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The Pros and Cons of Playing Live Dealer Online Casino Games

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Kelvin Jones
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More and more players are discovering just how awesome live dealer online casino games are. In fact, a huge number of South Africans now prefer these games over playing at a land-based casino or enjoying the RNG versions online.

Live casino games offer numerous benefits, not just because they include real-time interactions with friendly croupiers that have been expertly trained, but also because they allow players to track their moves and chat to other players too. And, if you’ve ever played casino games at a land-based casino, you know how thrilling it is to watch the action unfold in front of you. The adrenaline rush as you wait for the game outcome to be revealed is second to none!

What are the pros and cons of playing live dealer games?

Plus, live dealer online casino games can be played from anywhere on smartphones, tablets, and desktops with great ease. It’s truly the same as having a tiny, portable casino with you wherever you go.

If you’re not sure exactly what live casino games entail or why you should play them now, the experts at PlayCasino have the answers.  Keep reading to find out what this type of gameplay offers.

Pros of Playing Live Casino Games Online in South Africa

One of the many live online casino games pros is that you can play with an actual croupier in a real casino setting, no matter where you are. But there are many more pros too, including: 

  • A Hyper-Realistic Casino Experience

With video streaming technology sending you a real-time feed of the action as it happens, it doesn’t get much more immersive than live dealer games. Whether the setting is an actual casino or a professionally outfitted studio, you’ll hear authentic casino sounds as you’re playing as well. 

  • Convenience and Accessibility

The only thing you need to be able to enjoy live online casino games in South Africa is a steady internet connection. You don’t have to drive anywhere or arrange for drinks, food, or accommodation. 

  • Variety of Games

Not only can you enjoy familiar favourites like blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette, and craps, but you can also enjoy brand-new variations on these too. Depending on where you’re playing, we’re talking about Live Baccarat Squeeze, Free Bet Blackjack, Live Casino Hold’em Poker, Double Ball Roulette, and Vegas Style Craps, to name a few. 

There are also money wheel games, games based on classics like Monopoly, and those that feature sporting events and other popular themes or events.

  • Enhanced Social Interaction

It’s not just the live dealers you can talk to in these games. You can also engage with your fellow players! At certain online casinos in South Africa, you can chat with the people around you as you’re placing bets and raking in the big wins. This creates an even more authentic real-casino-feel and adds to the immersion of the gaming experience. 

  • Wider Range of Bets

The last of our live online casino game pros, but far from the least, is that live dealer games have much wider range of betting limits than their land-based counterparts. This makes it easy for players with a range of betting preferences to play what they like, when they like. 

Live Online Casino Games Bonuses and Promotions

Who doesn’t love a good bonus? We most certainly appreciate them, and we know that our readers do too. You can look forward to a host of bonuses, promotions, special offers, VIP programmes, loyalty schemes, and more at the sites the PlayCasino team recommends. These rewards will increase the amount of time you can spend playing the games you love and may well keep you in it until you win it!

Offers from trustworthy live dealer online casinos enhance the gaming experience as a whole. Because they can’t comp your room, give you tickets to a show, or offer you free food and drink, online operators offer you more value for money, which we cannot fault. Keep an eye on our page for all the latest deals from top online casinos in SA.

Cons of Playing Live Casino Games Online in South Africa

Of course, with everything good there has to be some not-so good, so in the interested of being totally transparent, we’re sharing the downside of live casino games too.

  • Internet Connectivity

The biggest live online casino games con is that internet connectivity issues will seriously impact your experience. Switch to mobile when load shedding begins! If you’re having software or hardware issues on your computer, these will also impact gameplay, and you’ll need to bear in mind that unforeseen interruptions can occur during games, although developers and operators do their level best to minimise these. 

  • Possible Higher Bet Limits

Another possible live online casino games con is that certain games are intended for high rollers, so they’ll have higher minimum bets for certain games. You may also find that the minimums are higher than what you’ve grown used to playing RNG-based games. This is because hosting live dealer games is much more expensive than offering RNG-based entertainment.

  • No Free Play Option

There is generally no Free Mode with live games either, so you’ll have to practise on a regular game before you bring your best to the live game table!

  • Limited Availability

We’ve all grown used to games being immediately available in their virtual format, but this is not always the case with live dealer entertainment. Because these games are unfolding in real time, there are specific schedules for some and limited availability for most. You may have to wait a little bit to get a seat at the roulette table, because a game has already begun. Or you could have to sit out a few casino hold’em games because the table is at capacity. 

  • Reduced Focus 

Then there is the question of distraction and lack of focus which is a minor live online casino games con. Take care to create a space that allows you to engage completely with what’s unfolding before you. You can’t work your way to 21 in a blackjack game with dogs barking, your phone ringing, and social media alerts coming through! 

Don’t ever bet money if there’s any issue with maintaining concentration and focus for the duration of your game. 

Regulatory and Legal Considerations

South Africa has a very robust betting market. It’s so healthy that, in 2020, it amounted to R34 billion! This made it possible for taxes and levies to be raised to a little over R3 billion, all of which goes back into various communities around the country. 

Before 1996, there were harsh laws forbidding all forms of gambling except for betting on horse races. But, with the fast-track growth of online wagering in Africa and around the rest of the world, our government realised it was necessary to legislate it to earn some of this much-needed income.  

When the National Gambling Act passed in 1996, it became legal to wager. In 2004, the Act incorporated a National Gambling Policy Council that ensures that both the national and provincial governments of South Africa are acting in alignment with the legal code.  

If you’re interested in live dealer online casino games and their virtual counterparts, your only job is to make sure that you’re playing at a licenced site. This means that it’s operating legally and adhering to the various regulations concerning online gambling in its particular jurisdiction. Keep in mind that legal restrictions may impact the availability of certain games, but we’ll keep you in the loop as to the available ones!

Live Dealer Online Casino FAQs

Are live dealer casino games online fair?

Yes, if you play at a licensed and regulated casino. Games are set up in a professional studio equipped with multiple cameras to allow various viewing positions, so you can see for yourself that you’re being treated fairly.

How can I ensure the safety and security of my live dealer online gaming experience?

Limit your gameplay to sites that have been investigated, reviewed, and ultimately endorsed, like the ones the PlayCasino team has put to the test.

Yes. Game quality is precisely the same on smartphones, desktops, and laptops when you’re dealing with premium sites like the ones we recommend.

What is the minimum internet speed required for smooth live gameplay?

We recommend at least 100 Mbps internet speed, but bear in mind that connectivity, jitter, latency, and packet loss will all affect your experience.

Are there any strategies to improve chances of winning in live casino games?

While many games, like live dealer roulette, rely on chance for you to see a return, others, like blackjack and poker, are very dependent on player skill for a successful outcome. Do your homework and practise, practise, practise!

To Wrap It Up

Now that you’ve got an outline of the pros and cons of live dealer online casino games in South Africa and the information you need on their legality, you can make an informed decision about whether or not to play them. 

If you’re interested in creating the ambience and real social interaction of a brick-and-mortar casino in your own home or on the go, we know just the places to do it! Take a look at our recommended sites for the best games available anywhere.

Live dealer online casinos are the latest development in the always-evolving online gambling industry. There is much to look forward to on the horizon, too, with virtual reality integration, increasing acceptance of cryptocurrency, AI, and even better mobile gaming action all being predicted by experts. Don’t miss the train! Jump in now and start experiencing the thrill of state-of-the-art online gambling with a real feel.

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