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Online Casinos Accepting Easyeft

easy-eftAs if it weren’t hard enough to choose a proper casino that meets your needs, lately it is getting more and more frustrating finding a casino that supports certain paying methods that favour players from various countries and with various personal preferences. The customer community is in need of fast, accessible and painless methods to deposit their money to an online venue, and casinos have picked up the hint. Easy EFT is one of the procedures created to make e-commerce easier and more effective, and South African players will be glad to hear that its owned and managed by South Africa residents.

It is a fresh online payments system whose useful purpose is gaining more and more followers every day across the globe. The name itself guaranties quick and effortless handling of your casino deposits, and online gambling establishments have recognised a way to prosper by incorporating this system into their offer. So far it resulted appealing for a rising number of players signing in from various parts of the world, so South African players shouldn’t ignore a great product that is practically under their nose, and generally a local product they ought to be proud of. We’re listing some of the best paying online casinos in South Africa that have joined forces with Easy EFT below.

Top EasyEFT Casinos

How to Use Easy EFT

EasyEFT is crafted especially for SA residents and enables account transaction in Rands, so you don’t have to worry about currency conversions and carry the burden of mastering complicated systems that sometimes can give you a hell of a headache. The initial EFT has been trimmed to suit an SA customer, so focus on the prefix of Easy- when going through supported payment modes. All you need to do is, once you’ve selected a casino best suitable for your gaming needs and made sure it in fact offers Easy EFT, to then choose the simple method in question and follow on-screen instructions to finalise the transfer. Easy EFT operates as a link between your existing personal bank account and the casino cashier, so the money remains inside the limits of the banking system. The speed of transfer is instantaneous, without any necessity of converting the original currency into any other coinage. Quick fact – the minimal deposit amount is usually a sum of 25 Rands.

When it comes to cashing out, Easy EFT is also a convenient option. The only predicament is that in the case of withdrawals the process takes a bit longer, and a player can be kept waiting as long as a couple of days for withdrawing his payout. The service itself requires no fees of its own, but you might encounter a casino that charges for using Easy EFT services through their platform. Also, you can be charged with certain fees depending on the choice of bank you have made some banks do like to remind you of their existence this way.

Is It Safe

It most certainly is, as much as any virtual transfer system can be. True, the money gets transferred through the channels internet cosmos without appearing in the real world in the palpable form of bills, so chances of something happening to your funds are very, very limited. However, much like in reality, the virtual world is inhabited with thieves of its own. Realistically speaking, the only threat you might face in some movie-like scenario is hacker tampering. But, other than that you have finalised your transaction without the use of a credit card, therefore you haven’t disclosed your personal information to the casino or anyone else for that matter. Your intimate data is completely protected by being bypassed, so there is no room left for doubts those annoying little squeaking worms inside your head whose only purpose is to harm your good humour during gameplay. You get to keep your piece of mind.

Advantages of Easyeft

An online payment method with such qualities like Easy EFT may very well become the reason to forget any previous lousy experiences with suspicious transactions and untrusted systems you were forced to utilise in lack of a better choice. South Africa cares about their residents and values the domestic currency, for sure, through inventions like Easy EFT, so why not make the best of it? See for yourself what we already know for a fact, that this alternative payment formula is an option you can benefit from in many aspects essential to a positive gambling experience.

Why Use Easyeft

Easy EFT is secure, credit-card free, quick and undemanding. Feel free to analyse any pros and cons you can isolate based on the type of player that you consider yourself to be, and in the end you’ll realise that EasyEFT can substantially improve your interaction with both the bank and the web casino. We are labelling it a pretty good option for all of you struggling South African players in search for a fresh and stable transaction system you can rely on. Once you decide to try it out, start with some of the casinos from our list.


As a banking method established and operated by the company owned by South African residents, EasyEFT allows you to make transactions in ZAR.

1. EasyEFT links your personal banking account and your casino account, so you don’t have to create another account to use it. Once you have registered with the casino that suits you best and supports EasyEFT, go to the Cashier.

2. Opt for EasyEFT under the Deposit tab and enter an amount you want to deposit. Click the Next button.

3. You are redirected to the EasyEFT page where you should select your bank.

4.Log in to your personal banking account by providing your username and password and complete your payment.

If EasyEFT is on the list of supported withdrawal methods, just go to the Cashier’s and under the Withdraw tab select it as a preferred banking option. Follow the steps to complete a cashout.

All your transactions will be processed on the EasyEFT platform, so you don’t have to reveal your data to the casino. You can focus on the gameplay without worries about the safety of your funds and data as they will be 100% secure when using EasyEFT.

Online casinos do not charge additional fees on transactions completed with EasyEFT. However, the service provider may impose certain costs for using its platform, so visit the provider’s official website to learn more about additional expenses charged for using EasyEFT.

All deposits made via EasyEFT are instant and free. These are some of the reasons South African players prefer this banking method to other options available. As for withdrawals, they may take up to several days, so check out cashout timeframes at the particular casino you have registered with.

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