South African Lotto Millionaire Won Doing This 1 Crazy Thing

What if your life changed overnight? What would you do?

One guy from South Africa had exactly this happen to him – his life turned upside down after buying 2 same combination lottery tickets at the same time. And strangely enough if you could believe it: He won on both of them! What an amazing stroke of luck!

If you want to find out what he did to win this unattainable prize read on.

So let’s cut to the chase. How the heck did one guy manage to win the double jackpot in one day and become a multimillionaire?

Well, a 73-year-old South African man who wished to remain anonymous bought two Powerball Plus Jackpot tickets for less than R400.

His lucky hand drew two tickets with the same winning numbers. The winning PowerBall number was 5, with the other numbers being 43, 36, 26, 13, and 8. What are the chances of buying two identical winning tickets? Nearly impossible, we conclude.

Against all the odds this Port Alfredian took home 11 million Rand. When asked how he’ll spend his fortune, he reported that he’ll give most of it to his local neighborhood. The lucky man is very passionate about education and wishes that impoverished children from his community have the same opportunities as the richer kids.

He won’t keep the rest of his money for himself and spend it on extravagant commodities. He shared that he plans on sharing whatever remained of his riches with his numerous friends and family.

What would you do if you obtained such a huge amount of money overnight? Rarely who would be as charitable as this guy!

Since lottery, casinos, and gambling, in general, have become such an integral part of the South African experience, we’re very proud of this Port Alfred resident and his extreme luck and generosity.

What this fella managed to do is truly phenomenal, however, the chances of this occurring once more are close to zero. Luckily, if you love to gamble and often play online casino games, there is some little tweaking you can do to your gameplay and double your chances of hitting the goldmine.