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Media Kit


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PlayCasino is one of South Africa’s most popular online casino review sites because the team has first-hand experience with everything reviewed. We try everything: games, payment methods, lottery and sports betting sites ourselves before we share that information with our audience. We are a trusted source of information for anyone interested in online gambling.

PlayCasino's brand resources can be used if they adhere to the following guidelines.

Who can make use of PlayCasino's brand resources?

  • Media outlets

  • Journalists

  • Reviews

  • Partners

  • Affiliates

For what purposes can the brand resources be used?

  • News articles

  • Blog posts

  • Reviews

  • Non-commercial and commercial uses

Our brand resources can be used for non-commercial and commercial uses. A link to our website must be clearly shown if you want to use our logo commercially. Following the rules helps keep our brand's identity consistent and builds trust with everyone who uses our materials.

PlayCasino Logo no background

PlayCasino Logo with dark background

Prohibited Uses

While we always try to be flexible, we also have an obligation to uphold the integrity and reputation of our brand. As a result, the following uses of PlayCasino's brand resources are strictly prohibited.

  • Altering our logo or other designs

  • Selling or sublicensing without permission

  • Using the resources or misleading purposes

  • Associating the brand with illegal or unethical practices

All uses of our brand resources must have a link to our website. PlayCasino reserves the right to request anyone to stop or remove our assets should we feel the use is inappropriate or harmful to our reputation. When using our assets, you agree and acknowledge that you must abide by these guidelines.

How to contact PlayCasino

If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them. Our friendly staff team is ready to assist you. Should you want to contact us to inquire about a press feature, do not hesitate to reach out.

Media Inquiries

Got something press-related on your mind? Shoot us an email at info@playcasino.co.za. We're all ears for media inquiries and excited to help you with whatever info or materials you need for your coverage. Our dedicated press crew is geared up to deliver prompt and accurate responses to all your press-related queries.

Our Press Office Protocol

Our press squad aims to field questions about our work, achievements, and expertise. They're your go-to folks for all things press. While the rest of the team can chime in with comments and perspectives, the press team will be your guiding light.

PlayCasino.co.za Press Procedure

Once you hit send on that email, here's what we do:

We assess and coordinate: Our press pros evaluate your inquiry and loop in the right team members to gather intel, prioritizing based on urgency.

We gear up for response: Crafting a reply that's accurate and backed by documentation if needed.

Response sent: Once everything's double-checked, expect to find our reply in your inbox.

Follow-up: Need more? Our press squad's got your back.

Feedback and fine-tuning: We're all about making things better. Any input from you is gold, and we're always looking to up our game.

When Will I Hear Back?

Depending on the urgency, press matters typically get sorted within 2 to 4 business days. Some may take a tad longer, depending on the complexity. Just give us a heads-up if it's urgent, and we'll hustle accordingly.

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