirements

When it comes to picking an online casino, the standards remain the same, no matter your budget. Here at, our team of experts review and test online casinos based on the availability of the following features:

Bonus Terms & Conditions

Never pick a casino based purely on the size of its welcome bonus, or the availability of a no deposit bonus. Sure, you can claim that no deposit bonus and play risk-free, but before putting down your first cash deposit, check out our list of best no deposit bonus casinos and read the casino bonus rules. Look for these highlights:

• The wagering requirement should be 30X or lower if possible.
• The bonus terms should be clear and easy to understand (no ambiguity, or confusing rules).
• The cashout limit should be high or absent altogether if possible.
• The bonus should have adequate validity (no short expiry).
• There should be a good mix of deposit bonuses, free spins, and other offers.

Licensing & Reputation

You should never compromise on these aspects when looking for a new online casino. Whenever possible, pick a casino that operates under a valid license from recognized bodies like the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, or at the very least – the Curacao eGaming license.

Further, do check the online reputation of the casino. This is only possible if the casino has been active for at least 2-3 years. Check for player ratings and reviews, and the number and severity of complaints against the casino, if any.

If dealing with a new casino, look at the operator and see if they own any other online casinos. Check the reputation of these sister casinos. Always be wary of online casinos that fail to mention the name and location of their operators.

Fairness and Security

Game piracy is a serious threat to online casino gaming. Look at the games library of a casino – do they have unbranded games or outdated games from known vendors? Avoid these casinos as they may have games with rigged software.

For 100% fair and secure gaming, pick a casino that offers the latest games from trusted vendors like Netent, Betsoft, Microgaming, and Playtech. Also, check the online security features of the casino. It should offer SSL encryption, HTTPS, and other latest online safety measures.

Payment Methods & Payout Speed

If the casino does not offer payment methods you can easily use, there is no point in joining that site, plain and simple. Look for SA-friendly payment methods like credit cards, EFT, SID, Skrill, Neteller, and other e-wallets like EcoPayz.

Further, check the banking policy of the casino on the terms and conditions page. Do they promise fast processing of withdrawal requests within 24-48 hours? Are the payout limits too low? These are all important factors to consider when looking for the best low-wagering online casino.


The smallest deposit you can make at a South Africa online casino in Rands is usually R10. But if you want to claim a bonus, you may have to increase that amount to R25.

Technically, that would be a zero-wagering online casino or wager-free online casino.  To find the best low wagering online casinos, check out our list at the top.

Absolutely, low wagering bonuses are worth it when compared to regular casino bonuses. High wagering requirements are bad for players – they make it virtually impossible to cash out your bonus wins. With low wagering bonuses, you have a much better chance of getting paid.

You can win money with all types of casino bonuses. But with low wagering bonuses, you have a real chance of converting that win into an actual cashout or withdrawal to your bank account.

A minimum deposit casino is a gambling site that welcomes players who are on a strict budget. At a low deposit casino, you can join, claim a bonus, and start playing slots for an initial deposit of R25 or lower.

Any casino bonus with a wagering requirement that is lower than the usual range of 30x – 60x can be called a low wagering casino bonus.

Like other casino bonuses and free spins, low wagering bonuses are usually playable on video slots, scratchcards, keno, and other instant win type games. Check the individual casino bonus terms and conditions for confirmation. High RTP table games like blackjack and jackpot games are usually restricted.

A no deposit bonus is given for free by the casino. It will usually have a very high wagering requirement – 60x or more. In contrast, low wagering bonuses can only be claimed using a deposit. And as the name suggests, they have insanely low wagering requirements, between 1x and 30x.

Yes, you can win money with an R25 deposit. To improve your chances, claim a low wagering bonus using that bonus. And play low stakes slots, preferably with a minimum value of R0.01 or R0.10 per bet.

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