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BetGames Lucky 7 Review 2024

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Lucky 7 is an exciting live lottery-draw style online casino game released by BetGames. Boasting a 95% Return to Player rate, this game can be enjoyed on desktop, smartphone or tablet. Players across South Africa can join in the fun for a draw that’s held every 4 minutes, so there are plenty of chances to strike it lucky!

Lucky 7 is the biggest and most recent in BetGames’ series of lottery games. In fact, it’s nearly identical to Lucky 5, but it features more bets and more balls.

Keep reading to find out more about BetGames Lucky 7 and why you should play it now.


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Pros & Cons

  • Check IconNew games start every 4 minutes
  • Check IconMulti-platform support is available
  • Check IconNumerous South African-friendly casinos offer the game
  • Check IconBig prizes are available
  • Close IconClosely resembles BetGames’ Lucky 5

What Is Lucky 7 & How Does It Work?

Based on the lottery style of play, Lucky 7 has a machine with 42 balls in it. In every live round, balls from this machine are drawn, and a real host keeps the action going. Before the draw, players bet on various outcomes related to the draw results and stand to win up to 2,000x their bet. Each ball is assigned a colour and a number. The 21 odd-numbered balls are black, and the 21 even-numbered balls are yellow.

Launch Date2012
Payout %95%
Min BetDepends on operator
Max BetDepends on operator
Best Payout2000x your bet
Draw FrequencyEvery 4 minutes
Available Outcomes to Bet OnOver 70
Odds Range1.01 – 2000

How Is Lucky 7 Played?

After you’ve signed up at one of the legit South African casino sites we recommend, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account and make a deposit.
  2. Enter the games lobby and choose Lucky 7 from the menu. You’ll notice a timer at the top of the game screen. This is what tells you when the next round will begin.
  3. Scroll below the game screen to view all your betting options, using the vertical menu to switch between betting categories like Black/Yellow Ball Total, Total Sum, and Numbers.
  4. Click to select the betting market you’re interested in and choose your numbers.
  5. Enter how much you want to bet under Amount and click Place Bet to confirm. A Bet Accepted message will appear.
  6. When the timer reaches 0, the presenter will draw the balls, announcing each number and colour as it appears.
  7. Once all 7 balls have been drawn, the round ends and winning bets are paid out.

What Is the Best Lucky 7 Strategy?

There’s no real answer to this question because there are multiple strategies for casino games, and players either enjoy using them or they don’t. There’s no one way to play that guarantees a win!

Lucky7 game

The PlayCasino team found, however, that it can be easier to bet against a number coming up than trying to predict when a specific number will get drawn. Our favourite bet on BetGames’ Lucky 7 is that none of the 7 selected numbers will be dropped, and this pays out at excellent odds of 3.70.

Lucky 7 Results

You can view BetGames Lucky 7 results from the last five draws by clicking the graph icon on the BetGames menu or by visiting the official BetGames results page. Filter by date, game name, or draw number to find the Lucky 7 results history you’re looking for. This will help you to see Lucky 7’s most winning numbers and pick up on any patterns.

You can also wait for the draw to finish and then view the Lucky 7 Results in your bet history.

Where Can I Play Lucky 7 Online In South Africa?

If you want to bet on 7 lucky numbers today, the casinos listed below offer this game:

Lucky 7 Odds & Payouts

Here’s what you can win for your bets:

Event and Payout Table

At least 1 of 7 selected balls dropPays 1.25
At least 2 of 7 selected balls dropPays 2.85
At least 3 of 7 selected balls dropPays 12
At least 4 of 7 selected balls dropPays 100
At least 5 of 7 selected balls dropPays 1800
Count of yellow balls under 3.5Pays 1.9
Count of yellow balls over 3.5Pays 15
Count of yellow balls under 2.5Pays 4.55
Count of yellow balls over 2.5Pays 1.17
Count of yellow balls under 1.5Pays 20
Count of yellow balls over 1.5Pays 1.01
0 yellow ballsPays 200
1 yellow ballPays 22
2 yellow ballsPays 5.9
3 yellow ballsPays 3
4 yellow ballsPays 3
5 yellow ballsPays 5.9
6 yellow ballsPays 22
7 yellow ballsPays 200
First number being oddPays 1.9
First 2 numbers being oddPays 3.9
First ball odd, second evenPays 3.7
First ball odd, last evenPays 3.7
First ball yellowPays 1.9
First and second balls the same colourPays 1.95
First and second balls in different coloursPays 1.85
More odds than evensPays 1.9
More evens than oddsPays 1.9
More yellows than blacksPays 1.9
None of 7 selected balls will dropPays 3.5
Selected ball will dropPays 5.7
Selected 2 balls will dropPays 32
Selected 3 balls will dropPays 225
Selected 4 balls will dropPays 2000
Sum under 150.5Pays 1.9
Sum over 150.5Pays 1.9
Sum of yellow balls under 73.5Pays 1.9
Sum of yellow balls over 73.5Pays 1.9
Sum of black balls under 73.5Pays 1.9
Sum of black balls over 73.5Pays 1.9
Sum of all balls under 100.5Pays 19
Sum of all balls under 125.5Pays 4.6
Sum of all balls over 125.5Pays 1.17
Sum of all balls under 175.5Pays 1.17
Sum of all balls over 175.5Pays 4.6
Sum of all balls over 200.5Pays 19
Total oddPays 1.9

The odds for the different bet categories are as follows:

Odds Table

Black/YellowOdds range from 4/5 to 17/20
Black/Yellow Sum TotalAll odds are 17/20
NumbersOdds range from 1/10 to 1799/1
Odd/EvenOdds range from 17/20 to 14/5
Total CountOdds range from 1/100 to 189/1
Total SumOdds range from 3/20 to 18/1

BetGames Lucky 7 Betting

Lucky 7’s numerous betting options make it an exciting and exhilarating game. In total, there are 6 categories and 78 different markets:

Black/Yellow Sum Total

Bet on the sum total of the black or yellow balls being more or less than 73.5.


Bet on which numbers will drop. You can also bet on whether between 1 and 7 of them will appear or that none will. 

Lucky 7 how to play


Bet on whether or not the total sum or number of dropped balls will be even or odd, including options on the first and last balls to land. 

Total Count

Bet on whether or not the number of yellow or black balls that drop will be more or less than the given number. 

Total Sum

There are different bets available in this category. You will bet whether the total sum is more or less than the given number. 


This category offers you bet options on the colour of the first, second, and last ball dropped or whether there will be more yellow or more black balls.

Lucky 7 RTP

Lucky 7 has an RTP of 95%. This means that, over the long term, you can expect R95 back for every R100 you gamble. 

Lucky 7 Statistics

In between ball drops, you can see the Lucky 7 results history for five previous draws. This screen will additionally give you insight into the statistics of the previous rounds. By using the Lucky 7 results history for today, you can refine your bets. You can also see what Lucky 7’s most common triplets are, so you can bet on these favourites. 

Lucky 7 Strategy & Tips

If you want to boost your winning potential, consider these tips when picking 7 lucky numbers for today:

50/50 Total Sum Strategy

This gives you a 50% chance of winning the next game of Lucky 7. You’ll need to look at BetGames Lucky 7 results of the last game to see which Total Sums have come before. Then you either follow this trend or go against it. 

Average Total Count Strategy

To understand how this bet plays out, you’ll need to know that the average count for yellow or black balls in a Lucky 7 game is 3 out of 7. This means that you’ll need to decide whether the next count will be above or below the average. 

The further away from the average count of 3 that you bet on, the higher the payout will be. The closer to 3 that you bet on, the smaller the payout. Under 3.5 balls is PlayCasino’s favourite bet and an excellent strategy to use for this category. 

Safe Odd/Even Strategy

Some of the Lucky 7 bet options give you the same odds as a coin flip, roughly 50% on average. As every player knows, the more specific your bet, the higher the payout. But the less likely it is that you’ll win! While the odds aren’t amazing, we recommend you start with bets with lower odds. 

How to Win In BetGames Lucky 7

By looking at both the long-term and Lucky 7/42 results today, we’ve found that the most consistent way to win is to consistently bet on Total Sums. Across the range of possible Totals that you can bet on, the ones least likely to come up include More Than 200.5 and Less Than 100.5


The rest are all solid bet options that will surely get you more than a few wins, even some consecutively if you’re having a lucky day!

Our Verdict of Lucky 7

If you want a truly entertaining gambling experience, we highly recommend Lucky 7. This Lottery-style game simulates a real live casino and lotto draw atmosphere, and you stand the chance to win big every 4 minutes. Our experts found Lucky 7 very easy to play, and absolutely anyone can be a winner. 

Lucky 7 FAQs

What does Lucky 7 mean?

There are 7 balls in Lucky 7, and the number is considered to be lucky in many cultures.

What are the odds of Lucky 7?

The odds for Lucky 7 by BetGames change depending on what bet you place, but the overall RTPis 95%. This means that you’ll get R95 back over the long term for every R100 you spend on the game.

How do you win Lucky Numbers?

While there are several strategies that players have found useful when it comes to winning Lucky 7, there is no guaranteed way to win the game. Where would the fun be in that?

How much can you win on Lucky 7?

The highest paying bet in Lucky 7 is 2000 to 1.

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