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Published on 12.07.2022
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Springbok Casino Shares 10 Facts About the Fierce & Fascinating Honey Badger

Visitors on safari in South Africa focus on the Big Five: elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo. Most are barely aware of the fearless Honey Badger whose extraordinary physical and character traits have allowed them to survive and thrive in very different natural habitats. This month Springbok Casino pays tribute to these fascinating animals by publishing:  10 Facts About Honey Badgers.

First, Honey Badgers aren’t really badgers. They’re cousins to skunks.  Yes, they love honey, but they’ll actually eat just about anything.

Their loose skin often saves their hides in fights. And they have a secret weapon: they can drop a stink bomb that can be smelled 40 meters away.

They fight mean and dirty. And they are born to dig.

Honey Badgers are mean and ferocious, but they’re also very intelligent. They have unusually large brains and are among the very few non-primates that use tools.

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