Published on 19.05.2022

Melissa Kruger

Meet Melissa Kruger

Melissa Kruger

Meet Melissa Kruger

Melissa Kruger is the girl of the gang and the brains of the band! She graduated with a BSC in computer science from Wits and uses her skills to head the IT department at a Joburg startup as a part-time job. In her spare time, Melissa can be found with her first love – poker (OK, her second love … her first love is her better half, Simon). Melissa jogs to keep fit and has a real passion for coffee (don’t even try speaking to her before her for morning affogato!).

You’ll regularly find her playing Texas Hold ‘em at poker tournaments at Montecasino – which is her favourite poker haunt – playing and applying her flair for analytics and strategy. She’s also not a bad player and has cashed more times than she’ll humbly admit! 

When she’s not taking part in poker tournies, Melissa plays online poker and online casino games of skill such as blackjack. She’s a regular at a number of online poker sites, but sticks to just one or two of her favourite online casino haunts when she’s playing online blackjack (or online slots for the fun of it).

Technical Manager & Copywriter at

Melissa brings her love for poker and casino games to, where she’s spent 3 years of her lovely life as part of our family. This is our go-to lady for anything skills related. She writes all our gaming guides and knows exactly how to get the message across in a clear and concise way. (If you’re having problems figuring out how to play a game, let her know. Melissa loves the challenge of writing a great how-to casino guide!)

Melissa also loves poring over world news sites and regularly brings you updates about the industry at home and overseas. Her motto is that if you want to succeed in anything you do, you need to come armed with as much information as possible. For that reason, it’s important to her that players become knowledgeable about the gambling world they play in and the games they play. 

Want to say anything to Melissa? You can find her on most social media platforms, but Twitter is her favourite. Look out for her here:

Melissa’s Picks:

Favourite online casino: Casino Tropez

Favourite online gambling game: Poker, of course! (But blackjack takes a close second).