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JetX Game Review

JetX is a 2019 game developed by SmartSoft Gaming. The game sits squarely with the crash game category, fast being adopted by online casinos. JetX is an arcade-like slot game with very simple gameplay, though it may seem a bit confusing at first.

JetX is all about a jet plane taking off and rising. It can explode at any moment, whether high up in the air, beyond the earth’s atmosphere or in deep space. You are prompted to place bets. Betting stops when the plane is on the runway – the point is to collect before the jet explodes. The higher the plane manages to rise, the bigger your payout. 

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JetX Overview and Theme

For centuries, casino gaming has been associated with card games, roulette, and more recently slot games. Digitization paved the way for other game categories like virtual sports, e-sports, bingo, keno, scratch cards, and arcade-style games. Crash games are the latest arcade games to tickle the fancy of online casinos. These games are played on slot-like consoles.

You don’t need skills to play JetX, but you need to have good timing. The theme is planes, space, and mid-air explosions. A jet taxis before it takes off and gains altitude and momentum. You need to make bets and guess how high it will rise; whether it will crash in the earth’s atmosphere or go into deep space before exploding. You need to collect before the plane goes explodes. 

Then begins the next round – it is a repeat of the take-off, rise, and crash cycle. The only difference is the altitude the plane reaches before it explodes. 

Crash games do not have a sophisticated design. The main visual focus is on the plane and its ascent. All other design elements like the airbase, the clouds, the earth’s arc, the planets, and other space elements are diffused in the background. The graphically solid elements are only the plane, its smoke trail, and the ‘BOOM’ animation, apart from an air balloon or two.

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How to Play JetX

JetX may be about jet planes and space travel, but playing the game is not rocket science. You just place bets when you are asked to. You can make a maximum of two bets for one flight, or game round. When the jet takes off and the collect option is placed before you. You can collect or withdraw before the jet explodes. 

The higher the jet goes before exploding, the bigger you win. If the plane goes bust, your bets are lost. It’s about the risks you’re willing to take. There is no indication of when the plane will crash. The flight’s altitude is not predetermined; it varies randomly between take-off and the win cap. As mentioned, the maximum you can win per round is 10,000 DMO.

Play JetX in Demo Mode for Free

Crash games are a new concept; chances are you’ve never played JetX before. New games should always be played in demo mode first. You get to know how the game is played, the rules, and the features, all without staking your own money.  

You can play JetX in demo mode for free at the majority of online casinos, where the game is featured. Most game reviewers have demo versions available of the games they review. For the game’s creators, it is a splendid way to market their games.

Where to Play JetX

You can play JetX for real money at casinos where the game is available. Here is a list of top casinos that feature JetX: CBet Casino, Parimatch Casino, Bitcasino, 9Winz Casino, 22 Bet Casino, 4RABet Casino, Melbet Casino, Nomini Casino, Play Amo Casino, Crash Casino, Wild Pharao Casino, Casino-Z, BetAnd You Casino, 7 Signs Casino, Casinozer, and many more.

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JetX Features

JetX is not a slot game with bonus features. The features come across as the configuration of the gaming console, and the sophisticated math.


A unique feature of crash games is their multiplayer capability. Many other players are betting simultaneously on the same game rounds as you, much like a progressive jackpot network. JetX has a jackpot option, which can be enabled. The jackpot is given to a player selected by the system. The player’s minimum bet should be 1 DMO. 

Only 70% of the jackpot amount is paid, while the remaining 30% goes towards seeding the next round. When you play in jackpot mode, you are playing with the game’s RTP of 97.9%; you must bet on the 2.0 co-efficient.


Wins are calculated by multiplying the current wager with the flight co-efficient. The minimum coefficient is 1x. The maximum you can win per round is 10,000 DMO. When the win cap is reached, the winnings are automatically paid out.


You can use the autoplay feature to automatically place the same bets on different rounds. You can auto-select one or both bets. The autoplay allows you to auto-cashout as well. The auto-collect option has minimum odds of 1.35x. The auto-cashout option can be particularly useful if you get disconnected with an active bet. 

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JetX Game Review

Tips to Win in JetX

JetX offers a few hints or tips to devise winning strategies; the tips do not guarantee winnings, but can definitely prove useful in your gameplay; if you use these tips consistently, you may get better at playing JetX and improve your chances of winning. 

  • see how others play

    Some players may want more control over when they collect, while others will be flexible, about how much they bet and when they collect. Check out how other people time when the plane may explode. See whether players want to collect quickly or risk the bet, as the plane goes higher.

  • demo mode

    As mentioned, the best way to learn the game, and get a feel of it, is with demo games. You will come to know where the controls and prompts are. You can see which co-efficient is active on flights. You can see how the game rotates between short and long flights; whether it’s better to cash in fast or wait till the flights get higher. In short, you get an overall feel of the game, for free.

  • free spins bonuses

    It is natural to want to wait for the bigger wins and let the jet fly higher. But you never really know when it will explode. It may crash just after taking off, or it may go past Jupiter before it goes bust. Just create a balance between collecting early and risking your bet.

  • withdrawal casino

    Target your winnings by selecting how high you want the jet to go before you collect. Make a selection, and the game automatically cashes you out, when that target is reached. But again, the target you select should be realistic and achievable. 

  • Sports Betting

    A good betting strategy is to bet big on low multipliers and place small bets on high multipliers with the auto-collect option. Big bets limit your losses while ensuring frequent wins keep your balance stable. The small bets take advantage of a big multiplier, which can boost your balance substantially.

Our Verdict on JetX

JetX is similar to other crash games like Aviator. The game has a high RTP window, and also has a jackpot. The game can give you regular, small wins, while it can be risky to wait too long for the plane to crash. 

As it is a new gaming category, the response has been good so far. Players like the novelty of the concept, and the frequent game rounds keep hopes alive. However, the minimalistic graphics and routine gameplay do not provide a high entertainment quotient. 


JetX is not a conventional slot game, with sophisticated graphics and bonus features. It is an arcade-style game, which is played on slot-like consoles. JetX belongs to the new category of gambling games called Crash games. Both the design and gameplay are basic.

You can play JetX in demo mode at the majority of casinos, which have the game. You can play a demo version of the game on many sites, which have reviewed the game.

The RTP of JetX ranges from 96.7% to 98.8%.

The game rounds of JetX are randomized. The Random Number Generator (RNG) may not operate in the same way as in slot games and table games. Winnings depend on the altitude of the jet, which is not predetermined. The flight can randomly crash anywhere just after take-off to the maximum win capacity of the game.

It’s a game of both skill and chance. Though the result of each round is randomized, you can win more if you successfully apply a winning strategy. You need to create a balance between winning on short and longer flights.

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