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Welcome to our comprehensive guide to playing online lotto in South Africa. Where to buy your SA lottery tickets online. Choose an SA online lotto vendor from our list here.

Introduced to South Africa in 2000, the National Lottery is under the auspices of the government and currently operated by ITHUBA Holdings. The lottery is regulated by the National Lottery Commission which determines the rules pertaining to games, players, winnings and the like.

South Africans can also play other types of lotteries, thanks to various reputable online lottery services.

Find out more information about the different lotteries available to South African players and how to access them, on this page. We update the data on a regular basis so that you’re always kept in the loop about upcoming draws, big prizes, and game rules.


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How Does Lotto Work in South Africa?

Lotto is the most popular type of gambling in South Africa, and for good reason too. It is offers two weekly draws, with good odds of winning a prize, and jackpots that roll over. Entry into the draw is R5 per board, and you need to choose six different numbers between 1 and 52. Draws are conducted on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

To play Lotto and other lottery-type games in South Africa, players need to be 18 years old or older. Tickets can be bought at approved retailers, handheld partners or participating banks in South Africa. To purchase Lotto tickets online, you need to be registered on the National Lottery website or selected SA banks.

How to Buy Your Lotto Ticket Online

Besides buying their lottery tickets at thousands of retailers around the country, South Africans also have the opportunity to purchase their tickets online. This is a safe, secure and highly convenient way of playing the lottery. Choose your numbers or use the Quick Pick option that will generate a random selection of numbers.

Register through the National Lottery website and open an account to buy your tickets online. If you haven’t registered on the website, you can also buy tickets online if you have an account at ABSA, FNB, Nedbank or Standard Bank.

If you’re the lucky winner of a prize up to a certain amount, it will be credited to your National Lottery account and you can withdraw it immediately. If your prize is a high one, you will need to go through a validation process before you can claim your jackpot.

Types of South African Lotteries Offered by The Ithuba National Lottery

Ithuba, the National Lottery operator, offers a great range of games for South Africans to enjoy. Some of them have daily draws, while others are weekly. Some of them require a selection of random numbers, while others are geared towards sports fans who can bet on their favorite teams. Here’s a list of some of the most popular local lottery games available to South African players.



  • Pick five numbers (or use the Quick Pick option) from a grid of 1 – 36 numbers
  • The cost of a single board is R3
  • You can play as many boards as you want per draw
  • You cannot bet more than R150 per betslip
  • The Daily Lotto draw takes place every night of the year except Christmas Day
  • Each draw presents five winning numbers
  • Prizes are awarded according to how many correct numbers you have matched from the drawn numbers, with the highest being a Division 1 prize for matching all five numbers.
  • When the top jackpot is not won, it is rolled down to the next level.
  • For more information about Daily Lotto, read our review about this game.



  • Pick six numbers (or use the Quick Pick option) from a grid of 1 – 52 numberslotto south africa
  • The cost of a single LOTTO play costs R5.
  • A single play of LOTTO PLUS 1 costs R2.50
  • A single play of LOTTO PLUS 2 costs R2.50
  • To play LOTTO PLUS 1 and/or LOTTO PLUS 2, mark this option on your betslip
  • To play LOTTO PLUS 2, you need to also play LOTTO and LOTTO PLUS 1
  • You can pick the Multi-Draw option to play the same number over multiple draws.
  • Draws take place twice a week and are streamed live on Wednesday and Saturday nights from 20:56 on SABC 2.
  • For more information about Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2, read our



  • Pick six numbers (or use the Quick Pick option): Five from a grid of 1 – 45 and an extra number from a grid of 1 – 20.
  • A single play of Powerball costs R5
  • You can also choose the additional Powerball Plus for R2.50
  • Powerball Plus is played in the same way as Powerball, except that it offers you a second chance to win a prize. The odds are the same, although Powerball Plus prizes are slightly smaller.
  • Draws take place every week, twice-weekly, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9 pm.
  • Play as many boards as you wish
  • For more information about Powerball and Powerball Plus, read our review of this lottery.



  • Test your knowledge of football by predicting the outcome of fixtures from South African leagues and international competitions.sportstake 8
  • An exciting, interactive game that allows you to follow eight matches from around the globe.
  • Make 16 predictions on one betslip, relating to eight matches.
  • The minimum cost of a board is R2.
  • You can play multiple boards and bet up to R2,000 at a time.
  • A new fixtures list is announced every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. Matches end on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Results are announced on respective Wednesdays, Saturdays and Mondays.
  • 50% of the net sales of the tickets are contributed to the prize pool.
  • Prize money can be rolled over, depending on number of winners in the divisions.
  • Read more information about Sportstake 8 on our review



  • Predict the outcome of 12 predefined football matches from South African and global fixtures.sportstake 13
  • The minimum bet per board is R2.
  • The maximum prize of a wager is R2,000.
  • You can also play Sportstake 13 using the ProPick function which helps you select 13 outcomes.
  • Buy tickets at lottery retailers or online on Mondays to Fridays between 6 am and 11 pm. Draws are conducted every Monday and Friday.
  • 50% of the net total sales make up the Sportstake 13 prize pool.
  • Prizes are awarded in 4 divisions.
  • The top jackpot can roll over to the next division or other draws.
  • Read more about Sportstake 13


Lotto Draw Times per Lottery

Name of Lottery Draw Days Draw Times
Daily Lotto Every day (except Christmas) 9 pm
Lotto, Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2 Every Wednesday & Saturday 9 pm
Powerball & Powerball Plus Every Tuesday & Friday 9 pm
Sportstake 8 Mondays, Wednesdays, Friday/Saturday 9 pm
Sportstake 13 Mondays and Fridays 9 pm

Can You Play International Lotteries in South Africa?

Yes, you can! Besides the superb selection of South African Lotto games available to local players, you can also play a good variety of international lotteries. This is a great opportunity to tap into the winning potential that comes from other high-paying games from around the globe and win prizes worth literally millions of ZAR!

Some of these options include:

  • US Powerball
  • UK National Lottery
  • EuroMillions
  • Australian Oz Lotto
  • Australian Powerball
  • Canada Lotto 649


US Powerball

An American lottery game offered by 45 states and other jurisdictions, the US Powerball holds drawings every Wednesday and Saturday evening at 10:59 pm Eastern Time. Play costs $2 per ticket or $3 with the Power Play option. Choose 5 out of 69 white balls and 1 out of 26 Powerballs. The minimum guaranteed jackpot is $40 million, with the annuity paid in 30 installments or one lump sum (which is less than the installments). The biggest jackpot ever paid was recorded in 2016 when $1.586 billion was split among three ticketholders.


UK National Lottery

The state-franchised lottery is operated by Camelot Group and regulated by the UK National Lottery Commission. Prizes are paid as a lump sum and are tax-free. Over 50% of ticket sales revenue goes towards the prize fund and 25% goes to ‘good causes’. The most popular game, the Lotto, has you choose six numbers between 1 and 59. Draws take place twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.



A transnational lottery available in the UK, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland, EuroMillions holds drawings twice a week on Tuesday and Friday nights. You require seven correct numbers to hit the jackpot. All prizes are tax-free in most countries and are paid in one lump sum.


Australian Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto is owned by the Australian Tatts Group. Draws take place once a week on a Tuesday evening at 8.30 AEST. This lottery holds the record for the highest Australian lottery prize when it paid out nearly $112 million in 2012. You need to pick 7 numbers out of 45, with a minimum 3 winnings and one supplementary number needed to win a prize. Oz Lotto guarantees a minimum Division 1 prize of $2 million.


Australian Powerball

Operated by the Tatts Group, this lottery requires that you draw seven numbers from a pool of 35, and an additional number from a separate pool of 20 balls. Prizes are paid out in one lump sum, and a ticket automatically wins if players match a minimum of three numbers (two plus the Powerball).

Canada Lotto 649

One of three national lottery games offered in Canada, Lotto 6/49 draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday. Six numbers are drawn from 49 (hence its name). The minimum jackpot of $5 million is won if players match all six numbers. If the top prize isn’t hit, it rolls over to the next draw. The largest Canada Lotto prize recorded was $64 million in 2015.

The Best Online Lottery Services for South African Players

An online lottery service offers South Africans the opportunity to buy tickets online for some of the largest and most reputable overseas lotteries. You can even buy tickets for the South African National Lottery! Buy tickets for EuroMillions, Powerball, and Thunderball for practically any country in the world, thanks to our partner online lottery services.

We have staked exclusive sign-up deals to these online lottery services so that, you too, have easy access to top-paying lotteries with eye-dazzling jackpots up for grabs.


The Lotter

The Lotter allows you to buy tickets online to some of the biggest lotteries in the world. You receive automatic result notifications and commission-free prizes when you win. The Lotter is considered one of the most respected online lottery services in the world, and has been part of the industry since 2002.


Lottery Master

This simple and straightforward online lottery service represents some of the most popular lotteries in the world, including EuroMillions, US Powerball and Mega Millions. The website is considered very safe and secure, and has a good customer support team.

Fully regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, provides players with the opportunity to grab their stake in some of the world’s biggest jackpots. Play overseas lotteries from your mobile device or computer, and enjoy a fast, easy and credible platform. Winnings are 100% commission free and are transferred to your account quickly and safely.


Giant Lottos

Giant Lottos is one of the world’s largest international lottery ticket purchasing services, giving you access to multiple overseas lotteries. Its platform is particularly user-friendly, and opening an account immediately affords you a generous welcome bonus on your first deposit. Take advantage of this site’s bulk-buy option and enter multiple international lottery draws.


Lotto Send

This multilingual online lottery service allows you to take part in some of the world’s most popular lotteries, including Mega Millions and EuroMillions. Simply register, pick your favorite lotteries and numbers of your choice and start playing!

What Happens when You Win the Lotto in South Africa?

Winning the South African lottery – or any lottery for that matter – is a dream that many of us have. We all have plans for the millions (or thousands, or even hundreds) that we will hopefully win in future lottery draws, and this explains why the Lotto is the most popular gambling game in the country. But what do you do when you actually do win the lottery? What steps do you need to take to finally get your hands on your money?


How Do You Claim Your Winnings?

If you’re lucky to win the lottery, the way in which you will go about claiming your prize depends on how much you have actually won. Prizes of up to R2,000 can be claimed at any lottery retailer. If you win between R2,000 and R50,000, you need to head to the post-office to claim your prize. If you’re fortunate enough to win a prize about R50,000, the claim needs to be made at an Ithuba regional office.


Can You Claim South Africa Lotto Prizes Online?

Online prizes are easier to claim because Ithuba will have already informed you about your win. Any prize that is less than R50,000 will be transferred directly to your online lottery account. You won’t need to fill in a claim form and no further identification is required. If your prize is over R50,000 online, you will need to fill in a Prize Claim Form. You then need to visit one of the Ithuba regional offices to collect your winnings in person. Ithuba first has to validate your lottery entry.


Do I have to Pay Tax on Lotto Winnings in South Africa?

There is no tax on South Africa lottery prizes. This is because winnings are considered capital and are exempt from SA Income Tax rules. If, however, you are a professional gambler and your winnings are your primary source of income, you may be taxed.

If you win an international lottery from South Africa, the laws from the host country may require you to pay taxes on your winnings. Please check the lottery tax laws in each country.

How Long Does it Take for Lotto to Pay Out in South Africa?

The time that it takes for you to get your hands on your prize once it’s claimed very much depends on how much you win.

This handy table tells you where you can claim your prize, how it is paid out and how long it generally takes:

Prize Where to claim Payout Method Payment Time
Up to R50 Any participating lottery retailer cash Instantly
R51 – R5,000 Any participating lottery retailer (at retailer’s discretion) cash Instantly
R2,001 – R49,999 National Lottery Payment Centers at South African post offices By cheque or EFT If by cheque: Up to 10 business daysIf by EFT: Up to 72 hours
R50,000 or more National Lottery Regional Offices EFT Up to 72 hours

About Ithuba National Lottery

Ithuba Holdings was chosen by the National Lotteries Commission to act as the South African National Lottery operator in 2015. Ithuba means ‘an opportunity’ in Zulu and is the perfect name for a company that operates so many great games of chance.

Ithuba took over as national operator from the former operator, Gidani after a bitter court case, when the South African High Court finally ruled that Ithuba is the rightful owner of the National Lottery license.

Ithuba is licensed to operate, conduct and promote all South African lottery games.

Some of the Biggest Lottery Wins in South Africa in the Past Year

R232 Million Powerball Win

After the Powerball jackpot continued to roll over throughout the summer of 2018/2019, it was finally won by a single ticket-holder from Cape Town, who spent just R22.50, in February 2019. The man in his 50’s, who preferred to remain anonymous, said that he had no intention of quitting his blue-collar job, despite the fact that he was R232 million richer. The man will spend his money on furthering his children’s education and other things dear to his values.

R114 Million Powerball Win

A 35-year-old worker, who lived away from her children in order to support them, got her dreams come true with her R114 million Lotto win on February 4th, 2020. The Soweto woman spent just R5 on her ticket. Her prize will allow her to purchase a home for herself and her mother, and finally, make a life for her family under one roof.

R79 Million Lotto Win

A woman in Cape Town hit the R79 million prize after buying a single Lotto ticket. Her story touched the nation after she declared that she would be donating R2 million of her prize money to a petrol attendant who had always been kind and polite to her. The woman also said that she would quit her job and go to university to study psychology.



How does Lotto work in South Africa?

The National Lottery awards prizes to players who manage to match a minimum of three of the six drawn numbers. The more numbers matched, the higher the prizes. The top jackpot is paid out to the player/players who manage to match all six numbers. If nobody manages the top jackpot, the prize is rolled over until the next draw.


What happens when you win the Lotto in South Africa?

You find out that you’re a winner by checking the drawn numbers or by being informed by the National Lottery if you are a registered player. The Lottery will also inform you how to go about claiming your prize.


How and where can you claim Lotto winnings in South Africa?

Depending on how much your Lotto winnings are, there are several ways to go about claiming your prize. Anything up to R2,000 can be claimed directly from the lottery retailer. Prizes of between R2,000 – R50,000, need to be claimed by from the post office. Anything above R50,000, needs to be claimed from an Ithuba regional office after the ticket has been validated. If you played Lotto online, the process will be more streamlined and shorter.


What time is the Lotto draw South Africa?

The draw takes place twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9 pm.


How long is a Lotto ticket valid for in South Africa?

Tickets Are Valid for A Year (365 Days) from The Minute the Draw Is Made.


How long does it take for Lotto to pay out in South Africa?

This depends on the size of the jackpot and the payment method. Prizes up to R5,000 are usually paid in cash and payouts are immediate. A prize of between R5,000 and R50,000 is paid by EFT (up to 72 hours) or cheque (up to 10 business days). Prizes of over R50,000 are paid by EFT.


How much tax on Lotto winnings in South Africa?

Winnings on South African Lotto jackpots are tax-free.


How much is a Lotto ticket in South Africa?

The cost of a South African Lotto ticket is R5.00.


When did Lotto start in South Africa?

The first Lotto game in South Africa began on March 11th, 2000.


What channel is the Lotto draw in South Africa?

The Lotto draw is broadcast on SABC 2.


How much is the Lotto jackpot?

The South African Lotto jackpot is seeded each time at R2 million per draw. This number can only grow, depending on many factors. Jackpots regularly rise into the tens of millions.


How do you win the South Africa Lotto jackpot?

You need to choose six numbers from 1 to 52. If all six of your numbers are drawn, you will be the winner of the jackpot. Prizes are also awarded for less than a perfect score of 6/6.