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Magic Spins Review 2024

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Kelvin Jones
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The one piece of advice we give to those who think all online slot machines are the same is, “Take a look at Magic Spins”. Wazdan’s gemstone-themed slot takes the classic mechanic for a spin and turns it into something new. Thus, judging this game by the same standards as other slot machines doesn’t make sense. It is something different from whatever we’ve seen before. And impressive, too: it was shortlisted for the EGR Operator Awards’ “Game of the Year” category.

Launched in May 2022, Magic Spins has a fantasy gemstone theme. It features colourful gems and orbs of mystical energy on its reels. These do magical things, especially during its bonus game, which turn into wins for you. The game has an impressive bonus game and generous jackpots that make it a great choice for casual players and high-rollers alike.

Pros and Cons

  • Check IconCustomizable speed and volatility
  • Check IconGamble feature
  • Check IconMulti-level “Buy Feature”
  • Check IconMany bonus games
  • Check Icon5-level jackpot
  • Close IconGraphics have a slightly dated look and feel
  • Close IconThe game can take a while to load
  • Close IconSome controls are not prominent enough, making them easy to miss
  • Close IconLooks crowded on mobile when played vertically

How to Play Magic Spins

One thing we didn't like about the game is that it loads a little slowly. But when you get to the splash screen, it's "Game on"! Once you review the basics of the game, you can press “Continue” to start playing. We would recommend you check “Do not show this again” before proceeding.

The game’s format may be out of the ordinary, but its controls are straightforward:

  • If you play on desktop computers, you’ll find the controls on the bottom, with the jackpots listed on the right.
  • If you play on mobile, the jackpots move to the top, with the game and the controls crowded to the bottom.

Magic Spins on Mobile

Magic spins highlights collect to infinityOn mobile, the game enters full-screen mode once you touch the screen. We would recommend playing it horizontally, as it feels less crowded that way.

When you play the game on PC, you can choose between full-screen mode and “Big Screen Mode” which has two variants:

  • The first one zooms in on the play area, with the controls floating over the game screen, on the right
  • The second one stretches the play area to fill the screen. We wouldn’t recommend this one, though, because it doesn’t look attractive at all, at least on our screen.

In “normal” mode, the controls are all in a panel at the bottom of the screen.

  • On the left, you’ll find the settings (game information panel, game settings, sound volume, and help) right under the display showing your credits.
  • In the middle, you have the pretty unremarkable “Buy feature” button (more on that later), followed by the bar where you can set your stake per spin.
  • Next, there’s the button to let you switch between Low, Medium, and High volatility.
  • The Spin button is large and prominent, so you can't miss it.
  • The speed setting and the Autoplay button follow.

Aside from the Spin button, the rest of the controls don’t stand out. We only realized that the game has a "Buy feature" button when we read the description.

Before you spin, you’ll need to set your stake per spin. By default, it is set to 1 credit, but you can fine-tune it:

  • Under 1 credit you can set it by increments of 0.1
  • Between 1 and 5 credits by increments of 0.5
  • Between 6 and 10 credits by increments of 1
  • Between 10 and 50 credits by increments of 5
  • Between 50 and 100 credits by increments of 10
  • Between 100 and 1000 credits by increments of 100
  • Between 1000 and 10,000 credits by increments of 1000

Then, you can set the game’s volatility. Here, you have three choices:

  • Low volatility - frequent wins with generally lower values
  • High volatility - bigger wins but fewer hits
  • Medium volatility - somewhere between the other two

Next, you can (and should) set the game’s speed that suits you. Again, you have three choices:

  • Slow (turtle icon), normal speed, lets you enjoy the view
  • Medium (rabbit icon), faster, but not TOO fast
  • Fast (cheetah icon), very fast, almost instant

Note that if you hold the Spin button, it will spin the reels automatically at a Fast speed until you let go.

Once you have everything set up to your preference, you simply tap or click the Spin button. This will spin all the reels of the game.

Magic Spin Symbols

The Magic Spins slot machine has low-paying symbols, high-paying symbols, and special symbols. Each of them is available in the base game:

  • Low-paying symbols: J, Q, K, A
  • High-paying symbols: Green, Orange, Purple, and Red gems
  • Special symbols: Wild symbol, Bonus symbols

It doesn’t have win lines like usual slot machines do. Instead, it pays out a win for at least 10 matching symbols on the screen at the same time.

  • The lowest-paying symbol is J, which pays 0.2x your stake for 10 matching symbols, and up to 10 times your stake for 22 or more matching symbols.
  • The highest-paying symbol is the Red Gem, which pays from 2x your stake for 10 matching symbols, and up to 150 times your stake for 22 or more matching symbols.
  • The Wild symbol substitutes for any other symbol, except for the Bonus symbols.
  • In the base game, the only role the Bonus symbols have is to trigger the Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game.

Magic Spins Demo Mode

To get a feel for Magic Spins, you can play it in demo mode below before playing online for real money.

Magic Spins Payout and Volatility

One of the best things about the Magic Spins slot is that you can change its volatility. You can set it on Low for frequent wins, High for bigger wins, and Medium for a combination of the two. This makes it one of the few slot machines that can appeal to both casual players and those out for big wins.

Magic Spins’s payouts in the base game are not spectacular - the biggest win from a normal spin is 150x the stake. But it has a five-level jackpot with a top payout of 2500x your stake. You can trigger the Grand Jackpot in the game’s bonus feature, which makes it worth your time and money.

Magic Spins Graphics

The graphics of the game feel a bit dated at times. This is because of the choice of colours: a bit too bright for the gems and a bit too dim for the low-paying symbols.

Magic spins game

Otherwise, we can only admire the attention to detail in the game. The small animations throughout the game give it a dynamic look and feel, even when the reels aren’t turning.

Magic Spins Special Features

Magic Spins is special in itself, with its unusual format and special symbols. On top of that, in turn, it has several special features:

  • Collector, Jackpot, Mystery, and Increasing Value Cash symbols that appear in the four corners
  • Mega Collector, Magic Mystery, and Mega Increasing Value Cash symbols that appear in the Mega central reel
  • Buy Feature: you can pay to trigger the Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game with benefits, as follows:
    • Low - 50x your stake: 6 Bonus symbols + 1 Mystery symbol
    • Standard - 100x your stake: 6 Bonus symbols + 1 Mystery symbol + 1 Mega Collector symbol with a 5-spin timer
    • High - 250x your stake: 6 Bonus symbols + 1 Mystery symbol + 2 Mega Collector symbols with 10-spin timers
    • Extreme - 500x your stake: 6 Bonus symbols + 1 Mystery symbol + 1 Magic Mystery symbol + 2 Mega Collector symbols that collect wins until the end of the feature

Magic Spins Mobile Option

While the game isn’t mobile-first, it is definitely mobile-friendly. You can play it with both a horizontal and vertical orientation on your phone. We would recommend playing it horizontally, though. because our impression was that when you play it vertically, it can feel a bit crowded.

Magic Spins Bonuses & Free Spins

The game has only one feature that merges a bonus game with free spins and a chance to trigger its jackpot, called Hold the Jackpot.

Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game

Magic Spins has several Bonus symbols in the base game. These have payouts, multipliers, and special features on them. They are also sticky, meaning that they remain in place for several spins. Their main role is, in turn, to trigger the Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game. Once you have six of them on the screen at the same time, the bonus game begins.

This mini-game uses an alternative set of reels, with only Bonus symbols (and blanks) on them. Whenever a Bonus symbol lands on the screen, it is stuck in place. The goal is to have Bonus symbols covering the entire play area.

You start the bonus game with three Respins. Each spin costs you one, but they are reset to three each time a new Bonus symbol lands on the screen and is locked in place. The game goes on until all Respins are gone or the entire play area fills up with Bonus symbols.

Magic spins grand jackpot

There are several types of Bonus symbols available in the mini-game:

  • Cash symbols have amounts on them that will be added to the grand total once you finish the feature.
  • Increasing Value Cash symbols have amounts, but they also come with countdowns: they increase their value for each spin until the countdown runs out.
  • Collector symbols and Mega Collector, as their name suggests, collect the amounts from their adjacent Cash Symbols. These have timers - they do their thing for a set number of spins. They can also be infinite, with the Collect to Infinity feature. The Collector symbols only appear in the four corners of the game area. The Mega Collector only appears in the middle.
  • Mystery Symbols and Magic Mystery symbols will remain unchanged until the end of the feature. When the Respins run out, the Mystery symbol will transform into a Bonus symbol, a Collector, or a MINI, MINOR, or MAJOR jackpot symbol. The Magic Mystery can also transform into a MAGIC jackpot symbol or a Mega Collector.
  • Jackpot symbols appear at random during the feature. The MINI, MINOR, and MAJOR jackpot symbols award their corresponding wins at the end. Note that you can only get the MAGIC jackpot symbol from the Magic Mystery symbol.

To win the GRAND Jackpot, the entire play area has to be filled with Bonus symbols at the end of the feature. This pays 2500x your stake - but note that the rest of the wins are not added to the total.

Why Should You Play Magic Spins?

If you are looking for a game that does away with the standard slot machine format, has a complex and generous bonus game, and where you can customize the game’s speed and volatility, Magic Spins is the perfect choice for you. You can play Magic Spins as casually or as seriously as you like by setting your desired volatility. Besides, its option to trigger its feature whenever you feel like it allows you to try and win its largest payout as often as you want.

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Frequently asked questions about the Magic Spins slot machine - FAQs

What is the theme of the Magic Spins slot machine?

Magic Spins is a fantasy / gemstone-themed slot machine.

Can I play Magic Spins for real money?

Yes, you can play Magic Spins for real money at the online casinos listed here.

Can I play Magic Spins with a no-deposit bonus?

Several casinos listed here have Magic Spins in their library and offer a no-deposit bonus as well. Check them out!

How much money can I win when I play Magic Spins?

You can win up to 2500 times your stake per spin.

Does Magic Spins have a jackpot?

Yes, the game has several jackpots - MIMI, MINOR, MAJOR, MAGIC, and GRAND. As you might expect, GRAND is the biggest of them all, paying 2500 times your stake.

What are some of the best features of Magic Spins?

If you ask us, the best feature of the Magic Spins slot machine is the Hold the Jackpot Bonus Game. You can either trigger it from the base game or “buy” it at any time you want.

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