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Sportstake 13 Tips

How to Play Sportstake 13 | Ithuba National Lottery

South African SportstakeIf you are a football fan and you like to play games of chances, then Sportstake 13 is a perfect fit for you. Check our some of our best Sportstake 13 tips we prepared for you.

The game is a part of National Lottery and your task is to predict correctly the outcome of 12 predefined football matches drawn from local South African, UK and other chosen pro soccer fixtures.

The minimum bet per board is R2 while the maximum price for a wager is limited to R2,000.

The game is operated by Ithuba, the company amended to operate, conduct and promote all the National Lottery games since 2015 under the license issued by the National Lottery Commission.

In order to take part in the game you should first find a valid Sportstake betslip and get a fixture list containing 13 football matches.

To predict the outcome of the matches, choose your prediction for each fixture by marking: 1 – for a home win; x – for a draw and 2 – for away win. When you have done so, take your betslip to an approved Lottery retailer and pay for your board.

After you have made a payment, you will receive a receipt with all your chosen predictions, so make sure you have written your name on the back of the receipt.

To see if you have won, you should look out for the results of the football matches or you may check out the Ithuba website with all the results of the fixture events.

Teams included in each fixture are listed in the order of Home Team versus Away Team, so the team mentioned first will always be the Home Team. If a fixture is played at a neutral venue the Home Team will be the team mentioned first on the fixture list.

You are allowed to select a single or multi match result for each fixture whereas a valid wager must consist of one selection per fixture. The game does not allow the QuickPick or Multi-Draw option.

The Price of Sportstake 13 Tickets

A wager is available at R2 minimum price per while the maximum wager per betslip is R2,000. You can select a single or multi match result for each fixture, but you will pay more.

Practically, you will have to pay for each outcome you want to predict which will increase your chances of winning but also the price of your betslip.

If you want to make a valid wager, it must consist of one selection per fixture.

Sportstake 13 tickets can be purchased at any Lottery retailer on Mondays to Fridays between 6:00AM and 11:00PM. Tickets are also available on Saturdays between 6:00AM and up to half an hour before the first announced football match takes place.

If a football match is abandoned, cancelled or it starts before the published end of sales, each prediction bet for that particular Sportstake fixture would be treated as a correct prediction.

The results of these matches will be marked with a ‘C’ for cancelled, an ‘E’ for early fixture or an ‘F’ for both. Each wager with one of these letters next to it will be considered a winning wager.

Sportstake 13 Tips: Why Play Sportstake 13 in The First Place?

Playing Sportstake 13 is a favourite type of entertainment for South Africans who are into football and want to make use of it. A prize you may win depends on your skills to predict the outcomes but also on the prize pool shared by all the participants in a particular draw.

Fifty percent of the net total sales comprise the Sportstake prize pool. The awards are divided into 4 categories: division 1 gets 30%, division 2 will get 15% while division 3 gets 20% of the prize pool and Division 4 gets 35%.

Not only that prizes depend on the tickets sale, but they also depend on the overall number of lucky winners. Division 1 is shared among those players who matched all 13 fixtures, division 2 is shared among the players who predicted correctly outcomes of 12 matches, the prizes from division 3 go to the players who matched 11 and division 4 is shared by players who matched 14 fixtures.

If no one wins the top prize, the jackpot keeps rolling over to the Jackpot division in the next Sportstake 13 draw and the jackpots from division 1 will roll for a maximum of nine scheduled fixture lists.

If even in the tenth fixture list the jackpot amount is not won, the sum will be split equally between the divisions with winners. Provided that division 2 3 and 4do not have winners, both prize pools will be added to the jackpot prize pool.

The National Lottery Operator

Since 2015 Republic of South Africa National Lottery is operated by the licensed operator Ithuba.

Optimising the consumer experience as well as restoring faith and trust in the National Lottery are the main goals for the people from Ithuba who claim that they are dedicated to showcasing their positive social contribution to socio-economic development of South Africa by ethical and efficient operating of the National Lottery.

At the beginning of May 2016, the High Court judgment has confirmed that Ithuba is the rightful holder of the National Lottery license after the former Lottery operator Gidani tried a couple of times to reclaim at the court the Lottery license issued by National Lottery Commission.

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