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How to Advance in Uncertain Times: Can You Still Afford to Gamble?

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Key recession indicators are flashing red as rising inflation and supply chain disruptions continue to have a negative impact on the global economy. While USA politicians debate over whether the country is technically in a recession or not, the common man continues to suffer. Inflation is at a 40-year high, gas prices have sky-rocketed and companies are starting to lay off workers. 

The European Union is on the cusp of intervening to control power costs from spiraling further out of control. If the EU fails to avert the crisis, we could very well see the continent plunge into recession in the coming months. Hundreds of thousands in the UK will simply not be able to afford electricity anymore as it is set to surge by 80% starting October. Many have even started a campaign pledging they will stop paying their electricity bills in protest. 


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China’s draconian zero-Covid policy has driven the economy to a halt. The Chinese banking system is on the brink of collapse and the real estate market is in shambles.  

What Can South Africans Do to Survive the Economy Downturn 

For the working class: those who earn minimum wage will find it hard just to make ends meet. This group is considered to be most endangered. In view of the impending global economic slump, we spoke to economists and financial advisors about what individuals and families can do to make it through these uncertain times. We’ve consolidated 3 of the most effective strategies below:

Additional Income Sources

We’re not saying you should work two jobs or even two shifts in a day. That is a sure way to burnout quickly. However, one should start thinking about setting up other sources of income.

Jobs Online

Thanks to the internet, you could leverage any skill you have and monetize it. This could be anything from teaching guitar lessons online, selling art, jewelry or clothes online, starting an interesting YouTube channel, etc. 

Calculated Risk: Online Casino Games

If you’re good with numbers and like to gamble, then you should consider learning casino game strategies that can help you consistently beat online casinos and make a steady income just sitting at home. This is especially true with games like online Blackjack or online Baccarat where the house edge is already very low to begin with. With the help of some proven gaming strategies, you could actually overturn the house edge and start winning instead of relying on blind luck when you gamble. 

Calculated Risk: Sports Betting

There are also proven ways to use online sports betting bonuses to get free bets and win money betting on your favorite sports stars and sports teams. Betting on sports could be a good way to make some extra spending money, especially if you have good insights and knowledge about the sport you’re wagering on. 

No Deposit Bonus: Risk-Free Casino Play

And there's one more thing that can help you score winnings without the risk of loosing your own money: online casino no deposit bonus. Essentially, it is free money that online casinos give away to attract players and give them a preview of what their casino is all about. The big advantage in these uncertain times is that you get to play casino games for real money and potentially boost your budget. 

Diversify Assets: Investment Portfolio

Your paper losses should reduce if you don't keep all your eggs in one basket, which will make it easier for you to emotionally weather market downturns. You've got a head start if you own a house and have savings: You have some cash and some money invested in real estate.

Build a portfolio of investment pairings in particular that aren't significantly connected, or when one goes up the other goes down and vice versa (like stocks and bonds). This implies that you should take into account asset classes and equities in companies unrelated to your career or primary source of income.

Make a Plan to Clear Debts

 It can be challenging to pay for daily costs during a recession, let alone debt repayments, which can lead to an uncontrollable increase in your debt. 

High debt loads are dangerous since even a small change in outside circumstances might make it difficult for you to make payments. 

While you might be able to make payments right now, a job loss or an increase in interest rates together with banks reducing credit restrictions might make things worse.

Setting up a budget that correctly represents the money coming into your home and where that money is expected to go is the first step to effectively paying off your debts. 

If you aren't making as much progress against your debt, things may get worse if you're adding to it. Making cuts to some areas of your expenditure will allow you to put more money toward paying off debt. Inking down a budget on paper can help you easily identify such expenses. 

Setting up a budget that correctly represents the money coming into your home and where that money is expected to go is the first step to effectively paying off your debts. 

If you’re having a hard time allocating money to pay off debts, then inking down a budget on paper can help you easily identify expenses that can be cut down and these funds can instead be reallocated towards paying off debts.

pay off debt

Final Word: Be Positive, Remain Confident

Ultimately, it’s all about positive reinforcement. Whatever your position, there will always be some to criticize you or pull you down.
While constructive criticism is good, it could be destructive at times and you could start doubting yourself. 
Make sure to be around supportive individuals that could be anyone from friends to professionals and family members. 

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