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Published on 14.12.2021
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Wall Street Fever Slots


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Wall Street Fever Slots

While Wall Street Fever at first may not seem to be the most advanced game Playtech has ever created, you’ll find that the potential win big more than makes up for that. Making use of symbols that you’d recognise if you’ve ever played the slots, the game tries to bring to life the anticipation and excitement of watching the stocks go up and down, and while it doesn’t do this particularly well in terms of graphics, with a massive 100 000 coin jackpot, let’s be honest… who cares? Jackpot aside, the game also features free spins and a bonus round, more than enough to keep you occupied long term.

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Some of the symbols you’ll see when you first start spinning the Wall Street Fever reels include the cellphone, the coin purse, the briefcase and more business-related icons. While there are only five paylines, there are a multitude of chances to win, especially if you find the wild, which is the Wall Street sign. Players who have bet the maximum number of coins and who find five of the wilds in a row are entitled to the massive top fixed jackpot payout of 100 000 coins, and even those who find the wild only three or four times will be impressed at how much these symbols could increase their wins. Just to clarify, the fixed jackpot and the progressive jackpot are the same thing, and we’ll explain a little later how that works.

The game also features two scatters, both of which unlock bonus games. The first, the zig zag, will only make an appearance on reels two, three or four but the other one could make an appearance on any of the reels. This symbol, also called the free spin scatter, is the key to free spins and depending on how many of these appear in the reels, and where they appear, you could get up to 50 free spins. The zig zag is the key to unlocking the Stock Market Investment feature and this is quite an interesting feature of the game. You have to pick the stock you’ll invest in and depending on which one it is, and how the market goes, you’ll get a return.

Now, if you were confused about how the whole ‘fixed jackpot’, ‘progressive jackpot’ thing worked, don’t worry. We were too. Basically, the progressive starts at a minimum and grows as more and more players play the game, just as an ordinary progressive jackpot would. Where this game is a little different though is that the progressive is capped at a fixed 100 000 coins. That means that should you bet the maximum and the progressive hasn’t reached the 100 000 coin limit yet, you only get what’s in the pot. Admittedly, some players might feel a little annoyed at this type of jackpot, but considering there’s still a lot of cash to be won, we don’t mind too much.

Wall Street Fever is a good game. It provides a solid gaming experience and the chance to win a lot of money. It has a bonus round and free spins, and in theory, has enough to offer players to ensure they’re left wanting more. However, in practice, the game simply doesn’t measure up to the brilliant releases Playtech is so well known for. But would we still play it? For that 100 000 potential prize, we sure would. Our rating: 70/100

Rudie Venter
Rudie Venter

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