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19 New Casino Cheats That Actually Work

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With jackpot payouts amounting to millions, it’s easy to understand why slots and table games are especially appealing to players and of course...the cheaters! 

Have you heard about the group of undergrads from MIT who managed to use their mathematical skills to win $5 million by playing blackjack in the 90s? 

They created a computer program that pulled up the best strategies to play blackjack using the card-counting method. The program was so successful that some casinos in North America are still trying to recover from the damage.


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This endeavour sounds thrilling, but times have changed and so have casinos. Today, it wouldn’t be so easy to get away with what these students did back then. However, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any tricks you can use to make your gaming experience more lucrative. 

Let’s look into the best new casino cheats that actually work for slot games, poker and blackjack games. We don’t recommend trying the cheats listed yourself, though! They are listed for entertainment purposes only. 

7 Ways to Trick a Slot Machine & Win Big

Slot machines are some of the most lucrative casino games ever!  

Ah, slots. Those whirring, spinning machines that have the potential to pay out literally millions, it’s no wonder they have always been the centre of attention of both players and casinos.

So, what are the 7 best tricks to fool a slot machine and run away with massive payouts? 

1. Fake Coins

The use of phoney coins on casino floors is nothing new, throughout history fake coins have caused trouble on the casino floor.

There are casino cheaters who have become famous for their attempts at cheating the slot machines using counterfeit coins. 

One of them is Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio who managed to sneak under the casino security radar for years until he was finally arrested in the late ‘90s. Obviously, 8 years in the slammer wasn’t enough time for Louis to repent. As soon as he was out, he was up to his old tricks, and he was soon back behind bars.

2. Use a Magnet

We often get asked how to cheat a slot machine with a magnet.

So let's get this one out of the way: this method can’t be used on casino floors today, simply because the material used in modern slot machines can’t be manipulated by a magnet.

People used to be able to cheat with a magnet on the older metal made slot machines though.

To win a slot machine using a magnet, the cheater has to wait until the spinning reels reach a winning combination and then bring the reels to a halt using a very strong magnet from the outside. The cheater would then remove the magnet and claim the payout.

3. Yo-Yo Technique

As the name implies, this technique very much resembles a yo-yo. 

A string is attached to a coin and inserted into the machine to start the game. Then, with the gameplay triggered, the player simply yanks the coin up like a yo-yo, without actually spending a dime of their own money. 

4. Fool the Sensor

For this one to work, you might need some technical skills and knowledge of how optical sensors work on slot machines. 

Small wins can be turned into huge payouts every time the technology is used. How? By blinding the optical sensor, the machine would get confused and couldn’t work out how many coins had been deposited, meaning it would start throwing out coins like there’s no tomorrow.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael is one of the most known slot cheaters in gambling history who invented and used this technique. 

5. Top-Bottom Joint

This is one of the most violent methods of cracking up a slot machine. It's done by using a simple tool split into 2 parts. 

The top part of the tool – a rod bent at the tip to form a ‘q’ shape – is shoved through the slot intended for coins. The bottom part – made of a long, thin wire – is pushed through the machine’s coin chute. 

The result? A jammed slot machine that will start to spit out coins!

6. Monkey Paw

Carmichael strikes again!

After testing out a few new methods on a video poker machine, this guy eventually built the correct gizmo. It was really simple.

He got a guitar string and attached it to a bent metal rod. Then, he would thrust it into the machine’s air vent and wriggle it around until he clicked the trigger switch for the coin hopper.

7. Software Glitch

By playing a certain pattern of stakes and games, players could confuse the machine and trigger a glitch that pays out the jackpot.

Incredibly, quite a few people managed to get rich using this method! But now many jackpot winners are also being denied their winnings because of it.

Bonus Tip: Slot Machine Algorithm Hack 

If you study the workings of a slot machine, you will come across the term ‘RNG’. The main job of this Random Number Generator is – yes, you guessed it – to make the numbers of the machine absolutely random every time the spin button is pushed.  

In advanced slot machines, you have multiple chances of winning, instead of the usual 3 in a row. 

Although it has been discovered that some older design generators can be tricked by reverse engineering, cheaters with high mathematical skills had success. 

This may sound difficult, but one team of fraudsters has been able to determine which numbers the generator will soon throw out based on how the symbols on the reels rotate. 

Playing some of these slot machines after a few spins, it was possible to determine if the slot machine would pay off, and the players would be able to figure out the right time to click on the spin button.

The solution was for the casino security team to keep an eye on the players who use cell phones when playing slot machines. 

That is why in most casinos today, it is forbidden to hold a mobile phone while playing a slot machine.

Real Slot Gambling Tips to Remember

Cheats aside, here is what you need to know in order to increase your chances of winning: 

  1. Set the limit. If you exceed your limit, you need to leave the game and come back next time.

  2. Don't linger. Playing longer games doesn’t increase your chances of winning as the algorithm will keep probabilities random.

  3. Don't spy. You can't get the benefit of other people's turns because the algorithm will generate different numbers every time.

Scary Effective & Simple Blackjack Cheats

As always, most brilliant things are usually very simple. Our next tips pertain to the game of blackjack. Some of the best blackjack cheaters used these tricks and worked the odds in their favour. See how they did it.

8. The Second Deal

The key to winning with this strategy is to have the dealer’s cooperation. Without it, cheating won’t be effective. It's worth mentioning that shuffling machines ensure that this strategy is practically not possible today.

This is how it works:

  • Instead of dealing the top card on the deck, the dealer deals the second card.
  • This offers the dealer the opportunity to decide between two cards – the top card and the second card – instead of relying on the luck of the draw. 

9. Marking Cards

Old but gold. Card marking has been a popular cheat method for a while. Over time, we’ve seen this strategy used in various ways, but we’ll focus on the two most popular ones.  

The first method is when cards are ‘pegged’ by the cheat, meaning that small, invisible bumps are placed on the cards which can only be felt but not seen.

Another method of cheating along the same lines of ‘marking’ is to use special colours that can only be viewed through special lenses to mark the cards. This way, a player who has marked the cards with the colour – is the only one who can see the colours through his glasses or contact lenses – will know which cards are to be dealt and will bet accordingly.

10. Team Diversion

Diversion methods such as spooking, front-loading and first-basing are very simple methods of cheating at blackjack. 

Each of these cheating methods starts with one person sitting in a position where he/she can see the dealer’s down card. That person conveys the information to the friend sitting at the table.

First basing: two members of the team take a seat at the table. Cheat #1 places himself close to the dealer and wagers the lowest amount. Cheat #1 is in a position to view the dealer’s down card and will convey the data to Cheat #2, also at the table, who will wager much higher amounts at the appropriate times.

Front loading: Cheat #1 and #2 at the same blackjack table. Cheat #1 places himself opposite the dealer and in this way can view the down card as it’s being dealt and if it is dealt at a certain angle. Armed with this info, he will signal to #2 who is also sitting at the table.

Spooking: has Cheat #1 standing in a position where he can see the dealer’s cards. He then signals the information to Cheat #2 who is sitting as a player at the table.

11. High-Low Pickup

Another blackjack cheat, the High-Low Pickup strategy requires the collaboration of the dealer. After a hand of blackjack is completed, the dealer picks up the cards in high-low order. Then a fake shuffle takes place. The dealer tries to make it look like he has shuffled the cards without actually doing so.

This way the dealer knows the order of the cards which gives him the option to help a player or work in favour of the casino. 

12. Cheating Gadgets

A number of cheating gadgets can be used. Some of the known cheating devices are not just forbidden, but illegal to bring into any casino, so don’t even think about bringing them in. Casino security is familiar with most of the cheat widgets, so don’t push your luck with these. 

13. Holdout Shoe

Dealers can also use a rigged shoe (called a “prism shoe”) that can be used as a mirror to peek at the top card before it is dealt.

Holdout shoes use carefully arranged mirrors to reveal those cards to the dealer, who can then decide which cards to actually deal.

14. Hidden Computers

Some blackjack cheaters use hidden computers to help them count cards and choose the right play in any situation. Card counting itself is not illegal, but it is strictly forbidden to use any sort of machine or computer to help keep track of the count. 

Casinos have developed sophisticated methods for detecting computers and other counting devices, so don’t fall into that temptation. 

Also, it’s not so easy to smuggle a computer into a casino, but that hasn’t stopped some players from at least trying to. 

Easy Ways to Cheat at Poker & Video Poker

15. Team Work

Team work refers to two or more players teaming up to increase one player's chances of winning. Team work at a poker table can be time-consuming and challenging, so players who use this form of cheating usually sit at a poker table with higher wagers.

Cheating like this can also be done online when one player shares his hole cards and the way he wants to play his current hand with another player.

16. Ghosting

This is by far the most widespread form of cheating in online poker, but it’s also common at live poker tournaments. 

Essentially, one player will help another win by giving advice on how to play his or her cards. While live poker events strictly ban ghosting, in reality, it is next to impossible to prevent. 

17. Bots

Poker bots refer to computer programs designed for poker. Since poker is a skill game where you make mathematical-based decisions, these bots are able to make perfect decisions almost all the time. 

Thus, they are not the best opponent to play at a poker table because it reduces your winning chances drastically.

However, there are a few ways you can tell if a bot is in your game. If you notice that a particular player is playing for an unreasonably long duration without any breaks, there is a high chance that it is a bot. Also, in the case that this user plays at too many tables at the same time or plays a perfect hand almost every time, then chances are high it's a bot. 

18. Multi-Accounting

Another way that cheaters work online is to create multiple real-money accounts at a single poker site. 

Multiple accounting is a huge problem for real players as well as poker sites. Receiving a bonus on all accounts is considered bonus fraud. 

Because of this, poker sites strictly forbid multiple accounts and ask for proof of identity. 

19. Viewing Hole Cards (Super-user Accounts)

In a poker game, if a player should see the hole cards of his opponents, they can avoid losing any hand. Such players will know exactly when to fold, raise or go all in, and this will surely give them an increased chance of winning.

When you play online at a poker site, the operator shows you only your hole cards while those of other players are on the poker server that you usually cannot access. This makes the game fair, and all players have an equal chance of winning.

What About Online Casinos: Can You Hack an Online Casino?

Real life casino entrance

No, you can’t hack an online casino. As far as hacking an online casino goes, any technical change that influences the software is illegal and will immediately null all the winnings. 

Can You Win at an Online Casino Every Time?

You can’t win all the time. If you did, you'd probably be flagged since that is not how the game works. Games are random and you can lose 7 times, but win a jackpot the 8th time. The important thing is that you have a good time. 

Final Word

If you have a realistic approach to gaming online, it will genuinely count in your favour. Make informed decisions which will limit your losses and improve your bankroll balance! Now, all you have to do is find the best online casino according to your preferences, implement our tips & tricks, and start having fun!  

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