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Lottery in Namibia has only come into the picture quite recently with the passing of The Lotteries Act of 2012 (Act 15 of 2002). This act was drafted and passed by the parliament in order to regulate lottery activities within the borders of Namibia. After decades of complete prohibition, the Namibian government realized the importance of lotteries to the economic and social welfare of the country and its people. Since the passing of the legislation in 2002, the government is hoping to raise money for charities and the community through the national lottery.

Is it Possible to Play Lotto Namibia from South Africa?

Until as recently as December 2019, the national lottery in Namibia only offered its products to the domestic market through land-based means and there was no domestic online lottery operator offering products of the national lottery. Players who were based in Namibia and wanted to play the lottery online would have to find foreign operators who accepted players from Namibia. In fact, some online lottery sites even started to support the Namibian Dollar just to attract users from Namibia to sign up and play lottery games offered from websites hosted offshores.

Just in the past year, an online portal has been developed to offer products of Lotto Namibia over the internet. At this time, players based in South Africa or any other foreign country still cannot play the games offered on this website. The online products and services are only available to players based in Namibia.

If you attempt to order tickets on the website while being outside the borders of Namibia, you will receive a message stating that the services are not available in your country yet.  This message can very well be interpreted to assume that the website will, sooner rather than later, open up its services to foreign players as well.

As of now, South African players looking to play the Namibian Lottery will have to cross the borders into Namibia and buy a lottery ticket through an approved retail outlet.

How Does it Work?

Lottonam.com offers two main games, which are called Lotto + and Treasure Island. There is also another option under the ‘TV Game’ category which is called Scratch Lotto, but this section is still under progress and the Live TV Game is said to be coming soon. If any of the tickets for the main games that you buy and play are not profitable, you can still register them for what is known for special benefits in what is referred to as Lotto Second Chance, which is basically another scratch card game.

If you would like to play the game Lotto +, the online order option is currently unavailable, so you will have to buy tickets for these offline at approved retailers. The newly added game Treasure Island is available to order online. The way it works is simple, you go to the Lottonam.com website, click on the green ‘order’ button under the Treasure Island game and you will be redirected to the product page where you can select the number of scratch cards you would like to buy (the options for quantity start from a minimum of 100 and go up to a maximum of 500 with increments of 100s).

Select the quantity you want and click on order and the checkout page is displayed where players can go ahead and enter shipping details such as an address, first name, last name, and phone number, etc.

Once you enter these shipping details, you can click on continue and you will have to choose a payment method. There are two payment options, which are Direct Pay Online and Manual Payment upon delivery. Finally, you can enter your billing address and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the payment and the Scratchcards will be sent to your mentioned address. Now, all you have to do is scratch and see what you win. There are tons of prizes up for grabs if you get some of the lucky winning symbols when you scratch.

Pros & Cons

  • Check IconEven if your ticket is not profitable, you can still register it for special benefits in second chance lotto
  • Check IconScratch lotto is very easy to play, you simply scratch the card to reveal what prizes you have won
  • Check IconSecure payments can be made online through Direct Pay Online
  • Check IconNamibian Dollars are supported
  • Check IconThe rules of all the games have been clearly specified on the lottonam.com website so players understand exactly how to play
  • Check IconWinning prizes tables have been provided for both games so that players know what prizes are up for grabs
  • Check IconIf you would like to make extra income then you can even sign up to become an agent for lottonam.com
  • Check IconA TV games is going to be released soon and it will be a live TV game
  • Check IconThe website has a live chat option which is handy when you need help, support is only a click away
  • Close IconOnly available to players in Namibia
  • Close IconThe website design and navigation does not adhere to the standard online lottery website patterns and can be confusing
  • Close IconA lot of sections of the website are still a work in progress and the TV game feature is not yet available

Game Details

There are two main games that you can play on lottonam.com and these are Lotto + and another game called Treasure Island which is also a scratch lotto game. A third game which is called a second chance, is something players without a winning ticket can participate in as a ‘second chance’ to win special benefits. The Lotto + game has a top prize worth N$1,042,500 and Treasure Island has a top prize worth N$1.502,750.

How to Play

Scratch card games are one of the easiest types of games to play and almost don’t even require any instructions. You buy the scratch card and you scratch it to reveal symbols that denote different values in terms of what you have won.

The rules for the games available at lottonam.com are as follows:

Rules for Lotto+ – Every Lotto+ ticket you purchase will have four fields with numbers in them and these are considered your Lotto numbers. You then proceed to scratch the 16 animals, which are displayed in the play area underneath the winning numbers.

If any one of the winning numbers on your ticket matches with any of the numbers that are revealed by scratching in the play area, you are guaranteed to win a cash prize. The value of this prize can be calculated as per the information printed on the ticket in the form of a paytable.

Rules for Treasure Island – Once you have the Treasure Island ticket, simply proceed to scratch the gaming area to reveal various symbols. There are 18 different symbols which will appear under 18 boxes or fields on the ticket. If any one of these fields reveals a golden coin-like symbol when scratched, then you will win the amount of money printed on the ticket along with the golden coin symbol.

Second Chance Lotto – If your Lotto + or Treasure Island ticket does not win, you can enter the serial number of the ticket under the register ticket field to participate in the draw for Lotto Second Chance. All the non-winning and registered tickets are then put into a lucky draw and three participants will randomly be chosen for the Live TV game show. Participants who register their tickets for Second Chance Lotto have the following prizes up for grabs – A car (jackpot prize), N$ 10,000, N$ 7,000, N$ 5,000 and N$ 2,000.

How to Buy a Ticket

You cannot buy tickets for the Second Chance Lotto. Any ticket for Lotto + or Treasure Island which does not win can simply be registered for Second Chance Lotto.

Tickets for Lotto+ are currently not available for ordering online. Therefore, players will have to buy them in person at various retail outlets across Namibia. Some of the franchises which also sell tickets for Lotto+ and Treasure Island include Checkers, Shoprite, OK Foods, Pick n Pay, Shell Petroleum, Engen Oil, Puma and Woermann Supermarkets.

Currently, tickets for Treasure Island can be purchased on the lottonam.com website. Each ticket costs N$13 at this time but you will need to order a minimum of 100 tickets if you want them delivered. You can order up to 500 tickets through the lottonam.com website.

Draw Dates

Lottonam.com currently only offers scratch card games which don’t require a draw. These cards can be scratched at any time after you purchase them and you don’t need to wait for any particular draw date. Second Chance Lotto does involve a TV Game which occurs live and will involve a draw. However, the TV game is still not launched and is expected to be released soon. We expect the draw dates will also be announced shortly for the TV game.

Lotto Namibia Odds

We could not find any odds information published for any of the games offered at lottonam.com

What Happens if You Win and How to Claim the Money

If you win, you will be rewarded your prize accordingly. There is no information on how to claim on the website, but you should be able to contact lottonam.com in order to claim your prize. The ticket will also have instructions printed on it as to how you can claim your prize. The contact details for lottonam.com are

Email: info@lottonam.com

Chat: The live chat option is available at the bottom right of the website

WhatsApp: +264 081 8227 157

Where Can I Buy Tickets From?

The following franchise outlets will sell tickets to both Lotto+ and Treasure Island – Checkers, Shoprite, OK Foods, Pick n Pay, Shell Petroleum, Engen Oil, Puma and Woermann Supermarkets. You can also order tickets online through the lottonam.com website by simply providing shipping and contact details and making the payment online. Online orders are only available for Treasure Island at this time and it costs N$13 per ticket which is a discount prize from the original $15 per ticket. For ordering online, you need to order a minimum of 100 Treasure Island tickets.

Biggest Jackpots Won with Lotto Namibia

The top prize available for the Lotto + game is N$1,042,500and the top prize for the Treasure Island game is N$1,502,750. A few top winners worth mentioning are:-

Mr. Carl Winslow from the Khomas region who won N$7,500

Mrs. M. Monroe from the Erongo region who won N$10,000

Mr. J M Alema from the Khomas region won N$5,000

Why Play Lotto Namibia

Lotto Namibia scratch card games are easy to play and you can buy tickets casually whenever you are at a supermarket, petrol station or any other franchise which sells the tickets. The cash prizes are great and many people have won big playing these games. Even if you don’t win when playing Lotto + or Treasure Island, you can register the losing ticket in order to win special benefits with the second chance lotto game which is available on the same website. If you are looking for serious lottery games with jackpots worth millions of dollars, we wouldn’t recommend the games at lottonam.com


Can a foreigner win the Lotto Namibia?

Yes, a foreigner can play Lotto Namibia if he or she is physical present in Namibia.

Can I play Lotto Namibia from South Africa?

Unfortunately, you cannot play Lotto Namibia from South Africa at this time.

How do you play Lotto Namibia?

The games are scratch card games which are easy to play. You simply buy the tickets and scratch them to reveal what you have won.

What are the draw dates for Lotto Namibia?

Lottonam.com currently only offers scratch card games which don’t require a draw. These cards can be scratched at any time after you purchase them and you don’t need to wait for any particular draw date. The draw dates for the live TV Game have not yet been published since the TV Game is yet to be launched.

How do you claim the money if you win Lotto Namibia?

The tickets will have printed instructions as to how you can claim your money. You can also get in touch with lottonam.com customer support for help with claiming your money.

How long does it take to get the money?

There is no information regarding this on the website. You can contact customer support for further details.

What are the odds of winning Lotto Namibia?

The odds have not been published. There are many prizes with varying odds.

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