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Fish Catch

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Fish Catch is RealTime Gaming’s latest offering to its global audience of gamblers, combining multiplayer shooting with the classic online slots system. In Fish Catch, you will be playing with three other players competitively as there are a total of four fishing spots to fill per game.

Instead of spinning the reels, you will be strategically aiming and shooting at a rainbow’s worth of assorted fish with different jackpot values. But watch out –when the Purple Shark appears you have to act fast to capture the huge bonus it comes with. Fish Catch is a great new refresh for the video slots market that has to be continually reinvented to stay interesting to players everywhere.

Fish Catch’s charm and projected staying power is no surprise as RealTime Gaming has been pretty consistent in making great games from the get go. With dozens of great games from its stable, RTG is only set to conquer 2019 with interesting new games that will appeal to a wide band of bettors from all over the world.


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You can play Fish Catch right now from top casinos recommended here. Simply rollover the icon on the page and you can launch the game from your browser instantly.

Play with a demo account right now and start practicing your shooting skills.

Because like it or not, Fish Catch will challenge even the most experienced slots player because it involves more than just placing a wager and spinning the reels.

The beautiful thing about games like Fish Catch is that the randomizing of jackpots and the chances of landing big ones remains the same, it’s only t,he gaming interface that has changed.

And the player has even more control now because he will be able to see which fish are bigger and are equivalent to much larger jackpots.

With this edge, you can be sure to bag jackpots faster and more easily, and multiply your jackpots with ease as you adjust the cannons used for specific fish as they swim by.

Unlike classic slots, the game is more similar to arcade shooters more than anything – only this time, the arcade shooter has a slots spine in its system.

You can start playing RTG’s glowing new game Fish Catch at our website, where we feature some of the best games from the RTG stable and beyond.

Playing Fish Catch is extremely easy, but at the same time it will encourage you to be more strategic and patient with each wager.

Forget about randomly wagering, spinning, and getting bored with Fish Catch. In Fish Catch, you need to pay attention to three things:
1. The wager’s denomination
2. The cannon to be used
3. The type of fish to be shot

The wager denominations run the gamut from 0.1 to 2.50. To place a wager, simply press the minus (-) and add (+) buttons located at the center of the screen, under the cannon. This will increase or decrease the wager amount.

To multiply the wager amount and increase your firepower, select a cannon on the right side of the screen. The firepower is determined by the wager multiplier values: 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x.

The largest cannon (10x wager) has a much higher chance of catching bigger jackpots and more fish with each shot.

The smallest cannon can still capture jackpots, but requires a lot more shooting. The strategy here is to change cannons depending on the size of the fish that you want to capture.

Players can multiply their wagers by as much as 1000x by shooting the right type of fish.

This is a field multiplier value, meaning one thousand times your actual wager. Your wager (in denomination value) will have a real-world cash value and this will be used to compute the final jackpot that you will see onscreen.

The left side of the screen contains all the buttons to go back to the previous screen, chat with support, account dashboard, funds balance, help, and lots more.

The upper right side of the screen lists the current players in the game, including their current funds and available cannon ammunition. There are also buttons to aim for specific fish and to determine their values, so you can make better shots with the cannon of your choice.

You can feel lucky and cash in with Mermaid’s Luck on RTG’s Fish Catch. Once in a while, the mysterious swimming Mermaid appears onscreen, promising players a world of gambling joy and a huge jackpot.

Aim that cannon well and try to make the Mermaid’s Luck run out for a chance to net her and capture a $2,500 bounty straight off the bat.

When the Mermaid’s Luck is nowhere to be found, keep an eye out for the giant Purple Shark that is equivalent to a glittering $2,500 in bounty, too.

Be sure to play long enough and you can trigger the fortune wheel in the game, and also gain the chance to get the highest jackpot on the game. Swim with the Mermaid’s Luck throughout and get thousands of dollars in jackpots.

While Fish Catch doesn’t offer millions of dollars in jackpots, the jackpots do get progressively higher by adjusting the cannons and the wager value.

Control your destiny underwater and net your fortunes by bagging larger and larger fish – until you arrive at the Mermaid herself and giant Purple Shark for an easy $2,500.

RealTime Gaming’s latest offering is definitely a wonderful treat for video slots players who have been looking for a completely new way to play slots. The rules of slots are retained and the balance of cost and prizes just makes this RTG game perfect.

To add to the obvious appeal is the shooting aspect, and competing with other players for the largest prize. Who wouldn’t want to prove their mettle in a new slots game? Now would be the time to do it, with RealTime Gaming’s Fish Catch!

Rudie Venter
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