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Published on 24.02.2022
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Online Casinos Accepting Neteller

South African Online Casinos Accepting Neteller

Neteller is an excellent banking option for South African Casino players. Not only is it trustworthy and respected, but many casinos who accept Neteller also offer a preferred payment method bonus to gamblers choosing it.

Neteller is an electronic banking method similar to Skrill. It is fast and easy to use as your online casino banking method.

Neteller was created in 1999 in Canada but then moved to Isle of Man in 2004. It is registered with the British Financial Services Authority, and as such abides by their legislation. This means that Neteller is required to keep customer funds in trust accounts, aside from operating money, in order that they can always pay customers’ balances. This should give potential users a great sense of security and faith in the Neteller service.

How to open a Neteller account

Setting up a Neteller account is simple. Just access their website at and sign up for an account online. After filling in the short online form, it is easy to access your account at any time in order to deposit or withdraw money. You will be required to create a password of 12 digits and another of 6 digits, making this a very secure method of payment.

Deposits and Withdrawals with Neteller

Money can be deposited into Neteller from any major credit card. Neteller offers the Net+ prepaid card which are a rebranded Mastercard debit card which can be used on the majority of South African Online casinos. It is obviously important to always make sure that you have enough money on your prepaid Net+ card in order to be able to fund your online casino banking. Both deposits and withdrawals in and out of South African online casino sites can be made with ease. All you need to do is select Neteller from the E-wallet choices offered on a particular casino’s banking methods page. You will need to enter your secure id and account id in order to be able to use Neteller, but after doing so, just enter the amount you wish to withdraw or deposit and there should be an immediate receipt of the funds.

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