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Blacklisted Online Casinos To Avoid 2024

The world of online gambling is thrilling, but it's crucial to know where to play safely. Player safety is a top priority at PlayCasino, and we want to ensure our readers don’t fall victim to scams or unsafe dealings at untrustworthy casinos. Our blacklist is the product of an impartial reviewing process, picking out the online casinos that mess with bonuses, payments & wagering requirements.

Make sure you read this page before signing up with any online casino and avoid the dark side of internet gambling. We’ve also provided a list of legit online casinos for safer gambling options.


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Why Casinos Get Blacklisted

Casinos get blacklisted for several reasons, including:

Trouble With Withdrawals

Casinos that make it hard to withdraw your money, delaying it, or not paying out at all, get blacklisted.

Bankruptcy and Non-payment

If a casino can't pay players because it's out of money, it's a no-go.

Poor Customer Service

Inadequate customer support that fails to address player concerns and issues effectively.

Rigged or Unfair Games

Games that don't give you a fair chance to win can land a casino on the blacklist.

Privacy and Data Breaches

If a casino can't keep your personal and bank details safe, it's off our list.

Advertising Misconduct

Misleading ads or promotions that don't tell the whole truth mean a casino isn't being straight with you.

Terms and Conditions Issues

Rules that are hard to understand or seem unfair are not okay.

Inadequate Responsible Gambling

Casinos need to help players gamble safely. If they don't, they're not looking out for you.

Lack of Transparency

You should be able to see how a casino works and know that they are playing by the rules. If not, they're out.

How We Identify Blacklisted Casinos

We follow a strict and strategic process to spot and list blacklisted casinos. Based on our comprehensive Rating Guidelines, we decide whether a casino should be blacklisted by taking the following steps. If a casino falls short in any of these areas, especially with issues like not paying out to winners or ignoring player concerns, it is immediately added to our blacklist to protect players.

Check Withdrawals

Our team conducts real transactions to test withdrawal speed and reliability. We track these over time to catch any systematic issues and also monitor industry forums for any emerging trends in payment problems.

Assess Casino's Financial Health

Financial instability within a casino can mean an inability to honour player payments. We always look into the casino’s ability to pay out wins.

Contact Customer Service

We engage with casino support teams through various scenarios to test their response time, accuracy, and helpfulness. Mystery shopper-style interactions are used to evaluate the actual service quality.

Read Player Reviews

We systematically collect user testimonials and expert reviews from trusted sources, compiling data to identify patterns in player satisfaction. We cross-reference these patterns with our own in-depth testing of each casino.

Audit Game Fairness

We check the games’ source codes where possible and confirm their certification statuses directly with software providers and auditors to ensure the games are fair. We also analyze return-to-player (RTP) percentages and engage with player communities to spot any reports of unfair play.

Review Security

Our experts test the casino's cybersecurity measures, like SSL encryption, by attempting to probe vulnerabilities in a controlled environment, ensuring the casino’s defence is robust.

Read the Fine Print

We have legal experts scrutinize the terms and conditions for fairness and clarity, flagging any predatory clauses or language that could be misleading to players.

Review Responsible Gambling Supports

We evaluate the real efforts casinos make to support responsible gambling, such as easy-to-use tools for setting limits and clear information on seeking help for problem gambling.

Review Transparency

Blacklisted Casinos

Online CasinosMajor Problem
Slots Zoo CasinoFailure to pay their players & advertisers coupled with poor customer service
Crazy Winners CasinoFailure to pay their players & advertisers coupled with poor customer service
City Club CasinoFailure to pay their players & advertisers coupled with poor customer service
Crown Europe CasinoFailure to pay their players & advertisers coupled with poor customer service
City Tower CasinoFailure to pay their players & advertisers coupled with poor customer service
Class 1 CasinoNo Payments to players and advertisers – No responses
African Palace CasinoSlow payments – Bad Casino Practice
Indio CasinoNon-Payment / Crooked Operators
Euro Fortune CasinoNo Payments to players and advertisers
Golden Palace CasinoUnethical Business Practice
Giant Vegas CasinoSlow payments – Bad Casino Practice

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a way a casino can avoid being blacklisted?

Absolutely not! Our biggest concern is the satisfaction of our visitors and we will make sure every single casino that goes through our reviewing process gets the place it deserves.

A Blacklist casino offers a great welcome bonus. Should I give them a chance?

That is entirely up to you, but we do not recommend signing up with any of the casinos from the Blacklist. No matter what a particular reason for blacklisting them is, immoral behaviour is a clear sign to avoid that casino.

Can a casino be removed from the Blacklist?

Yes, but under some conditions. Firstly, they need to prove they have changed, which usually includes new management and/or new owners. Secondly, they need to pursue a straight course for quite a long time to convince us they are a trustworthy place.

Do all casinos provide fair games?

No. While most casinos offer games with random number generators, some rotten apples were found to create non-random games in order to increase their profits. Fair gaming is our priority, and Playcasino.co.za will include every unfair casino in our Blacklist.

How can I be sure that a casino is reputable?

The most obvious answer we can give you is – check our reviews and follow our instructions. We employ first-class professionals who know how to recognise a reputable gaming establishment. On the other hand, we will mark each rogue casino as well. Check our Blacklist before deciding to join any online casino.

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