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How to Place CS:GO Bets in South Africa

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If you’re wondering how to get involved, then this is the betting guide for you.

Getting Started with CS:GO Betting in South Africa

When you’re just watching at home, it’s easy to hop online and just take in the action as it happens. If you’re stepping into the betting arena, however, you’ll need to get familiar with the game’s set of rules. CS:GO has particular competitive maps, and you’ll need to understand what role they play. 

It’s also vital that you select a reliable, reputable CS:GO betting site in South Africa. This is not as easy as it sounds, which is why the PlayCasino team does the hard work for you. We check and double-check every site we endorse to make sure that no skelms get through, and you can rest assured that you’re in good hands when you sign up at a sportsbook we recommend.

CG:GO Betting Sites South Africa

Creating and funding your betting account is very easy:

  1. Choose a bookmaker from our list of trustworthy sites.  

  2. Click on the Sign Up, Join, or similar button and fill in the required information. 

  3. Head over to the Banking, Cashier, or similar section of the CS:GO betting South Africa site and choose a banking method from those available.

  4. Follow the instructions on how to deposit or withdraw. 

Understanding CS:GO Betting Odds

Don’t let CS:GO betting odds intimidate you! With our help, you can gain a clear understanding of what they are and how they work:

Think of odds as symbolising a sportsbook’s confidence in a certain outcome. And most bookmakers will give you options of which odd type to use:

  • American Odds

American, or moneyline, odds are expressed with a + or a - symbol followed by a number. For example, +300 signifies how much you can win if you bet R100. If your wager wins, you’ll receive a total payout of R400. That’s a R300 net profit along with your initial R100 stake at one of our recommended new CS:GO gambling sites South Africa offers.

American odds have different mathematical equations for favourites and underdogs. For favourites, it’s odd/(odds + 100) x 100. For an underdog, the equation is 100/(odds + 100) x 100. 

To calculate positive American odds to win probability, use 100 ÷ (positive American odds + 100) x 100. For negative American odds, use the negative American odds ÷ (negative American odds + 100) x 100. 

  • Decimal Odds

Can you bet on CS:GO using decimal odds? Yes! Let’s use an example to explain. Team 1 has odds of 1.5, Team 2, 2.5. If you bet R10 on Team 1, you’ll get R15 back if they win. If you wager on Team 2 and they win, you’ll get R25. 

There’s a simple mathematical equation for decimal odds: Bet X Odds = Payout. It’s also possible to determine the perceived likelihood of a certain outcome happening: For instance, 6.0 gets calculated as 100/6.0 = 0.16, or 16% probability. 

  • Fractional Odds

The fractional odds example goes like this: Team 1 has 5/2 odds and Team 2 has 2/5. If you bet R10 on Team 1, you’ll get back R25 if they win. The same winning wager for Team 2 will only net you R4. 

The mathematical equation for how to place CS:GO bets with fractional odds is 10 ÷ by the second number. In our example of the odds for Team 1, this equals 10 ÷ 5 = 2. To work out how much you stand to win, take a look at the odds again. If they’re 4/1, it means that, for every R1 you wager, you stand to win R4.

Types of CS:GO Bets

There are many markets for CS:GO bettors to dip into:

  • Handicap Betting

Using odds to balance outmatched contests.

  • Map Winner

Betting on who will win a particular map.

  • Match Winner

Betting on a single game's result at CS:GO betting sites in South Africa.

  • Over/Under Betting

Wagering on the number of rounds played.

  • Special Bets 

Examining unusual betting possibilities like pistol round wagers.

Analysing CS:GO Teams and Players

Going in blind to any type of sports betting is always a mistake, and we urge our readers to gather as much information about the teams and players as they can before they bet. This is especially important in tournaments with less well-known players:

  • Evaluating Team Performance and Consistency

Team members need to be close with one another and able to communicate. Research has found that esports players interrupting and/or talking over one another has a negative impact on informal roles’ development. This kind of data will heavily affect your outcomes when enjoying CS:GO betting in South Africa.

  • Studying Player Statistics and Individual Performance

There are resources available online to help you track player statistics, as well as third-party trackers that might be useful. You’re looking for good communication, great game-sense, and precise, quick aiming, which are the most important qualities a player can have, along with an ability to work with their team members. 

  • Analysing Recent Match Results and Head-To-Head Matchups

There are many online sites dedicated to team results analysis that offer a detailed look at the kind of statistics that are invaluable to any bettor. When reviewing this information, the PlayCasino team advises that you take a selection going back at least three months because no one is at their peak performance all the time. Then, use whatever patterns you pick up to your advantage when you bet at the new CS:GO gambling sites in South Africa you’ll find recommended at the PlayCasino site. 

Researching CS:GO Tournaments and Events

Along with investigating players and teams, we suggest that you research past LAN events as well. You’ll find many internet sites dedicated to match histories, results, stats, team rankings, and tournaments that may prove very useful. Get to know more about the following, too:

  • Major Tournaments and Their Significance 

These are the biggest, most popular, and most lucrative events in the CS:GO competitive arena. Bettors love them, which is why sportsbooks go the extra mile during the Majors. You’ll find a far larger variety of esports wagers available than usual. 

  • Understanding Tournament Formats and Structures

Don’t even think about putting any money down on any CS:GO event until you understand completely how the tournament formats and structures work. It can be relatively complex, but if you put a little time into it, you should have it figured out pretty quickly!

Valve hosts two Majors a year, but different partner companies organise these with them. All the other tournaments are hosted by different companies, and you’ll have to learn to differentiate between Cup and League. 

  • Factors Relevant to Successful Betting

There is much information that needs to be the foundation for your decisions when you’re learning how to place CS:GO bets. Bear the following in mind at all times:

  • The favourite isn’t a guaranteed winner. 

  • Check out the statistics thoroughly before you wager.

  • Don’t ever place an emotional bet.

  • Always go for the highest odds. Having a look at the sportsbook we’ve reviewed and ended up recommending is an excellent place to start.

  • Pay some attention to the underdog. Upsets happen all the time and they mean amazing payouts!

Factors Affecting CS:GO Match Outcomes

Betting is a seemingly complicated business, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be having a grand old time. When you’ve chosen a CS:GO betting site in South Africa from our list of top-notch bookmakers, take everything you’ve learned into account before you put any money down.

Consider the map pool and team map preferences. The map pool is the set of charts that are playable in CS:GO matchmaking, and it’s divided into two parts, Reserve and Active Duty. Understanding each team’s map preferences is a crucial part of successful betting on CS:GO. Work out which maps each team favours, and you’re halfway there!

It’s also vital that you focus on teams with good chemistry and excellent communication skills. This is a team game, and failure in either of these elements means the squad won’t go nearly as far as they should. This will necessarily determine how well your CS:GO betting South Africa goes.

When you’re betting on a player, understand their role and get to know their strategies, as both these factors will heavily influence how their team does. Take recent roster changes and substitutions into account because they will affect how the team functions as a whole. And don’t forget to include patch updates, fatigue, and travel into your wagers. These external details are important. 

Utilising CS:GO Betting Resources and Tools

You are not alone! Besides your friends at PlayCasino, there are also a multitude of statistics and analytics websites available online. We additionally recommend that you follow professional tipsters and analysts and use betting software and tracking tools to make sure you stay up to date on everything you need to know. 

Can I bet on CS:GO matches from South Africa?

Yes. Online sports betting is completely legal in South Africa and eSports falls under sports. Thus, as a South African resident you can place CS:GO bets at any licensed online sportsbook.

How do I deposit and withdraw funds from my CS:GO betting account?

Register for your account and then sign in. Head to the Banking, Cashier, or similar section of the site and follow the instructions outlined there.

Can I bet on CS:GO using cryptocurrencies?

Certain betting sites allow for cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, others do not. Always double-check before you sign up at a bookmaker to avoid disappointment.

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