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How to Stop Seeing Gambling Ads on Google & Social Media

Seeing gambling ads everywhere online can be annoying and tough for those trying to avoid gambling. If you want a cleaner and safer online space, this guide will show you simple steps to remove these ads from Google and your favorite social media sites.

Setting Up Your Google Ads

If you feel like Google knows too much about your likes, take charge of what ads you see.

  1. Open your Google Account and select "Manage your Google Account."
  2. Choose "Data and Personalization" and find the "Ad Personalization" section.
  3. Click on "Ad Settings" and turn off ad personalization.
  4. Make sure to adjust settings on your Google Chrome app too.

Adjusting Social Media Ads


  • Click the top right menu, select "Settings and Privacy," then "Settings."
  • Under "Permissions," change your ad preferences to block unwanted ads.


Consider a YouTube Premium subscription or use a VPN to avoid ads.

X (previously known as Twitter):

Block ads from gambling companies by clicking the down arrow and selecting "Block @..." For specific ads, click "Not Interested in this ad."

Customize Ads on Websites

Use the "My Ad Center" and "About This Ad" features to stop certain advertisers on platforms like YouTube, Google Search, Gmail, and Maps.

Use Ad Blockers

If ads are too much, think of ad blockers as your online helpers. They stop unwanted ads and can be added to your phone or computer. Plus, they can make websites load faster and keep your data safe.

Report Ads That Don't Follow the Rules

You can tell Google about ads that shouldn't be there. To do this, sign into your Google account.

Steps to report bad ads to Google:

  1. For Google ads, click "More" or "Info" on the ad, then pick "Block ad."
  2. If it's an ad on a site or app partnered with Google, click "Adchoices," "Close," or "Why this ad?," then choose "Report ad."
  3. Complete the form, leave the parts that are already filled, and say why the ad is wrong.
  4. Add any extra details if needed.
  5. Click "Submit" and wait for Google to get back to you.

That's how you can enjoy the internet without gambling ads bothering you. Now, enjoy your online time without those distractions!

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