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Play the Italy SuperEnalotto in South Africa

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The SuperEnalotto is a lottery that takes place in Italy and is globally renowned for having rewarded some of the biggest lottery jackpots. The lottery’s logo includes a four-leaf clover which symbolizes luck, and you certainly need plenty of luck to be a jackpot winner playing the SuperEnalotto since it has some of the lowest odds compared to other world-famous lotteries. The minimum guaranteed jackpot is a €2 million and it can grow as large as a staggering €100 million.

Coming to the history of SuperEnalotto, its roots date back to the 1950’s when it was just called the Enalotto. It 1997, the SISAL appended the word Super and it came to be known as the SuperEnalotto from this point onwards. The first SuperEnalotto draw took place on Wednesday, 3rd December 1997. Until as recently as 2009, the draws for the Lottomatica and the SuperEnalotto were the same as far as the six main winning numbers were considered.

The SuperEnalotto basically used the same six winning numbers that were drawn from the six Lottomatica draws in the cities of Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Rome. Bari was the first number and Rome was the 6th number in the order specified. The number picked in the Lottomatica draws from the city of Venice was used as the Jolly number for the SuperEnalotto. However, in the unlikely event that two or more draws picked the same first number, then the second drawn number in the later-order city would be used for the purpose of the SuperEnalotto.

Mathematically speaking, there was always a microscopic chance that all numbers drawn in two or more cities could have turned out the same and that would result in no one being able to win the jackpot. The chances of this happening were minuscule but not impossible. Things changed in 2009 and the SuperEnalotto became more independent. As of today, the SuperEnalotto has its own exclusive draws and has grown to become not just one of the biggest lotteries in Italy but in all the world.

Is it Possible to Play SuperEnalotto from South Africa?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the SuperEnalotto is not just popular in Italy but is well known across the globe. The reason for its widespread popularity can mostly be attributed to the fact that it offers jackpots which are amongst the largest in the world. Their jackpots can compete with the likes of lotteries titans such as EuroMillions, Mega Millions and Powerball.

With so much interest in participation from outside Italy, the SuperEnalotto is open to players even if they are not Italian or even reside in Italy. In fact, you don’t need to have ever visited Italy to play the SuperEnalotto.

South African players are welcome to take part and try their luck. There are various options for South African players when it comes to playing the SuperEnalotto. Punters can directly use the SuperEnalotto online concierge service from the official SuperEnalotto website, or you can play using third-party online lottery services. How do these third-party lottery services work? Find out below.

How Does it Work?

The way online lottery services for South African players works is pretty simple. Players can register with an online lottery ticket purchasing service and buy lottery tickets for popular lotteries from all around the world, including the SuperEnalotto. When you make the purchase on the online lottery purchasing service, an agent based in the home country of the lottery will actually go to a retail center or store where the lottery tickets are available and purchase one on your behalf. A scanned copy of the lottery ticket is then sent to you.

Third-party online lottery services are basically purchasing services. Using such websites or apps, players based in South Africa or elsewhere will have the ability to participate in lotteries from all over the world. Players can log in to their online lottery service account, choose which lottery they want to play, pick out the numbers they desire and make the payment for the ticket online.

Apart from the base price of the ticket, the online service platform will also charge a commission fee. Once the payment is done, an agent working for the online service will actually buy the ticket in person (using the numbers specified by you online) and send you a scanned copy of the ticket. The same platform will generally also let you view the results, check draw dates, and can even notify you if you have won.

Pros & Cons

  • Check IconPlay SuperEnalotto lottery from outside Italy
  • Check IconPurchase lottery tickets from various parts of the world in just a few clicks
  • Check IconPay for tickets online using safe and secure banking options like bank cards, e-wallets, crypto currencies, etc.
  • Check IconPick your numbers online and an agent will buy the ticket accordingly and send you a scanned copy of the ticket
  • Check IconView the latest draw results as well as historic results
  • Check IconGet notified through SMS or email if you have a winning ticket
  • Check IconClaim your win through the lottery service
  • Check IconPlay lotteries from your PC or from a mobile device while on the go
  • Close IconApart from the base price of the ticket, a commission will be charged for purchasing the ticket on your behalf
  • Close IconThe odds of being the jackpot winner are very low

Game Details

The SuperEnalotto is a lottery in which the jackpot value is carried over to the next draw when the draw does not produce even a single winner. Italians and players from outside of Italy are welcome to purchase tickets for the SuperEnalotto. You need to pick your numbers and buy a ticket accordingly. During the draw, winning numbers will be picked and if your numbers match the numbers drawn, then you win. For further details on how to play, how to buy a ticket, draw details, the odds of winning and how to claim a win, read on below. If you want more information on other international lotteries check out our guide.

How to Play

In order to play the SuperEnalotto you need to buy a ticket and choose numbers. You will have to pick six main numbers between 1 and 90. The next step is to decide whether you want to play the SuperStar option. A SuperStar entry costs more, but it gives better chances of winning substantial prizes. The SuperStar number is drawn from a separate drawing machine and the range for this number is also 1 – 90. This means you can pick the same number as one of the main numbers as well as the SuperStar number.

Draw Dates

SuperEnalotto draws take place in the city of Rome. Three draws take place every week and these happen on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 20:00 CET. In case of a public holiday overlapping on a draw day, the draw date is amended to avoid falling on the public holiday. The SuperEnalotto is not telecasted on TV. However, you can watch a recorded video of the event online at 20:20 CET on every draw day.

SuperEnalotto Odds

Like most lotteries, the odds of winning the SuperEnalotto are underwhelming, to say the least. In fact, the SuperEnalotto offers even lower odds than most other lotteries. The odds of you winning the SuperEnalotto jackpot are 1 in 622,614,630.

But there are other prizes apart from the jackpot and these have better odds. The odds of winning any prize at all is 1 in 16 when playing with the SuperStar option. The odds of winning a €25 instant prize is 1 in 500. You don’t have to wait for the draw to win this. It is rewarded right after you purchase the ticket.

What Happens if You Win and How to Claim the Money

Wins must be claimed within 90 days of the draw date printed on the ticket. The process to claim the win will depend on whether you purchase the ticket at a retailer or online. All wins above €500 are subject to 20% tax.

Retail purchases – Prizes over €1 million are paid within 30 days and prizes above €1 million are paid within 91 days after the draw.

For prizes under €5200, you can claim it by simply taking the ticket to the retailer where you purchased the ticket.

For large wins over €52,000, you have two options – you can claim it at one of the SISAL offices or by bank transfer.

For smaller wins, you may claim it through dedicated payment centers in cash or cheque.

Online Purchases–For prizes up to €5200, the award is credited to your online lottery account directly once the draw is concluded.

Prizes between €5200 and €52,200 will be rewarded in person. You will be required to bring your ID and tax code and are issued a unique ticket code to claim the prize. To claim the prize, you will have to visit a dedicated payment center or a Sisal office and the prize is transferred through bank transfer.

For prizes above €52,000 – the option of visiting a dedicated payment center is not available. You will have to visit a Sisal office and the rest of the process remains the same.

Where Can I Buy Tickets From?

If you are based in Italy, you can buy SuperEnalotto tickets in person at one of the hundreds of retailers that sell them across the country. However, if you are based in South Africa or anywhere else that is not Italy, you can still purchase tickets online. Irrespective of whether you are in Italy or not, you need to be 18 years of age or older in order to buy tickets.

When it comes to buying tickets online, you may use the SuperEnalotto official website and concierge service or you can use a third-party lottery purchasing service. Some well-known and trusted lottery purchasing services are – The Lotter, Lotto Agent, MultiLotto, LottoSmile, Lotto247, etc.

Ticket sales for a draw closes at 19:30 CET on every draw day. This is 30 minutes prior to the draw event starting. The sales are open again the day after the draw.

Biggest Jackpots Won with SuperEnalotto

The largest win recorded to date was awarded to a lucky person in Lombardy on 13th August 2019. The winner had spent a mere €2 and played the quick pick option (numbers picked automatically). The prize rewarded was €209 million.

The second biggest win courtesy of the SuperEnalotto was paid out to a syndicate of 70 players who purchased tickets in Milan for the draw on 30th October 2010. The reward was €177 million.

Why Play SuperEnalotto

The SuperEnalotto is a huge jackpot lottery which guarantees a jackpot of a minimum €2 million. Many players, as mentioned above, have become multi-millionaires overnight playing the SuperEnalotto. What’s more? An entry only costs €1 without the SuperStar option and €1.50 with the SuperStar option. Why would you not play?

Another great reason to choose SuperEnalotto is that you can choose to claim your prize and remain anonymous. A lot of American Lotteries do not have this option.


Can a foreigner win the SuperEnalotto Lotto?

Yes, the official regulations of the SuperEnalotto does not restrict the participation of this lottery to Italians or only people residing (permanently or temporary) in Italy. Even if you have never set foot in Italy, you can still play the SuperEnalotto. 

Can I play SuperEnalotto from South Africa?

Yes, South African players can buy their SuperEnalotto tickets through the official SuperEnalotto online concierge or through other third-party online lottery purchasing services. 

How do you play SuperEnalotto?

To play the SuperEnalotto, you need to pick 6 main numbers between 1 – 90. Each entry will cost you €2. However, if you want to try the SuperStar option that has better odds, then each entry costs you an additional €0.50 and you will need to pick an additional SuperStar number, also between 1 – 90. 

Apart from this, there is also something called an instant win award of €25.

What are the draw dates for SuperEnalotto?

The SuperEnalotto draw takes place thrice a week. Draws happen at 20:00 CET on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

How do you claim the money if you win SuperEnalotto?

The process to claim your reward will depend on how you purchased the ticket. First things first, you need to make sure your ticket is safe and sound because you will not be able to claim your prize if you lose your ticket. If you purchased the ticket through a retailer, you can claim the prize through various options depending on the value of the prize. Some of the options include dedicated payment centers, Sisal offices, the retailer where you purchased the ticket etc. 

If you played online, then smaller amounts below a certain amount will be credited to your account directly after the draw. However, bigger wins will have to be paid out in person at a dedicated payment center or a Sisal office depending on the amount won. Such payments will be made through bank transfer. 

Make sure you claim your money within 90 days from the draw date. 

How long does it take to get the money?

Prizes up to €1 million are paid within 30 days while prizes over €1 million are paid 91 days after the draw.This holds true for both tickets purchased through retailers and tickets purchased online. 

What are the odds of winning SuperEnalotto?

The odds of winning the SuperEnalotto jackpot are extremely low at 1 in 622, 614, 630. However, there are other prizes apart from the jackpot and these are offered at much better odds. The overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 20 for normal play and 1 in 16 when playing with the SuperStar option. Odds of winning the Instant Win prize are 1 in 500. 

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