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Lightning Dice Review 2024

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Lightning Dice is a simple yet exciting live dice game from Evolution Gaming, the developer that has brought live casino games to the forefront of our favourite online casinos. It’s part of Evolution’s range of fast-paced Lighting games that also includes Lightning Roulette, Lightning Baccarat, and Lightning Blackjack.

Lightning Dice can be summed up as a faster, simpler, and more exciting version of Super Sic Bo. If you’re a fan of table games, bingo, and online slots, Lightning Dice may soon become the latest addition to your bookmark bar.

Join us as we dig deep and give you the lowdown on Lightning dice, including how to play, where you can play it, and so much more!


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  • Check IconEasy to understand
  • Check IconFast action
  • Check IconEach round only lasts around 20 seconds
  • Close IconMight be too basic for more experienced players
  • Close IconNo serious strategy to the game

How to Play Lightning Dice

  1. Lightning dice screenshotOnce betting opens, you will need to place your wagers on what you think the three six-sided dice will roll
  2. You can also choose to place a wager on a low number, high number, or any double or triple
  3. You can choose to use the REPEAT, DOUBLE and AUTOPLAY features
  4. The minimum bet is R2 while the maximum amount you can bet on a game is R5,000
  5. Once betting closes, the Lightning Round will start. During the Lightning Round, one or more numbers will be marked with multipliers that can range between x5 to x1,000
  6. The dealer will hit a switch that causes all three dice to drop down the transparent tower
  7. The camera will zoom in as the dice drop
  8. The camera will zoom in closer to give you a clear look at the totals of the dice
  9. The system will then pay out all winning wagers and collect on those that didn’t
  10. The dealer collects the dice and places them at the top of the tube for the next round

Lightning Dice Odds

Dice TotalOdds

Lightning Dice Multipliers Payouts

Casino games can generally be split into two classes – games of skill (like blackjack and poker) or games of luck (like slots and roulette). Yes, you may have a strategy when you play your favourite slot but, in the end, it still comes down to luck. Lightning Dice is definitely a game of luck.

The different dice totals give you different payout multipliers. The multipliers are determined by the odds of a particular result happening. This means that results that are the least likely to happen will offer the biggest payout multiplier and the most common results will result in a lower multiplier.

The same principles are applied to the Lightning Multipliers. The biggest Lightning Multiplier is x1,000 and only applies to the most unlikely outcomes. In this case,the least likey outcomes are 3 and 18. Your payout depends on whether or not a multiplier is applied or not. If you haven’t scored a Lightning Multiplier, you will receive a standard payout if you win.

Lightning Dice Payouts

TotalPossible CombosPayout Multipliers
31x150 - x1000
43x50 - x500
56x25 - x250
610x15 - x100
715x10 - x100
821x7 - x50
925x6 - x50
1027x5 - x50
1127x5 - x50
1225x6 - x50
1321x7 - x50
1415x10 - x100
1510x15 - x100
166x25 - x250
173x50 - x500
181x150 - x1000

Lightning Dice Strategy

Lightning dice screenshot 2Given that you are betting on three dice, it’s pretty hard to give you any Lightning Dice winning tips. But we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t give you a few basic tips that you can use to create a Lightning Dice winning strategy!

  • When playing with three six-sided dice, the most common rolls are 10 and 11 and you have a 1 in 8 chance of them popping up.
  • The least common rolls when playing with three six-sided dice are 3 and 18 and you have a 1 in 216 of them happening.
  • Stick to those numbers that keep popping up. So, if 11 keeps coming up, bet on it. Just remember that if you spot a pattern, you need to act fast since they don’t usually last too long.
  • If you’re playing a long game, bet on 10 and 11, the most common rolls, with a x5 multiplier.
  • Bet low in the hopes of scoring a large Lightning Multiplier.
  • Bet smaller amounts on a few numbers. This ups your chances of scoring a win and improves your odds of getting. So, rather than betting R100 on one number, bet R20 on five numbers.
  • Don’t bet on all the numbers. It might pay off if you’re lucky enough to score a few big Lightning multipliers but it never pays off in the long run.

Just remember that Lightning Dice is a game of chance and there are no tips or strategies that guarantee you success. We suggest sitting back and just watching a few games before placing a bet just to get a feel for the game.

Is There a Lightning Dice Demo?

Like most live casino game shows, unthere is no official Lightning Dice demo available for players to try. However, you can still get a feel for the game and understand how to play by watching videos and streams online. Various content creators and platforms often share gameplay footage and tutorials, providing a glimpse into the game's mechanics and dynamics. Although it might not be the same as experiencing the game firsthand, watching these videos can be informative and entertaining for those curious about Lightning Dice.

Lightning dice logo

Lightning Dice on Tracksino

While there might not be a specific Lightning Dice demo available, Tracksino offers comprehensive statistics and Lightning Dice tracker tools that can enhance your understanding of the game. Learn how to play Lightning Dice and gain valuable insights into Lightning Dice winning tips. Remember, while there might be various rumors about Lightning Dice cheats or hacks, the true key to success lies in mastering a strategic approach and having fun with this electrifying game!

How to play Lightning Dice on 10bet

Having thoroughly reviewed 10bet, we found the site to be one of South Africa’s top online casinos and sports betting sites. They have a huge range of live games for you to play, including Lightning Dice? Just follow our step-by-step guide and you’ll be playing in seconds!

  • Go to the 10bet website
  • At the home page, click REGISTER if you’re a new player or LOGIN if you already have an account
  • Once you’ve signed in, click on LIVE GAMES
  • Select Lightning Dice
  • Click on PLAY NOW
  • Wait for the game to load and the current to come to an end
  • Choose how much you want to bet
  • Select the number or numbers you want to bet on
  • Watch the Lightning Round take place
  • The dealer will drop the dice
  • The winning number will be announced and the casino will settle the bets


How does live gaming work?

It’s the closest you can get to the thrills and the excitement of playing in a physical casino against skilled opponents and a professional dealer from the comfort of your home. The online casino you’re playing at has a studio, filled with game tables and well-trained dealers. HD cameras are used to film the gaming action live. The best live casinos often use a multi-camera setup, allowing you to view the game from several different angles. The dealer has a screen where they can monitor what’s happening on your side. This means that they can follow the bets you make and interact with you and other players in the stream via live chat. This setup allows the casino to recognise when you have won or lost so they can immediately deduct or award winnings. Live gaming is usually restricted to table games but developers are coming up with new and innovative gameshow-type games every day.

Can you play Lightning Dice without betting real money?

No, Lightning Dice is a live game and doesn’t have a demo mode like most online casino games. However, you can join a game and not place a wager. This is a good idea when you’re first starting and want to get a feel for the game without risking your money. Just remember, the dealer might throw you out if you have been sitting in on 10 games without placing a bet since you’re holding up a spot.

What is Lightning Dice?

Lightning Dice is a live dealer game that you can play at several online casinos in South Africa. The aim of the game is to predict the total of three dice before the dealer drops them.

Can I play Lightning Dice on HollywoodBets?

Yes, you can definitely play Lightning Dice at HollywoodBets. You can also play it at any of the following South African online casinos - SupaBets, GBets, 10Bet, YesPlayBet.co.za, Betway, and PlayaBets.

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