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Head of Editorial

Ilse Lotz(She/Her)


With over a decade of experience in journalism and online media, Ilse is the driving force behind PlayCasino's accurate and engaging content. She brings a sharp eye for detail and fact-checking, maintaining PlayCasino's reputation as a trusted source of information in the competitive world of online gambling. Specializing in cutting through the noise to find the facts, Ilse ensures that every piece of content adheres to the highest standards of accuracy and integrity.

Expert on:
  • CheckData Literacy
  • CheckWriting & Editorial
  • CheckMedia Literacy
  • CheckFact-Checking
  • CheckEditing & Proofreading

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Ilse Lotz Information

NationalitySouth Africa
Alumni OfUNISA
DegreeBachelor of Arts Creative Writing & Linguistics
Written Articles Counter-
Lives InOlifantsfontein, Gauteng

Who is Ilse Lotz?

After more than 16 years in the industry, Ilse Lotz is the driving force behind PlayCasino's high editorial standards. Her deep understanding of the online gaming scene in South Africa began when she started as a freelance writer for various South African and international gambling sites. She worked her way up to her position as Head of Editorial, consistently prioritizing clear, accurate, and top-quality content.

Ilse is known for her excellent editing and proofreading skills, along with her thorough fact-checking. Ilse’s role goes beyond traditional content management; she’s a key player in maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of PlayCasino. Her ability to handle the fast pace of news and her deep knowledge of the online gambling industry make her a critical member of our team and a trusted resource for our readers.

💡 Ilse's Areas of Expertise

Ilse is an authority in the field of editing and proofreading, particularly within the online gambling industry. This is based on her experience, dedication to mastering her craft, and passion for ensuring content accuracy. Specifically, Ilse excels in the following areas:

Editing & Proofreading

Working closely with both the content creators and the casino review team, Ilse applies her outstanding writing, proofreading, and editing skills to polish texts to perfection. Her approach to editing is meticulous, focusing on every detail from grammar and syntax to ensuring that our content is both engaging and coherent. Ilse’s editorial eye is about correcting errors and enhancing our readers’ journey through complex gambling topics, making them accessible and interesting to read.


In an industry where laws, regulations, and industry data can change overnight, Ilse is our truth detective. She thrives on rapid, precise fact-checking, upholding high standards to debunk myths and confirm truths. Her methodology is thorough and systematic, making sure that all information cited in PlayCasino's content is accurate, current, and verified against credible sources. With tools like web archiving and a knack for thorough research, she can report quickly and accurately, ensuring our content reflects the latest and most reliable information about the online gambling scene.

Quality Control

With a keen eye for detail, Ilse implements strict quality control measures. She ensures that all editorial content meets the highest standards of clarity, coherence, and readability. She ensures that every piece of content, from casino reviews to the latest gaming news, delivers strong and consistent messaging. With Ilse, it’s all about making sure the information is not just accurate but also resonates with our audience.

Industry Trend & Insights

Ilse's thorough understanding of the online gambling sector helps her identify emerging trends and insights with precision. Beyond surface-level observations, she offers deep dives into gameplay mechanics, player behaviour, and market shifts. This keeps our readers informed and ahead of the curve.

Ethical Journalism

Ilse's work is underpinned by a strong ethical framework. She advocates for responsible gambling and ensures that content not only entertains but also educates readers about safe gaming practices. Her dedication to consumer protection is evident in the careful curation of content that promotes transparency and honesty within the online gambling industry.

Media Literacy

Ilse Lotz has a deep understanding of media literacy principles, helping her navigate the vast landscape of online information. With her extensive experience in the online gaming industry, Ilse has honed her ability to discern credible sources from unreliable ones. Her proficiency in media literacy not only enhances the quality of information provided to readers but also reinforces the integrity of the content under her supervision.

Qualifications and Certifications

In the sphere of writing about online gambling, Ilse is more than just an expert; she is a knowledgeable professional with a strong background in academia and years of practical experience.

Professional Qualifications

Ilse has earned her Poynter ACES Introductory Certificate in Editing & Fact-checking Fundamentals with IFCN, highlighting her commitment to the highest standards in journalism and content editing. This certification bolsters her skills, ensuring her work is both engaging and impeccably accurate. Ilse's dedication to continuously improving her craft underscores her passion for trustworthy journalism and her commitment to maintaining editorial integrity.

16+ Years of Industry Experience

Ilse has spent over 16 years mastering her knowledge and editorial skills in the online casino industry. Her journey began with a hands-on role in content creation, where she developed a sharp eye for detail. As she climbed the ranks, Ilse transitioned into roles that emphasized data accuracy and content integrity. Now, she leads a team dedicated to ensuring all published material meets stringent accuracy standards and is engaging for the audience. Her expertise in fact-checking and her commitment to truthful, precise content have made her an invaluable asset.

What's It Like Working With Ilse?

Kelvin Jones

I affectionately call Ilse the "Comma Queen" because her eye for grammar and punctuation is always on point. No matter how tight the deadline or complex the topic, Ilse always catches any inaccuracies and polishes my content until it shines. Even when she's deep in her fact-checking huddle, she always has time for me when I need her to double-check my work.

Melissa Kruger

Everyone here knows Ilse for her detective-like skills. She doesn’t just review content; she backs it up with her own meticulous research and keen insights. Working with Ilse has raised my own standards for accuracy and quality. It's rare to find someone as dedicated and knowledgeable as Ilse, making working with her a learning experience. Whether we're rushing to get lunch or working on a challenging project, Ilse's odd crazy gambling story always manages to brighten my day.

Fun Facts About Ilse

🎶 Ilse Takes to the Stage: Ilse Lotz is not only a seasoned online casino professional, she’s also a talented musician and a member of the Afrikaans/English folk band Ink. Alongside her bandmate, she crafts captivating melodies that seamlessly blend Afrikaans and English influences.

✒️ Ilse’s Inked: Ilse's many tattoos tell the story of her life's journey. From intricate designs representing her South African roots to symbols reflecting her love for music and literature, her tattoos are a visual narrative of her passions and experiences.

🐶Dog Lover: Ilse Lotz's affection for Boston Terriers runs deep, as she cherishes the companionship and joy they bring into her life. With two Boston Terriers by her side, she revels in their playful antics and unwavering loyalty.

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